NJPW Wrestling Toyonokuni 2017

UNDERCARD: Kawato/Liger/Oka defeated Kitamura/umino/Tiger Mask IV, Roppongi Vice defeated El Esperado/Kanemaru, Bushi/Sanada defeated Taguchi/Yoshitatsu, Bullet Club defeated Tencozy/Finlay, CHAOS defeated Suzuki-Gun.

If you wanted gifs of those, go fuck yourself.

CHAOS vs Bullet Club

This would be getting skipped if it didn't have Okada and Omega in it. And Ishii, I guess. Fale attacks Okada during his entrance, continuing the build to his title match at Wrestling Dontaku. The Young Bucks haven't been on shows in month, but they're still bringing in dudes like Chase Owens? Not that I'm a fan of the Bucks or anything, but wtf. Yano is one of the worst in the world. Anywhere in the world. Frick him and his noble mind. I'm not sure how, but Ishii seems to bust his nose open just standing on the apron. A dude who gets hit in the head extremely hard on such a regular basis having a bad nose bleed without doing anything seems like probably not a good thing. It might be his brain leaking out for all I know. Kenny goes surprisingly hard for being in his house show gear. Okada comes in and immediately body slams Fale. IT'S LIKE HOGAN AND ANDRE! Fale and Okada have some good sequences as well, but it's pretty clear the crowd wants that Omega/Okada showdown, which never happened. Okada pinned Owens with the Rainmaker. Fale slammed Okada on the floor after the match.

Ricochet vs Hiromu Takahashi IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship

I'm expecting next level flippy fuckery. And Ricochet seems to be paying off, as he starts the match with two dives and a springboard 450. STARTS the match with that. Lmao at how Ricochet bounces when he bumps. You could almost say he....ricochets off the mat. Just when you start to think you're going to get the crazy shit...Takahashi slows it down and does leg work. Mother fucker. Not that it really mattered or anything, but I appreciate at least pretending to do more than a spot fest. Lol at Takahashi's apron DVD, which is just dropping Ricochet like a sack of shit. I was expecting a crazy bumpy sprint like the Tak/Dragon Lee match, but it really isn't that at all. There are bumps and big spots, but they're more spread out with a lot more downtime between them. Man, I like Takahashi, but that dude is reckless as hell. Everything he does is inches away from killing a dude. Takahashi eventually won with the timebomb. Title retained. 

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs EVIL

Oh shit, Tanahashi dives during EVIL's entrance. Tired of losing to this frick. Bring a scythe to the ring and not even try to kill someone, breh. It's like Tanahashi finally remembered he's a once in a century talent, the ace of the universe. Losing to Okada at WK 10 seemed to fuck him up. Nefarious means get EVIL in control of the match. Tana's hair is luxurious as fuck tonight. This is very similar to their NJ Cup match. Very similar. Too similar. Complete with LIJ fuckery, as BUSHI and Sanada caused a ref bump and attacked Tanahashi. Bushi accidentally mists Sanada, and Taguchi's ass comes out to chase LIJ away. Too many dudes have a fireman's carry into some type of slam finish in NJ, I can tell you that. Tanahashi wins after a standing and regular High Fly Flow.

Juice Robinson vs Tetsuya Naito IWGP Intercontinental Championship

CJ fucking Parker headlining a NJPW show. What a time. Good for him. If he had stayed in NXT he'd be jobbing to Eric Young. Naito spends the first few minutes of the match stalling and avoiding Juice, making the juicy one very frustrated. Once juice gets a hold of him, he lays a beating on that man. The guardrail basically becomes the newest member of LIJ. LOTS of railing work, mostly to tear apart Juice's knee. Leg work is the main basis of the match, with Juice having flurries from time to time. WTF, apron spinebuster. That seems needlessly risky. Not much later, Naito's super rana is countered into a crushing superbomb that looked like it knocked Naito loopy. After many, many counters, Naito finally wins with the Destino. Title retained. Post match, Tanahashi came out to apparently challenge Naito.

A solid show, although certainly a B show. Juice had a good showing and hopefully makes it into the 2017 G1 where he scores a big upset over someone like Tanahashi or Okada. Tanahashi seemed to remember he's Tanahashi and not some mid card scrub. Ricochet/Takahashi was disappointing. After the insanity of Takahashi/Dragon Lee and even the 2 minute match with Kushida, I was expecting some really nutty stuff that never came.