Mid-South Wrestling 11/85

The show opening is so exquisitely 80s. Ric Flair will be in action tonight. Butch Reed, Jake Roberts, and Al Perez will also be in the ring.

Bill Watts talks about all the problems Ric Flair has been causing around here, including setting a bounty on the head of Butch Reed to avoid having to face him.

TO THE JR.  JR speaks with Dick Slater and Buzz Sawyer.  They're pissed about their individual $5000 fines for their actions against Jim Duggan and his girlfriend.   Dirty Dick looks smooth as fuck.  Slater is going to leave the territory due to this mistreatment.  Buzz wants to know what he did.  JR has the footage and shows it. We're shown that Buzz Sawyer intentionally smashed DOOGUN's girlfriend in the corner and then dropped an elbow on her after getting punched by Duggan.


Steve Constance/Shawn O'Reilly vs The Bruise Brothers

Good ol' Pork Chop Cash.  One of the greatest wrassle names of all time.  "They got a lot of soul." Is that because they are black, Bill?  Bruise Brothers make short work of these jobbers.


TO THE WATTS.  Ric Flair joins the booth to talk up MSW and the competition.  Bill says Flair made a statement that he wouldn't face anyone except for the North American Champion, but he doesn't actually have the authority to make that decision.  Next week, Flair will defend his title on the program, but he's trying to get the match changed, so he won't reveal who his opponent is.  In addition, he's put a $50K bounty on the head of Butch Reed. Flair isn't happy that Reed is still around, Slater skipped town, and Flair is out of $50K.  We're shown last week when Butch Reed got all up in Slater and Dark Journey's ass.  Journey slapped him and he let everyone know that black men don't treat women the same way white men do. That meant he will knock the shit out of her next time she tries that. Slater claimed he returned the money back to Flair. When we get back to the promo, Flair says he'll face Reed anytime Reed wants.

Eddie Gilbert/The Nightmare vs Nick Patrick/Tommy Wright

Yes, that is Nick Patrick, senior WCW referee. Oliver Humperdink cut a promo on Jake Roberts before match, claiming the DDT isn't that effective.

Footage shows Jake hitting the DDT on Humongous and then going after Humperdink.  Humongous sat up like Taker and saved Sir Olver.  This brings Jake to the ring. Jake has a bag with something in it, but won't show what is in it because , "He's sleepy".  Perhaps it is a lizard or something.


Back to the match.  Eddie and Wright begin. I want to see Nick Patrick bump like he did as a ref.  Hot tag to Nick Patrick.  He throws some punches and then gets caught with the Hot Shot.  Nightmare pins him after an elbow drop.


Butch Reed vs Ricky Starr

That's a hell of a title belt Reed has. It's MASSIVE.  Reed is also the Mid South TV champion, but he is relinquishing it to focus on his quest to become the first black world champion, so a tournament will be starting int 2 weeks.  Reed wins in about a minute with a flying shoulder block.


Humongous vs Perry Jackson

Watts explains that they don't tell wrestlers what they can or can't wear, so that's why Humongous is allowed to wear the hockey mask.  It's about beating your opponent no matter what they are wearing.  So dudes should start wearing knives is what I'm getting from this.  Humongous hits a...giant lariato and wins with a cobra clutch.

Jake Roberts vs El Cosario

Jake now has his own hockey mask.  Cosario is a god damn idiot and keeps trying to punch Jake in the hockey mask. The DDT is over as fuck and gets the win.  

Ric Flair vs Al Perez

Butch Reed comes out instead of Al.  Ric calls him a monkey.  Reed challenges him to a match right now.  "There's a difference between you and me.  It stands out.  Just look in the camera."  I believe Ric Flair is insinuating that they have different colored skin. Reed offers his back to Flair.  Flair tries to take a cheap shot and gets dropped.


Ric Flair vs Butch Reed

It's on!  Flair gets bounced all around.  Flair Flop!  Reed is hungry.  A win over the NWA Champion would guarantee him a title shot. Flair wisely slows the pace.  Double stomp! I wonder why he dropped that move.  I don't think he did it at all after 1987. Reed injured his knee the night before and no one would have known about it if Watts wasn't running his mouth and letting it out. Come on, Bill.  Oh fuck.  Flying shoulder block!  BUTCH REED JUST PINNED RIC FLAIR!  Dick Slater ambushes him after the match. Flair and Slater double team Butch.  Oh no.  Get some help in there, god damn it! Some of the lower card guys hit the ring, but after a spike piledriver and neck wrench.  "Ric Flair, that STINKS!"



Again, the hour long format is the best for a wrestling television show.  Dope seeing young Jake, Butch Reed being super over, Ric Flair losing clean on TV, baby JR.  Watts was much better on this show as an announcer than the last Mid South show I watched.  He paid attention to the matches and didn't go on tangents about wrestlers that weren't even on the show.

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