AAA/IWC When Worlds Collide

This is kind of a weird story. The show itself is AAA/IWC, but it's produced entirely by WCW's crew, and it was Eric Bischoff that secured the funding and PPV contacts to get the show on air. At this point, WCW did not have any kind of relationship with AAA, nor did they have any thoughts to bring luchadores in for Nitro since Nitro wasn't even on the table yet. So while this show features AAA branding and stars, it technically is a WCW PPV, which means WWE owns the rights to it and has released parts of it on various DVDs over the years. In fact, the version I'm watching is from WWE 24/7, the precursor to WWE Network.

Mascarita Sagrada/Octagoncito vs Espectrito/Jerrito Estrada

Midgets, dawg. Minis, if you're nasty. This is going to be a show full of that type of commentary that is more concerned with telling you about the talent and rules than calling the action. Chris Cruise and Mike Tenay are doing the job in English. Sagrada is the focus of the match for a bit, being in something of a FIP role. Espectrito and Sagrada have some awkward as shit spots where they just stop and look at each other, confused. A lot of arm drags. A LOT of arm drags. The rudos were at least actually doing some heel stuff and getting heat, but this match was pretty awkward. Technicos won with a pin and submission at the same time.


Latin Lover/Heavy Metal/Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Madonna's Boyfriend/Fuerza Guerrera/Psicosis

Madonna's Boyfriend is Louie Spicolli/Rad Radford. Fuerza Guerrera is Juvi's dad. Wow, Tenay straight up calls Madonna a slut. Rey and Hypno begin the match. Psychosis in particular is touted as possibly the best luchador in the world, but both are said to be possible stars of the future. Latin Lover was a male stripper before he was a wrestler. He shows off some of his dancing skills. Louie won't stop dancing, either. He's a terrible dancer, too. Psycho is pretty good at making sure no one dives on him. If he hits the floor, he runs as far away as possible. Rey is throwing ranas everywhere, and Louie is throwing Rey into the crowd. He's working like...Southern heel in the middle of this. It's very weird. Also weird is that there is a heel ref and a face ref, so there are 8 people in the ring at times. This isn't super interesting, but Psychosis is making sure he can do everything he can to kill himself. Juvi's dad makes Heavy Metal submit to what was essentially a hammerlock. Cruise and Tenay were stunned that was the finish. So was the crowd. Because it came out of nowhere and had no suspense. Fans didn't even realize the match was over until the bell rang.


Pegasus Kid/2 Cold Scorpio/Tito Santana vs Jerry Estrada/La Parka/Blue Panther

This is actually an interpromotional match, pitting IWC against AAA. Hence the name of the show. Even though this isn't the main event. And they're business partners. Parka and Jerry shove each other before the match starts. Y'all are teammates. Get your shit together. La Parka and Benoit in a dance contest sounds like something I didn't know I wanted until this moment. There's a weird thing to the match where Tito Santana is Mexican, but is the least skilled and familiar with lucha style. A LOT of this match seems to be the La Parka/Jerry issue. Blue Panther is just like wtf I guess I gotta do this shit by myself. Interesting seeing Benoit doing full on lucha spots. Oh man, I really thought Parka and Scorp were going to have a dance off. Parka is just endlessly entertaining in this. It's bizarre that WCW had him so straight laced in his first like...year of appearances. Fuck this ring, dawgs. Shit is stiffer tan the 80s WWF ring. Parka and Jerry finally come to blows, and Benoit pins Panther with a terrible rana. A mess at times, but over all pretty fun. Tito did absolutely nothing in the match, though.


La Pareja del Terror vs Octagon/El Hijo del Santo

Masks vs Hair

God damn, the heat Eddie and Art have. Eddie and Santo's fathers were teammates, and Eddie/El Hijo del Santo were partners before Eddie got jealous feeling like he was living in Santo's shadow much like Gory did. They begin the match. Eddie and Art quickly win the first fall with a brutal doomsday rana to Santo, then a POWER PLEX to Octagon. I guess both members of the team have to be pinned to end a fall.


Eddie and Art are such assholes. It's wonderful. Octagon named himself after...the Chuck Norris movie. Lol. Fall 2 sees the technicos going on a big flurry of offense, including a double suicide dive. Santo is eliminated after a super rana from Eddie. Octagon manages to pin Eddie and then make Art submit a few seconds later to even the score.


Eddie and Art are just working circles around Santo and Octagon. Just operating on a completely different level. Art hit Octagon with a piledriver, and Octagon is taken out on a stretcher. Blue Panther would then hit Art with a piledriver of his own, leaving the match down to Santo and Eddie. Santo would then roll Eddie up to win the match. Eddie and Art cut each other's hair. The match definitely fell apart in the 3rd fall, with lots of awkward switching of men and a complete lack of focus and lots of sloppy moves. Still, it was overall a pretty good match, with Eddie and Art being excellent.


Perro Aguayo vs Konnan

Steel Cage Match

Fucking Konnan. FUCK. It only takes about a minute before Perro is throwing strikes that completely miss and Konnan is taking awful bumps for them. Konnan was also blown up about 2-3 minutes in. He's also clearly calling spots, and then botching them. The blood starts, and the botches continue. This is terrible. In a lol way, at least. Perro keeps trying to win via pinfall in a match where pinfalls don't count. Probably 6 different times he tried to win via pinfall. Pretty much anything that could be botched has been botched in this. It's magical, in its own way. Eddie and Louie Spicolli return as Perro had the match won. They threw brass knux to Konnan, which are used to bust Perro open much, much further. He's now covered in blood from his hairline to his trunks. Eddie keeps trying to enter the cage as Perro refuses to stay down. THE DYNAMITE BROTHERS come down and chase Eddie and Louie around ringside. One of them punches Konnan when he's at the top of the cage, and instead of taking any kind of bump, even a crotching bump, Konnan just slowly slides down, makes sure he doesn't slip on the ropes, and gently lands on his feet. Perro rams him into cage a few times, hits a double stomp, and exits the cage. What a hilarious mess. 


Certainly not worthy of the "greatest PPV of all time" type of hype. It's mostly a pretty messy affair with sloppy matches and wrestlers. The main event cage match is so hilariously bad that it deserves an award. Just unbelievably botchy. It's wonderful. You would think that with all the hype this PPV has had online since it happened that the myth of Paul Heyman introducing the US to talents like Rey/Psychosis/Eddie/Benoit/Konnan would have been shattered long ago. It was in fact WCW and Eric Bischoff that were the first put Rey/Psychosis/Konnan in front of American audiences. It was Eric Bischoff who had been trying to get Chris Benoit to sign a full time contract with WCW since he took over in 1993, and WCW had previously booked Konnan, Benoit, Eddie, and Rey Misterio (Sr.) previously anyway.