Mid-South Wrestling 1/14/82

God damn what a main event.  The Wild Samoans/Ernie Ladd vs Andre The Giant/Dusty Rhodes/JYD.  God damn. Plus Bob Roop vs Dick Murdoch.  Sounds like a dope show.

The Monk vs Brian Blair

Bee with those wonderful powder blue trunks.  Bill Watts explains the card, but man, he's not very good at actual commentary.  Bragging about his new pressurized Aerostar. Fairly even match.  Blair wins with a pinning abdominal stretch.


Wild Samoans/Ernie Ladd vs Andre The Giant/Dusty Rhodes/Junkyard Dog

Dusty and Sika start the match.  We find out that black skulls are harder than Samoan skulls.  Quick tags from the face team. Andre wants Ernie.  He gets him.  God damn, Ladd is fucking big.  He's not much smaller than Andre.  Giant headlock takeover.  Interesting to have Andre as the FIP.  I mean...he's Andre.  Seems like you'd want Dusty to focus on.  Andre just walks with on of the Samoan's on his back like it ain't no thang.  Dusty has made Mid South his exclusive booking agent and since then, the phones have been ringing off the hook from McMahon, Baba, Inoki, Blanchard, Crockett and so on.  Andre had the match won.  Ladd broke it with a leg drop, which should be a DQ.  Double slam to Andre.  Things are breaking down here in the Mid South Zone!  Andre pins Ladd with a second rope splash.  


Zapata vs Mr. Olympia

Some solid traps and lats on Olympia.  Zapata looks like a bum.  Watts doesn't know anything about Zapata, but the guy reminds him of another wrestler named The Welcher.  He then goes off on a tangent about The Welcher and his family, completely ignoring the match.  This is YOUR SHOW, Bill.  Come on.  Olympia focuses the early part of the match on Zapata's arm. Olympia wins with a sleeper hold as Bill tells a story about being on Bourbon street with Murdoch, Dusty, and Andre.  Completely missed the finish because he was telling some non-sequitur. That's some modern WWE shit right there.

Ed Wiskowski vs Tommy Wright

Big Ed has quite the size advantage.  "A great man is inside the body of Bill Watts."  Bill had to leave, so Boyd Pierce is putting him over huge.  You'd think Cowboy is actually God the way this dude is talking him up.  Ed does a super awkward and dangerous looking splash on the head and shoulders of Tommy while he was sitting up.  Tommy responds by throwing a HEATER of a punch. Ed wins with a back breaker.

Bob Roop vs Dick Murdoch

This should be fun.  Roop is one of the ultimate mean cunts in wrestling history.  And Dick Murdoch is Dick Murdoch.  There are videos of Roop being a real piece of shit purposely injuring dudes in training.  Dick Murdoch was so fun.  Looked like a drunk redneck, because that's what he was, but was shockingly athletic, could actually wrestle, could do comedy, and could knock your dick in the dirt. A true treasure of a bygone era.  Roop does some mean arm work.  Murdoch keeps trying to throw a punch, but the ref is always in the way.  He finally fires off a series of punches and the ref doesn't even care.  Should have done it sooner.  Dick attempted the brainbuster.  Paul Orndorff ran out and tripped him. He's sent into the ropes so Orndorff can punch him, but he jumps, decks Roop, and then knocks Orndroff on his ass. Roop rolls him up. Murdoch kicks out and Roop bounces into Orndorff.  Orndorff attacks until Ted Dibiase makes the save.  Murdoch wins via DQ.


TO THE BOYD.  Ernie Ladd takes over the announce booth, throwing a fit over the robbery that happened in his match tonight.  He's sick and tired of this shit. He and the Samoans are going to start hurting people until he gets JYD.


Wild Samoans vs Frank Monte/Jesse Barr

This is before Jesse became a fake Funk.  There was another team scheduled, but Ladd bought out their contracts so the Samoans could do some damage.  Sika hit a brutal looking slam. Samoans dominate.  Afa wins with a Samoan drop.


Bob Orton Jr vs Mike George

Mike is pretty built.  Cowboy has a LOT more physical charisma than Randy.  George gets a quick upset with a Russian leg sweep in about a minute.  Maybe less.  The Samoans and Ladd hit the ring, but Dusty and JYD run them off.  

Dusty cut a dope promo about being JYD's friend. This stuff is gonna cease. 


Fun enough show.  The focus is 100% on the wrestling, which is nice.  Bill Watts was garbage at commentary. It's his company and he spent his half of the show bragging about his personal plane and thanking all the air traffic controllers who keep him safe, the life story of a wrestler completely unrelated to the show, and then another story about following Andre/Dusty/Murdoch in New Orleans.  Did a really shitty job of putting his own show over. It was fun to see Andre and Dusty right at the tail end of their prime and JYD IN his prime.  Murdoch/Roop was quite fun. Hopefully more Mid-South/UWF stuff gets uploaded soon.