Best of G1 Climax 24 Part 2


I can't help but laugh at AJ's hair.  It's so silly, but just about everyone in NJPW has wacky hair.   Goto seems to have some dominance on the mat, probably due to his size more than anything.  AJ bails after a particularly tight leg scissors.  It's pretty cool that I've seen AJ's entire career.  From NWA Wildside to WCW to ROH to TNA to NJPW to WWE.  And he's been pretty awesome from the start, but he took shit to the next level in NJPW.  AJ lands on his feet from a German suplex and then misses a forearm in the corner.  Grounded forearm thingy from Goto sends AJ rolling back to the floor. Stalling jumping suplex.  Now the jumping forearm connects.  2 count.  Muta Lock.  I love how the crowd starts popping as soon as AJ does a leap frog because they know the dropkick is coming.  AJ in 2014 had a dropkick and back breaker as legitimate signature spots that get big reactions.  Oh shit, head kick.  Right in the ear.  Lariat knocks the shit out of AJ.  Corner wheel kick.  Saito suplex.   He then uncorks one of his classic moves from 2002-2004, the back suplex into sit out face buster.  Styles Clash is attempted.  He gives it up to weaken Goto more.  After a long struggle for a superplex, Goto connects with a top rope Yoshi Tonic.  AJ barely squirms out.  Pele!  NJPW should have hired Don West to call AJ matches.  AJ hits his strike combo only to run right into a DVD back breaker.  He's again unable to hit his finisher, but AJ SPIKES him with Prince Devitt's old finisher.  Styles Clash for the win.


I think the crowd was chanting for Okada, but it could have been Naito.  I'm cheering for Okada.  Okada is dope.  I kind of wasn't all that sold on him until one of the Tanahashi matches in 2013 and now I'm 100% sold.  I BOUGHT IN.  After some really flashy run through stuff, Naito lands a dropkick and locks on a head lock.  Guardrail cross face.  Shit is rude, Okada.  Not befitting of the face of the company.  Okada seems to have some extra spring in his step.  Sliding kick hits Naito in the cut that won't heal.  DDT.  Okada misses a splash in the corner, but connects with a big boot.  Naito keeps coming and does a rope hanging neck breaker.  Naito is STARRING UP.  Flying all over the place.  Huge missile dropkick.  Flying elbow.  RAINMAKER POSE.  The actual Rainmaker is of course countered.  Tornado DDT from Naito.  The corner dropkick connects the second time.  Super frankensteiner.  Rainmaker is countered into a sick uranage.  Corkscrew moonsault.  Naito wins!  Fuck, that is two massive wins in a row for him.


Ishii has a big test and takes it right to Tana.  Huge powerslam is the first big offensive move of the match.  Ishii focuses on the lower back, which I believe Tanahashi has had issues with in the past.  Strike battle!!!  I get that fighting spirit and never surrender is ingrained in Japanese culture, but every single match doesn't have to have strike battles. Each forearm seems to just bow Ishii up more and more until he's on his feet and Tanahashi looks legit shook.  Tanahashi attacks the knee since elbows and forearms are just making Ishii stronger.  Texas cloverleaf.  Ishii gets to the ropes.  Stalling superplex.  This little potato is giving it his all.  Slingblade is blocked, but the second one connects.  Another strike battle.  Tanahashi with that Inoki slap. Frog splash misses.  Headbutt OUTTA NOWHERE.  Seated lariat.  2 count.  Lariat.  2 count.  Tana gets out of the brainbuster and hits another Slingblade.  Another strike battle ends with a Tanahashi lariat.  Michinoku Driver.  Frog splash is finally enough to bake that potato.


This should be dope. Suzuki doesn't really respond to the strikes AJ throws, so AJ does a knee drop instead.  Delayed vertical suplex.  Running back breaker.  Suzuki shoves the ropes while AJ is doing a springboard, dropping him shoulder/chest first over the rope.  Then he applies an arm bar with AJ in the ropes. Suzuki uses the guard rail to fuck AJ's arm up.  It heads into the audience and Suzuki does an arm bar with AJ's arm in a chair.  While biting fingers.  The arm work continues in the ring, with some stiff as fuck kicks for fun. Suzuki pulls the ref in front of the Stinger Splash.  This allows Taka to hit the ring and attack AJ.  This then brings out Karl Anderson and Festus.  And then Davey Boy Jr. and Lance Hoyt.  Fuckery!  All the extras leave and a strike battle begins.  Both eventually land slaps at the same time and both go down.  Both dudes throwing bombs.  AJ gives the gun sign and Suzuki tries to break those fucking fingers.  Springboard forearm is caught into a Fujiwara arm bar and that finger is about to get snapped.  But how will he taunt?  AJ fights out of an arm bar only to get caught in a triangle.  Which he turns into the Styles Clash.  They start another slap fight.  Suzuki then punches AJ's god damn head off.  Styles Clash ends the war.  This is probably the second or third best match of the tournament so far.


A coke head against a potato. Clean break from Nak, who offers a hand shake.  Ishii slaps him and shit is on.  Both dodge ground strikes and we've got our first forearm battle.  Ishii just isn't fucking with all this coke shit today.  In dodging some of Nak's key moves, he ends up getting drawn into a rope hang DDT.  Nak is being a real prick, even worse than he was with Nagata.  This is not going to end well for him.  Strike battle 2.  Both guys connect at the same time and it trails off.  Nak gets chopped in the throat.  Multiple times.  He does his taunt against the wrong potato and gets his head dropkicked in.  Mother fucker just got FRIED.  Ishii fights off a choke, but not the arm bar that countered his lariat.  Ishii fights and fights and finally gets to the ropes, but his arm is done.  And Nak immediately throws some kicks at it.  Dead arm?  No problem.  Just use the other arm for a lariat. BOMAYE to the back of the spud!  Strike battle 4.  PEEL THAT MOTHER FUCKER.  BOMAYE OUTTA NOWHERE.  2 count!  You can't peel this fucker.  Huge headbutt to the jawfrom Ishii.  Nak rebounds with a huge knee strike to boil that potater.  


TNA EXPLOOOOOOOOODESSSSSSSSSSSSSS.  Oh no, Lance is wearing silver/gray tights.  Always a bad look.  The size vs power aspect comes into play immediately, with AJ getting bounced around and then doing speedy stuff to get Lance to the floor.   Oh shit, Cracker Jacker!  Paying homage to fellow TNA legend Hernandez.  Ring post figure four!  You know, I don't think that actually does any more damage than a regular figure four.  Not as dumb as the very few times Bret tried to do a ring post Sharpshooter.  AJ keeps working the knee, being able to keep Hoytamania at bay.  A huge shoulder block makes AJ go spinning in such a manner that Mr. Perfect would be proud.  A chokeslam ends AJ's strike combo.  Lance misses the moonsault, landing on his bad leg.  AJ flips out of a chokeslam and rolls into a brutal leg lock for the win.  I completely forgot all about him using that at the end of his TNA run.  This was super fun.  I thought Lance was much improved in his short WWE run and was really surprised that they let him go.  The little I've seen of him in NJPW makes me believe WWE should hire him back.  


There is a stand off, but it isn't indie and there is no RESPECK. Shit getting real up in here.  Nak kicks Tana right in the fucking throat, but Tanahashi catches it.  And then he catches a wheel kick to the head and a flying karate kick.  Tanahashi appears to be working the neck and again mocks some of Nak's coke tendencies, which he does not at all like.  Corner knee lift.  FUCK YO LIVER BITCH.  I imagine that's what he's saying when he hits that.  Probably in English.  Strike battle.  This turns into a triangle from Nak.  Tanahashi somehow turns this into a high angle Texas cloverleaf.  BOMAYE is countered with the Slingblade.  Frog splash doesn't connect.  BOMAYE is again countered with a Slingblade.  Strike battle.  This turns into some straight FUCK YOU slaps.  Dragon and straight jacket German are blocked.  Dropkick to the back of the knee.  REVERSE Slingblade.  I mean, it's a bulldog.  Standing frog splash.  Nak gets his knees up for the real frog splash.  Super BOMAYE to the back of the fucking head.  2 count.  Nak is done with this shit.  BOMAYE is caught.  Dragon screw is countered.  BOMAYE! Tanahashi wins with a roll up OUTTA NOWHERE.  


Shit will probably get real at some point.  All the hits early on.  More arm work with the guard rail as a tag team partner.  That might be illegal.  Okada finally gets some offense with a DDT.  Big boot.  Sliding kick looked like it really hurt.  Suzuki rolls to the floor.  Okada follows.  Suzuki is kicked over the guard rail.  Rail hanging DDT.  VINTAGE Orton!  Macho elbow in the ring.  Suzuki interrupts the RAINMAKER POSE with a kick.  What a shitheel this guy is.  That's so rude. Huge kick on the injured arm.  Strike battle.  Fujiwara arm bar.  Will he give up?  Will the Rainmaker make it rain?  With his hand? On the mat?  To tap out?  He doesn't.  The answer is no.  A Big dropkick from Suzuki.  He's gonna break that arm!  The Rainmaking arm!   Gotch pile countered into the over the shoulder boulder holder neck breaker.  Strike battle from the knees.  Oh shit, dropkick to the neck.  Tombstone is blocked. Tombstone is again countered.  And again.  Gotch Style Tombstone.  Rainmaker blocked.  PUNCH TO THE FACE.  Wait, dropkick.  RAINMAKER.  Okada wins.


Should be rad. Tanahashi goes for a Styles Clash early on. Tanahashi then mocks AJ's poses.  What a dick.  AJ comes back in punches him in the face.  Tanahashi gets crotched and AJ racks the shit out of him.  Balls based offense.  Cross body over the guard rail.  Slingblade!  OUTTA NOWHERE.   AJ busts out another 2002 indies favorite: The suplex into a neck breaker.  Tanahashi again fights out of the Styles Clash, but can't dodge the second attempt at springboard forearm.  AJ flips out of a German suplex and hits his strike combo, the end of which is caught and turned into the dragon suplex.  Styles Clash is countered too many times so AJ drops into a GANSO BOMB.  Styles Clash is countered into a roll up.  Tanahashi wins!  The Bullet Club attack him after the match.  Styles Clash!  OUTTA NOWHERE, JEFF JARRETT arrives.  BUT WHOSE SIDE IS HE ON?!?! Oh, and Scott D'Amore.  Scott gets Jeff his guitar.  OH MY GOD.  The guitar has a Bullet Club logo. SWERVE! JEFF JARRETT HAS JOINED THE BULLET CLUB. FUCK. Who's next? Stardust?


Nak's entrance is pimp as shit, what with fire everywhere and his Sgt. Pepper/Bret Hart jacket on.  Shoulder tassels are nothing to fuck with.  Early feeling out process into something of INDIE RESPECK, but Nak seemed more interested in caressing the mat instead of showing respeck. Okada might as well pay the guard rail manufacturer.  Mother fucker uses them like a tag partner. Oh god am I glad Nak countered that shitty STF before it could be applied.  Rear naked choke.  Big grounded knees.  Those are ILLEGAL KNEE STRIKES.  Deduct points.  Reverse powerslam.  Nak is COKING UP!  BOMAYE is dodged.  Dropkick to the back of the neck.  Tombstone.  Rainmaker is countered into a flying cross arm breaker.  Okada breaks it with a stomp to the head.  And then gets hit with a BOMAYE to the back of the head.  Strike battle.  Fighting spirit flowing.  Dropkick.  Nak is out on his feet.  Can't even run the ropes on an Irish whip.  It was a SWERVE to trick Okada into another dropkick, which he dodges.  BOMAYE.  2.9999.  Second rope flying knee strike.  BOMAYE...countered with a dropkick.   Rainmaker countered with a big knee to the chest.  Okada moves into the BOMAYE, preventing it from connecting, so Nak just punches him in the jaw.  Back slide OUTTA NOWHERE.  2.9999999999999. THREE Rainmakers in a row gives Okada the win.