NWA Mid-Atlantic Wrestling 8/1/84

Dope.  I support more of this shit.  

Brian Adidas vs Paul Kelly

Adidas looks like Dave Meltzer's brother, Doug Meltzer.  Later in the show, Ric Flair will have an interview.  A lot of stuff planned tonight.  Tully Blanchard and Wahoo will team.  Dusty Rhodes will talk.  Doug Meltzer gets the easy win with an air plane spin into the FU.


The Assassin 1 vs Bret Hart

Not that Bret Hart.  Actually, it's Barry Horowitz.  He's puffy and weird looking.  He went as Barry Hart, so maybe it's just Bob Caudle getting it wrong.  Paul Jones is on color talking all kinds of shit about Jimmy Valiant.  Lots of arm drags.  Paul Jones just kind of lost all steam in his speaking.  Assassin wins with punch to the throat.


TO THE CAUDLE.  Bob introduces us to David Crockett, who introduces us to his brother, Jim Crockett, who gives a special announcement. Jim Crockett looks like a fish.  The big announcement is that Barry Windham has been signed to the most lucrative contract in wrestling history.  Barry was also given a Corvette as a signing bonus.  Barry's first match is announced as well, and it will be against Ivan Koloff. We're then shown footage of young Barry defeating then NWA Champion Harley Race.


Jimmy Valiant vs Gary Royal

Man, fuck Valiant.  Always hated him. Righteous beard, though.  He wins quickly with a sleeper.  


TO THE CAUDLE. Bob speaks with Rufus Jones, who hypes up Starrcade '84.  Rambling like a mother fucker.


Ivan Koloff/Don Kernodle vs Pez Whatly/Rufus Jones NWA World Tag Team Championships

A match that could be a main event in any building in the country. Pez and Kernodle being the match.  Pez takes a cheap shot and knocks that evil Russian off  the apron.  Then he botches an arm drag. He recovers with a headbutt.  As you know, all black wrestlers have exceptionally hard skulls.  Rufus gets the tag.  Da Noodle finally gets a tag, but Koloff is immediately in trouble.  The champs just can't get anything going. The first real offensive move the champs get is Kernodle breaking up an abdominal stretch with an elbow from the top.  That was enough for Koloff to steal the win.  Titles retained.


TO THE CAUDLE.  Bob is with Tully Blanchard and Wahoo McDaniel.  Wahoo looks pimp as fuck in his brown suit. You see, Tully will defend his title when it becomes worth it for him.  And Flair is going to have to deal with Wahoo because they have footage of Wahoo pinning Flair in Kansas City.

TO THE CAUDLE.  Bob is now with Paul Jones and Assassin 1.  Big build to the Assassin/Valiant taped fist match.  To build your muscles, you have to feed them.  Assassin is going to feed his fist Jimmy Valiant's face.

TO THE BONFIRE.  Ric Flair hangs out at Blackjack Mulligan's bonfire. Also at the fire are Dusty Rhodes and Steve Williams, plus some other folks.  Flair asks Mulligan for help with Wahoo and Tully, despite all the bad blood.  Dusty just hanging out, holding his hunting rifle and drinking beer.  This is so weird.  Mulligan will think about it as they sit down for some beers and guitar playing.


The Renegade vs Jeff Sword

Renegade. Renegade, despite his iffy body, is quite fluid with his arm drags and what not.  Sword might be Bull Dempsy's father.  Renegade wins with a lariato and running elbow drop.


TO THE CAUDLE. Bob is with Don Kernodle and the Koloffs.  Not only are Ivan and Don world tag champs, but the unit is also the 6 man tag team champions. Elsewhere, Bob speaks to Dusty in a fabulous Hawaiian shirt.


Tully Blanchard/Wahoo McDaniel vs Sam Houston/Vinnie Valentino

If you thought Houston was a scrawny fuck in the WWF, just wait until you see him here.  Dusty joins for color.  WONDERFUL!  He's clearly either coked up or drunk. The vets dominate for the quick and easy win. Tully is such a piece of shit.    



Fun show.  Wrestling wise, it was super basic squash matches.  But I enjoy the old school presentation.  Stuff like the thing with Barry Windham.  Here is a top shelf athlete getting the biggest contract of all time AND a new Corvette because this dude is fucking legit and is going to be running shit around her.  Like MJ signing with the Bulls or something.  It's dope.  The thing with Flair/Mulligan at the bonfire was so strange, but I enjoyed it a lot.  Fun to be had with an hour format and good promo guys.