Jumbo vs Misawa: Part 3

1991.04.18 - Jumbo Tsuruta (c.) vs. Mitsuharu Misawa (Triple Crown Title Spliced Intro-Outro).avi_snapshot_00.34_[2017.08.06_19.06.11].jpg

Akira Taue/Jumbo Tsuruta/Masanobu Fuchi vs Mitsuharu Misawa/Toshiaki Kawada/Tsuyoshi Kikuchi 1/27/91

Taue needs a hair cut. That mop is getting out of control. Taue is having a bad night, as even Kikuchi was giving him that work. Jumbo comes in and hits the most absurd and violent kitchen sink to Kawada that I've ever seen. The fucking velocity that Kawada went flying on. It was so hard that Jumbo looks like he blew a knee out doing it. With that, Kawada's mid section becomes a main focus of the match. But don't worry, in case you were wondering, Kikuchi gets the shit kicked out of him, too. Misawa spends very little time in the ring, and Jumbo misses a big chunk being down on the floor. This is definitely about the other four guys, but there is a time where Kawada stiffs the shit out of Jumbo and gets a righteous ass beating for it. Even Jumbo's teammates tried to stop it. After that, he laid Misawa out as well just for fun. Late into the match, Taue knocked Kawada into Misawa while Kawada was going for a tag, making him inadvertently lariat Misawa off the apron. Misawa got pissed and hit a DISGUSTING elbow to the back of Taue's head. Jumbo responded with a lariat to Kawada in the back of the head. Taue won with the powerbomb.

Kawada slaps Taue.gif
Jumbo Tsuruta kitchen sink to Kawada.gif
Fuchi throws Kikuchi into guard rail.gif
Kawada press slams Kikuchi at Fuchi.gif
Jumbo Tsuruta beats the shit out of Kawada.gif
Misawa elbows Taue in back of head.gif

Mitsuharu Misawa vs Jumbo Tsuruta Triple Crown Championship 4/18/91

This is their only Triple Crown match against each other. Both start out hot, throwing flurries of strikes, with Misawa getting the better of the opening exchange. Jumbo's mid section seems to be a focus for Misawa, while slapping the shit out of Misawa seems to be Jumbo's main goal. Then he slams him knee first on a table and goes from there. Luckily, Misawa still has his elbow. Jumbo tries a backdrop, Misawa tries his normal counter, only they're in the corner, so Misawa just slams face first into the buckles. The heck? Misawa still had a little left after a backdrop, so Jumbo quickly smashed him with two more in a row to win the match and retain the Triple Crown.   

Misawa elbow from apron to Jumbo Tsuruta.gif
Jumbo Tsuruta drops Misawa on table.gif
Misawa ax kick to Jumbo Tsuruta.gif
Jumbo Tsuruta drops Misawa in corner.gif

Kenta Kobashi/Mitsuharu Misawa/Toshiaki Kawada vs Akira Taue/Jumbo Tsuruta/Masanobu Fuchi 4/20/91

Baba out there doing commentary, looking correct in his red cardigan. Taue starts the match by slapping Kawada off the apron, so I expect them to kill each other pretty soon. Lmao, he knocks Kawada off again seconds later. And again when he isn't even the legal man. Looool. This is going to get violent. When Kawada sees his spot, he kicks the SHIT out of Taue, and then they just start throwing fists. Kawada gets Taue down and headbutts him about 70 times as the other four guys and the ref try to pull it off, all while the crowd is chanting KAWADA. So much violence in this. Just straight head stomps. Kawada becomes the main focus of Tsurutagun, eating multiple piledrivers on the floor. Lol at Misawa's fake dive ending with Kobashi immediately doing a dive instead. This is definitely the Kawada/Taue show, as nearly every major spot in the match features one or both of them, and one of them is in the ring for most of the match. Kobashi seems to break Taue's ribs with kicks at one point. In the last 3rd, Kobashi's leg becomes the main focus. Misawa pins Taue with a tiger suplex nearly an hour in.

Taue slaps Kawada off apron.gif
Kobashi leg drop to Jumbo Tsuruta.gif
Kawada kicks  Taue.gif
Taue stomps Kawada's head.gif
Taue Fuchi spike piledriver to Kawada on floor.gif
Taue lariat to Misawa.gif
Kawada flips off Fuchi.gif
Misawa Kobashi rocket launcher to Taue.gif
Jumbo Tsuruta lariat to Kobashi.gif
Kobashi moonsault to Taue.gif

Jumbo Tsuruta/Masanobu Fuchi/Yoshinari Ogawa vs Mitsuharu Misawa/Toshiaki Kawada/Tsuyoshi Kikuchi 7/26/91

All I'm looking for is Ogawa to get knocked out. Rat faced fuck. Ogawa being added to the Jumbo army is a good call, just to give Misawa and friends someone to beat the shit out of like Jumbo's side gets with Kikuchi. Misawa's leg is the focus for a big chunk of the match. Ogawa getting tortured is a focus for every time he's in the ring. Jumbo also attempts to murder Kikuchi a few more times. Jumbo pinned Misawa with FOUR consecutive backdrops, and went for more after the match only to be stopped by his own underlings. What's maybe the most amazing thing about these matches is that the have so many false finishes 30, 40, 50 minutes into them and the crowd bites every single time. I bite every single time. And then the reaction is bigger the next time. Every time. Misawa is actually carried out on Kobashi's back. 

Misawa combo to Ogawa.gif
Kawada kicks Ogawa.gif
Kikuchi punches Jumbo Tsuruta.gif
Jumbo Tsuruta throws Kikuchi.gif
Jumbo Tsuruta lariat to Kikuchi.gif

Jumbo Tusurta/Akira Taue vs Mitsuharu Misawa/Tsuyoshi Kikuchi 8/29/91

Dang, Kikuchi in a straight tag without an extra person to take half of his beating? Good luck, pal.  Surprisingly, Misawa and Jumbo start. Kikuchi tries his best and is nearly knocked out in the first 5 minutes. About half way into the match, Jumbo breaks up a pin with a sledge to Misawa's shoulder, which becomes the main focus after that. With an injured Misawa, Kikuchi is forced to take charge and try to keep the match alive. It works, in the sense that Jumbo and Taue let him stay alive so they can beat his ass for a while. But the ass beating lasted long enough for Misawa to get pissed enough to tag himself back in and throw 'bows. Try as he might, Kikuchi continued to fight until Jumbo again destroyed him, this time putting him to sleep with a pretty vicious sleeper.

Jumbo Tsuruta elbows Kikuchi.gif
Taue Jumbo Tsuruta big boot to Kikuchi.gif
Misawa frog splash to Taue.gif

Toshiaki Kawada/Mituharu Misawa vs Jumbo Tsurta/Akira Taue AJPW Tag Team Championships 9/4/91

There are some weird zoom ins on nipples in the intros that I won't gif because even for such a homoerotic past time as sweaty men in tights play fighting, that's pretty odd. I have sponsors to think of! Unsurprisingly, this is another hateful tag. I know, shocking. after Kawada is something of FIP for the first 15 minutes or so, Jumbo tries to break Misawa's elbow throwing arm, and things go from there. In fact, once Misawa tags out, he's checked out by medical staff, taped up, and sprayed with that special spray only found in glorious Nippon. Meanwhile, Kawada got destroyed. It got Misawa ALL fired up, and he came back to throw 100 elbows. So many cunty break ups in this. Misawa kicked out of both a backdrop and a powerbomb form Jumbo, and Misawa made Jumbo TAP OUT with the front crossface. Titles retained.

Misawa elbow to Taue.gif
Taue facebuster to Kawada.gif
Jumbo Tsuruta northern lariat to Misawa.gif
Jumbo Tsuruta high knee to Kawada.gif
Jumbo Tsuruta back drop to Misawa.gif

Jumbo Tsuruta/Yoshinari Ogawa/Akira Taue vs Mitsuharu Misawa/Toshiaki Kawada/Tsuyoshi Kikuchi 10/10/91

Fans really aren't fucking with Taue beating on Kikuchi this show. This is weird because Kawada gets slapped in the opening moments and it's sold like a flash KO, even though it wasn't a hard slap. So the next 10 minutes are him out on his feet, then he tags out for a minute, and comes back in totally fine. The formula is starting to wear thin, for the talent, the crowd, and for me. At this point, there have been about 100 versions of this tag match, and they really have to be exceptional to stand out anymore. This just wasn't. Misawa pinned Taue with a tiger driver. 

Jumbo Tsuruta beats on Kikuchi.gif
Misawa misses dive.gif