WWF Badd Blood: In Your House 10/5/97

What would eventually be Steve Blackman's first entrance music is the theme for the PPV.

Legion of Doom vs Nation of Domination

Vince informs us of the "unfortunate" passing of Brian Pillman earlier in the day, but they have little information and don't want to belabor the point, so they drop it.  What a weird way to announce one of your talents dying.  Ken Shamrock was supposed to be teaming with LOD, but was reinjured in a match with Vader. The NOD in question tonight are D'Lo, Kama, and Rock.  D'Lo and Hawk begin.  D'Lo quickly tags out after getting kicked in the face. Rock has a TON of heat on him.  LOD are dominating despite being the handicapped in this handicap match.  Rock turns that around with a DDT on Animal. D'Lo is somehow the "Lennox Lewis of the WWF" for doing...Irish whips.   Animal kicks out of the Lo Down, after being triple teamed for a few minutes. He gets a hot tag to Hawk.  He easily handles all 3 NOD members. As Rock is getting set up for the Doomsday Device, Faarooq causes a distraction.  Rock pins Hawk with the Rock Bottom. LOD were booked way too strong for way too long. No way should they have been able to dominate this match. AND it took outside interference to beat them when they were already in a handicap match. There's keeping someone strong, and then there's making the other side look shitty. The LOD of 1997 were not the LOD of 1987. Or even 1991.



TO THE CUNT. Dok and Sunny talk about the Superstar Line.  Sunny sounds uncharacteristically subdued.  

Vince briefly speaks about Brian Pillman again, as he was scheduled to be in a match with Dude Love during this segment.  Instead, the match was replaced with MINIS!

Mosaic/Tarantula vs Max Mini/Nova

Nova and Tarantula start the match.  Some straight awkward lucha fuckery.  So unfocused, so disjointed, so janky.  This is not good at all.  Max Mini pinned Tarantula. What a shit show that was from all four men.


Headbangers vs Godwinns WWF Tag Team Championships

FUCK.  Sunny is the guest ring announcer for this. I'm not watching this.  Mideon pins Mosh with a powerbomb.  New champions.  What a dark time for the tag titles.


A video package on Austin stunning various non-wrestlers airs.  Then a segment with Austin and Vince from Raw where Vince agreed to let Austin back to the ring if Austin got a doctor to sign off on it, or if Austin would absolve the WWF of any responsibility should he be re-injured.

TO THE COLE.  Owen Hart talked to Cole about how much bullshit all of this is and that he's prepared to sue the WWF if Austin interferes in his match tonight.

TO THE JR. JR brings out some legends of St. Louis wrestling.  Gene Kiniski, Jack Brisco, Dory Funk Jr., Harley Race, Terry Funk, Sam Muchnick, and Lou Thesz are all honored.  



TO THE CUNT.  Hayes with with the NOD.  Faarooq will face Owen for the vacant IC championship.  Faarooq is going to kick that white boy's ass.

Another update on Pillman.  No foul play is expected, however there is concern about the possibility of a drug overdose.  "Of course that is a problem..." Man, why even say shit like that without real knowledge of what happened?

Faarooq vs Owen Hart WWF Intercontinental Championship

Austin comes out to relinquish the title and joins for commentary AND rings the bell.  Then he gets on the security walkie talkie.  Knocks JR's hat off. Then he joins the Spanish announce team.  He speaks enough Spanish to know Tito was talking trash about him.  Then he takes over the French team.  The match itself was quite short and completely over shadowed by Austin's shenanigans.  Anvil came out. Austin drilled Faarooq in the head with the title belt.  Owen pins him.  New champion!  

Recap of the Hart Foundation assaulting Vader and The Patriot on Raw.  

Los Boricuas vs Disciples of Apocalypse

FUCK THIS. Crush gets the win for his team.

TO THE COLE.  Cole speaks with Bret and Bulldog about their upcoming flag match. Pretty weird they don't mention their friend Brian Pillman's death at all.  Both are obviously down about it.  The whole show has a weird pall to it. Bonus matches, big time filler legends segment, Vince being lost.  It's a weird show.

TO THE CUNT. Dok gets to talk to the Americans. What are you looking at, Patriot?  "The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be. Ain't that a buncha bullshit?" The match starts on the floor. There are four flags at ringside since both teams brought their own, in addition to the ones on the poles.  

Bret Hart/British Bulldog vs The Patriot/Vader Flag Match

LOL this match can now end in pinfall or submission. Once it gets into the ring, Vader is dominant.  Maybe more dominant than he had been his entire WWF run.  I wonder what the point of doing tags and rope breaks is in this.  There are no DQs. Pins and Submissions being added last second makes the whole point of a flag match completely pointless.  Tags are made while the ref isn't even in the ring and he allows them, so why would you break a hold in a 5 count?  Patriot reverses the sharpshooter into his own absolutely terrible version of the hold. If you could do pins or submissions in a flag match, would you bother to go for the flags at all?  It seems far more dangerous and risky to try to go for them instead of get a pin.  This match screams of getting 10 minutes added to make up for Pillman's death shuffling the card around.  I would have had Owen/Faarooq go more than 6 minutes and not have this go 25 minutes.  Vader tries the moonsault. He lands on his fucking feet. Well, almost.  He didn't quite stick the landing, but close enough, especially since he was a solid 450 at this point. Bret wins the match...with a roll up.  In a flag match. The Americans were sore losers after the match.



TO THE CUNT.  Cunt speaks with DX. HBK is awfully confident. LOL at HHH getting completely cut off just as he was about to talk.

Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker Hell In A Cell

Taker spent 20 minutes beating the shit out of HBK last month when they weren't trapped in a giant cage.  Shawn's chances don't seem too good for this. And in fact, he gets the shit knocked out of him for the first 10 minutes or so. Then he knocks Taker off the apron into the cell wall and stays on the offensive.  Piledriver on the steps!  The camera man keeps getting in Shawn's way and he's getting pissed about it. HBK gets a chair, which is what started this feud in the first place.  Why the fuck is Earl trying to make HBK stop using a chair or hitting Taker while he's tied in the ropes?  It's no DQ.  He can do anything he wants. HBK gets back dropped and lands on a camera man.  That camera man has a family.  But he got in the way too many times so HBK beats him up. That's what you get for working for House of Hardcore you little shit.  The cell door is opened to get the camera man some help. When Taker sits up after a superkick, HBK escapes. He's quickly slingshot into the cell and is busted open.  He climbs to the roof to run away. Taker follows him up.  By God!  Press slam on the roof! HBK rolls off the side and is hanging from about half way up the cell.  Taker stomps his fingers and Shawn crashes through the announce table. The match heads back into the ring and the bloody, limp HBK gets some more ass kicking.  Absolutely disgusting chair shot. The lights go out.  "That's...that's gotta be...that's gotta be Kane!  That's gotta be KANE!" The Damon Kane rips the door off the cell. Taker is legit shook.  Tombstone on Taker!  HBK crawls out of a pool of his own blood to drape an arm over Taker.  HBK wins.




Certainly a one match show. I'll take a good undercard and shitty main event over shitty undercard and good main event any day.