WWF Monday Night Raw 6/7/93

The show starts with us being introduced to the NEW Intercontinental Champion, Shawn Michaels! He won the title back from Marty at a house show. He also now has Diesel with him.

Shawn Michaels vs Ross Greenberg

Outside of a small package, Ross had no offense. Piledriver for the win.

TO THE KOTR REPORT. Nothing new besides the Crush/HBK match is now for the title.

HBK comes back to ringside to give Vince a lot of shit for booking him in a title match against Crush. Vince is just jealous of HBK and that's why he put him in this match.

Adam Bomb vs El Matador

Fucking Johnny Polo. Best Raven as far as I'm concerned. I think the black tights looked better than the green ones, Tito. Should have stuck with those. Good powerslam from Wrath. He misses an elbow. Tito does some solid arm work to keep the big guy on the mat. I think Wrath is actually wearing dish washing gloves with the hand part painted black. They look so cheap. And it must suck wrestling with big contacts in. Flying Burrito! 2 count. Bomb wins with a slingshot lairato.

Tatanka vs Peter Weeks

Peter Weeks? Should be Dick For Days. He looks like Typhoon squished down to under 6 feet. Tatanka beat Dick For Days soft.

TO THE KING'S COURT. King's guests are Yoko and Mr. Fuji. Yoko has somehow put on 50 pounds in 2 months, which seems very unhealthy. Hulkamania will die at KOTR.

Rick Steiner/Billy Gunn vs IRS/Fatu

There will be an 8 man tag at the KOTR, so they're having a mixed tag tonight. Samu and Afa are eating WWF ice cream bars. Ted tries to pay off the Headshrinkers. Afa eats the money. He and Samu are clearly stoned tonight. Billy and Fatu begin, but tags are quickly made. Miscommunication between the heels. Lots of cheating. Fatu hits a 7/10 on the Hansen scale. Sounded stiff as fuck. IRS pins Billy with a clothesline from behind while he was distracted by Ted.

Next week will have Marty vs Doink, Mr. Perfect, King, and results from the KOTR.

TO THE McMAHON. Razor has upped his offer to kid to $7000. Razor has a SCOOP! Now it's up to $7500 and Razor insists the match will happen next week.