Best of G1 Climax 24 Part 1


Ishii immediately bows up and starts throwing chops and forearms.  They have no effect on Fale.  He tries a running forearm and is quickly knocked on his ass.  Classic big man offense from Fale, like standing on his opponent.  Ishii gets a good boot in the corner and attempts a vertical suplex.  It is easily countered into a huge slam.  Then he hits his vertical suplex, much to the delight of the crowd.  I'm pretty sure his vertical suplex was either the direct inspiration for or he did mocap for the King of Colosseum games.  And very impressive with the size difference.  Some shit talking that I don't understand as I am an ignorant American who refuses to learn the languages of media in other countries that I wish to consume.  Fale hasn't had much offense for the past few minutes, but whenhe does, it only takes one strike to knock Ishii around.  Ishii starts throwing headbutts and shit is getting real.  Forearm battle.  Ishii wins it with more headbutts.  Then he's hit with a chokeslam into Samoan Spike.  Bad Luck Fall for the win.  


Tana early on trying for dirty breaks in the ropes.  Second rope cross body from the ace.  Honma hits a slam and calls for a diving headbutt.  Which he misses.  And then another. Tanahashi seems pretty cocky, even mocking Honma's taunt.  Fans seem solidly behind Honma.  DDT.  Grounded Blockbuster.  Tana slaps Honma right in the eye. Brainbuster JEEEZUS.  2 count.  Right on the base of the neck.  Honma goes up top for the diving headbutt with the fans 100% on his side.  But he misses. Again.  Forearm battle.  Tanahashi seems to win until Honma fires up.  Tana quickly attempts a dragon suplex as quickly as possible, which he has to turn into an arm trapped German suplex for a 2 count.  Wacky roll up OUTTA NOWHERE almost gets Honma the big win.  Dragon screw leg whip.  Lariat is countered into a dragon suplex.  Homna rolls up and is immediately got with the Slingblade.  Tanahashi gets the win with a high fly flow.


So hyped. Very Grecco style opening.  Clean break from Shibata.  Clean break from Nak, but with some theatrics which Shibata did not like at all, so he starts throwing kicks and so does Nak.  Almost all miss.  Nak tries to pull guard and Shibata doesn't fall for it.  He quickly gets it back to a standing position and backs Nak into the corner, where he bitch slaps him.  Shit is about to get real.  A series of forearms puts Nak down in the corner.  Shibata is being a dick now.  Here comes the forearms.  Nak hits a rad one that puts Shibata down in the corner.   They struggle over chokes back in the ring, with Shibata ending all that shit with a kitchen sink to the gut.  SHOOT back suplex.  Huge kick.  Fucking ridiculous forearms with Nak trapped in the corner.  Seated dropkick. After a lot of struggle, Nak hits a reverse powerslam.  BOMAYE is countered with a kick to the face.  The forearm battle resumes.  Lots of angry grunts.  Shibata has a rear naked locked in deep.  Nak is going out.  Shibata lets him out so he can try to kick the shit out of him some more.  It was a bad decision as Nak then hit a second rope flying knee and a running seated knee.  2 count!  SHOOT dropkick blocks the BOMAYE.  Announcer is going bat shit right now.  Spinning back fist OUTTA NOWHERE.  GTS into a Penalty Kick scores the win for Shibata.  Dope.


This should be rad.  Fans are 100% behind Okada in this.  Clean break from AJ.  SWERVE not it wasn't!  TOO SWEET!  AJ goes for the Styles Clash early.  Rainmaker is also attempted.  Strike battle lasts all of one elbow from AJ before getting crushed.  Dat AJ dropkick spot.  Best dropkick spot of all time.  Okada rolls to the floor.  AJ follows.  Slam on the floor.  God damn what a nasty looking back breaker from AJ.  That was mean as fuck, AJ.  Jeez.  AJ tries to bring back his jump the guard rail spot, but he must have forgotten all about Okada's time in TNA, as Okada flies out after him.  AJ crashes and burns on a springboard 450.  Oh look, a strike battle!  AJ at least changes his strikes up, ending with a stiff enzuguri.  Okada fights out of the Styles Clash, but misses a dropkick.  Okada shoves off a tornado DDT, causing a ref bump. Yujiro Takahashi runs in and throws a lariat at Okada.  Then he runs into a drop kick.  AJ OUTTA NOWHERE with a springboard forearm.  AJ attempts Prince Devitt's finisher, which is countered into the Rainmaker, which is countered into a German suplex.  Pele!  Styles Clash is countered into a tombstone.  AJ is smashed with a German suplex.  2 count, but Okada holds on.  Rainmaker just fucking MOLLYWHOPS that boy.  Okada wins.  Fucking dope.


Kojima loves flexing those titties.  Oh hey, a forearm battle.  Big powerslam from Ishii.  Kojima heads to the floor and gets tossed into just about everything you can be tossed into on the floor. Apron DDT from Kojima.  Kojima continues the neck attacks in the ring.  Ishii stops the machine gun chops to do some of his own, only for Kojima to start it right back up.  Ishii himself starts up some neck based offense.  Delayed superplex.  2 count.  KANYON CUTTER!  BANG!  SUPER KANYON CUTTER!  BAAAAAAAAANG!  KANYON CUTTER.  BANG!  A lot of elbows being thrown.  Both guys just kind of fall.  Huge DDT from Kojima.  Brainbuster.  2 count.  Headbutt.  Lariat.  BrainbusterIshii wins!


More titty flexing from Kojima.  Kojima continues to work over the neck after a DDT.  Oh no, a strike battle.  It ends with a roaring elbow from Kojima.  Tanahashi is quickly back on offense with the second rope senton.  Kanyon Cutter.  BANG!  Tana fights off the avalanche cutter only to get lariated off the ropes and to the floor.  Branbuster back in the ring.  Lariat is countered into a dragon suplex, which is turned into the jacket German suplex for a near fall.  Tanahashi hits a Kanyon Cutter.  BANG!  However, Kojima gets his knees up on the frog splash.  A flurry of elbows are thrown.  Kojima hits an Emerald Flowsion.  Left arm lariat  One to the back of the neck.  Slingblade OUTTA NOWHERE.  Frog splash cross body.  Frog splash for the win.


Quickly we have a chop battle.  Suzuki tries to fake one just to be a dick.  Then he does an arm bar from the apron with Goto in the ring.  And standing.  They go at it on the floor, where Suzuki uses the ring bell.  Then he gets in the ring and does some exercises he learned from Suzanne Somers.  Stiff knee to the chin.  Then a few more into the sternum.  Then some rough forearms.  Big headbutt.  Lariatoooo from Goto.  Suzuki grabs the ref and TAKA hits the ring, only to be quickly disposed of.  Spinning heel kick in the corner.  Back suplex.  Suzuki barely kicks out.  Then he slaps the shit out of Goto and follows that up by kicking his head off.  This shit is fake, man.  Goto fights off the Gotch Piledriver a few times.  Suzuki fights out of a Samoan drop.  Go behind into the rear naked choke.  Goto wins with a wacky roll up that that Mike Quackenbush would call bullshit on.  Suzuki throws a photographer after the match.


Oh hey, strike battle!  I'm sure there will be at least 4 more in this match.   I guess Ishii technically won the exchange.  Then chops the PISS out of poor Honma.  Headbutts.  Honma blocks a suplex.  Ishii blocks a suplex.  Now they're just doing squats.  Honma finally gets the better of that exchange.  Chop battle.  Forever.  For like 90 seconds at least.  And now Honma hits the headbutt.  Ishii no sells about 10 forearms and takes Honma down with one.  Piledriver.  I feel like regular piledrivers aren't as common in Japan as tombstones.  Most of the people doing standard piledrivers were white guys in the 80s.  Maybe I'm wrong.  Huge Honma DDT that apparently broke Ishii's head, neck, and spine.  Series of double lariatos. Diving headbutt.  Misses.  Always misses.  Stalling superplex from Ishii comes as close as you can get to putting someone away without winning the match. Ishii wins with a sheer brainbuster.


Shibata stands in the center of the ring, motionless, for Tanahashi's entire entrance. I feel some real tension between these guys.  Shibata literally tires to murder Tanahashi with kicks, but Tana is just barely ableto avoid kicks that would have sent his head to Laos.  Suplex on the floor.  Some HOARD ass strikes in the ring.  Shibata misses a helluva kick and appears to hyper extend his knee.  Second rope senton.  Kitchen sink from Shibata.  Tanahashi runs away from Shibata's corner dropkick, doing one of his own, which pisses Shibata right the fuck off.  Beats the SHIT out of Tana with forearms, elbows, and shoulders in the corner.  Dropkickuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.  I think that dropkick was in the eye. PK is caught.  Dragon screw.  Grounded dragon screw.  Texas cloverleaf.  Shibata makes it to the ropes.  Another dragon screw.  Shibata goes back to the choke.  Tana barely avoids the PK again.  Slingblade.  Frog splash to the back.  Frog splash to the front doesn't work as Shibata gets his knees up.  Forearm battle.  I'll allow this one because Shibata is LAYING THEM SUMBITCHES IN.  God damn.  Fucking gross.  Spinning back fist FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK.  God damn.  Brutal.  GTS is countered with a small package.  Dragon suplex is blocked.  Back to the the GTS.  It connects.  Penalty Kick puts Tanahashi down for 3.  God damn.