WWF Summerslam 1988

WHAT THE WORLD IS WATCHING. Such a dope intro. The actual show intro is pretty dope, too. Very 80s, with the dope PPV theme. Gorilla Monsoon and Superstar Billy Graham will be calling the show, since Bobby Heenan is busy game-planning with Andre The Giant and Rick Rude for their matches. Jesse Ventura isn't calling the show since he's prepping to be the ref in the main event.


Fabulous Rougeau Brothers vs British Bulldogs

This could be pretty good. The bros are a great heel team, Bulldogs are the Bulldogs. Davey is massive. Ray hits a cheap shot to get into the match, but Bulldog is too athletic for this shit. Dude out there doing cartwheels and flips. Bulldogs control Ray for quite awhile until another cheap shot injures Bulldog's leg. From there, they focus on that and keep him grounded. NYC loves Dynamite, even though he's pretty shot. I mean, he looks better than he did at WM3, where he could barely move, but he's clearly on the downswing. This is very long. Double FIP segments. And a heel FIP segment. A whole lot of double team moves to Dynamite. Poor little juiced to the tits, cunt from hell Dynamite. Davey Boy finally gets the hot tag and immediately misses a dropkick. Lol. Bulldog press slams Dynamite into a diving headbutt, which Gorilla says is one of their patented moves, but I've never seen it done from the mat. The match ends in a 20 minute time limit draw. The Bulldogs chase the Rougeaus to the back.


A recap of Don Bass cutting Brutus Beefcake open on Superstars.

Bad News Brown vs Ken Patera

Bad News attacks as Patera hits the ring and never lets up. Prison was terrible for Patera. Never heard of a dude losing his charisma from a jail term. The difference in Patera of the early 80s and late 80s is just crazy. This is quite bad. Fans start booing at one point. Bad News wins with the Ghetto Blaster.


Ad for Leonard/Lalonde in November. That's quite a ways away to be hyping a fight. 



TO THE MEAN BROTHERJACKDUDE. Gene is with the Mega Powers, who both look gakked out of their minds. They have a secret weapon: Miss Elizabeth! Not so much of a secret anymore. 


Rick Rude vs Junkyard Dog

Rude has JYD on his tights. Rude attacks as JYD hits the ring. Didn't matter. JYD gotta grab them cakes. Rude focuses on the head of JYD, which really confuses Gorilla and Superstar, because as you know, black wrestlers have the hardest heads of anyone in the world besides Samoans. I can't tell you how many times Superstar would say that working the head does nothing to JYD because his head is so thick WHILE JYD IS SELLING all the head work. Lol, JYD's way to get back on offense was Rude trying to do an arm smash, but accidentally smashing his balls. Brain causes a distraction soon after, though. Rude had a SECOND set of tights on, this time with Cheryl Roberts on them. Jake Roberts immediately hits the ring to beat the shit out of Rude, causing a DQ. 


TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene is with the Honky Tonk Man, who was to defend the title against Brutus Beefcake, but now will offer an open challenge to replace him.

The Bolsheviks vs Powers of Pain

This is during the very brief period where Baron Von Rashke was managing the PoP as "The Baron", with his face painted and wearing a robe. It is strange seeing PoP as full on play to the crowd faces. PoP dominate and Barbarian gets the win with a diving headbutt.


TO THE BROTHER LOVE SHOW. Well, fuck me. Jim Duggan is the guest. FUCK. No one even got attacked. Fuck this.

Honky Tonk Man vs Ultimate Warrior WWF Intercontinental Championship

MGS explodes for Warrior, who wins in about 30 seconds. New champion! Fuck the Honky Tonk Man. Warrior was insanely over.


Don Muraco vs Dino Bravo

So much gas in this match. Both dudes literally look like they've been filled up with air. Bobby Heenan has returned to the booth, which is nice, because Superstar is pretty shitty at color. It's amazing that Muraco is still alive as of 2016, and Dino didn't die due to steroids. Obviously, this is not good at all, but the fans are able to get into it based on the blessing of foreign heel heat. Weird finish where Dino's boots hit the ref while Muraco was picking him up for a slam, but instead of being a full ref bump, it just shifted Dino's weight back down so he could hit the side slam and win clean. I'm not sure I've seen a finish like that before.


TO THE MOON. Sean speaks with Jesse Ventura, who will be the ref in the main event, and has publicly taken money from Ted DiBiase in the past. 

Hart Foundation vs Demolition WWF Tag Team Championships

Fuck yes. That turncoat Jimmy Hart is in the corner of Demolition tonight, along with Mr. Fuji. He still controls the Hart Foundation's contracts. Bret and Ax begin. Bret's excellence of execution is too much for both members of Demolition. Good thing for them that Anvil is a moron and runs into dumb shit. I've always loved Bret's dropkick. Bret gets his shoulder rammed into the post, and Anvil chases Jimmy away. From there, Demos destroy Bret's arm as they work a full on Southern tag, complete with the ref missing the hot tag. Anvil gets the hot tag and throws Demolition all around. MSG loves the Hart Foundation. Oh shit, slingshot plancha from ANVIL. Jimmy Hart returns to throw Smash the megaphone, which is used to drill Bret in the back of the head. Demolition win. Titles retained.


TO THE MEAN GENE. Honky Tonk Man is throwing a fit in the heel locker room, saying the WWF is trying to screw him.

Big Boss Man vs Koko B. Ware

Boss Man's pants stripe is blue, which is weird. I don't recall seeing it any color but yellow. Superstar thinks Jack Tunney is garbage and wants to take his spot. Crowd popped huge when Koko hit the missile dropkick, but Boss Man kicked out WITH AUTHORITY. Boss Man Slam gets the win. Post match saw Koko get knocked out of the ring with a night stick shot.  Boss Man for some reason is allowed to wrestle with his cuffs and keys dangling from his belt. That doesn't seem safe at all.


TO THE MOON. Ultimate Warrior celebrates with the face locker room. 

Hercules vs Jack Roberts

Jake is still pretty pissed from the Rude stuff earlier in the night. Jake attempts the DDT early. Herc bails the fuck out. Jake then blocks all of Herc's punches like a smooth mother fucker. Hercules is an underrated muscle dude of the era. Great look, more than decent in the ring. This match might not be the best example, though, since he's spending most of his offense on a chin lock. Jake wins with a DDT OUTTA NOWHERE. Damien made an appearance after the match. 


Mega Powers vs Mega Bucks Special Guest Referee Jesse Ventura

Jesse refuses to wear anything even resembling a referee's outfit. He's wearing jeans and a puffy button up. Jesse doesn't like where the tag ropes are, so he changes them to different corners. Hogan is not happy with it. Macho starts with Andre. Tags are quickly made, and Ted gets REKT. Jesse conveniently misses illegal double teaming from the Mega Bucks. Interesting to have Hogan as the FIP, but also makes sense since Macho is the champion. Macho gets the hot tag. I'm always amazed at how 80s crowds would get silent and then pop big for the smallest thing like a back elbow. Andre seems quite fired up in this. Just sitting on Macho's head. Virgil gets on the apron. Brain gets on the apron. Liz gets on the apron. Liz rips her skirt off, which distracts everyone. The distraction allows Ted to get hit with the elbow/legdrop combo. Jesse hesitates on the pin, but Macho forces him to count to 3. Mega Powers win! 


Certainly not a great show, but overall it was fairly enjoyable. Jesse and Brain being out of the booth hurt the show more than some of those bad matches in the middle of the card. The tag matches were fun, Demolition/Harts was the best, but the main event was a ton of fun.