WWF Monday Night Raw 3/8/93

Pre-show promo from the Mega Maniacs. They accept the challenge, brotherjackdudes. Hulk has been pounding Brutus' head all week to prove he's ready. Huk then sings "Getting To Know You".

Money Inc. vs Virgil/El Matador

Ted and Tito begin. Why in the fuck hasn't Tito been brought in for a random backstage segment with Los Matadors? Ted tags out when Virgil tags in. Bartlett says Virgil and Montel Williams are the same people. Lots of double teaming and heel work to IRS. I dig those boxy drums in Virgil's theme. After a break, Money Inc. are in control of Tito. Hot tag to Virgil. Irwin pins him after a back suplex. Ted definitely had some kind of arm injury during the match. Maybe a stinger. It happened early on and his arm was dead for the rest of the match.

Clips of Tatanka's recent wins over HBK.

Bill Apollo vs Tatanka

Before the match, Rick Martel comes to the ring to ask the Raw Girl to leave so he could do the modelling. No one models like The Model! HBK called into the show. Tatanka has a fever. I keep thinking he's going to say the only cure is more cowbell, but that was a few years before that skit. Easy win for Tatanka.

TO THE WRESTLEMANIA REPORT. Bret gets a promo. Money Inc./Mega Maniacs is now considered a main event. And apparently the main main event since it is getting a lot more talk than Bret/Yoko. We should have seen it coming all along. We also get a Taker/Paul promo.

Model does some more modelling.

Papa Shango vs Mike Edwards

Papa quickly wins with a brutal shoulder breaker.

Bob Backlund vs Tony Demorrow

Tony is a big, jacked up young guy, so that he didn't get picked up probably means he sucks. Backlund tries to follow the code of honor. His younger opponent doesn't go for it because this generation has NO RESPECT. Bob uses his amateur skills to get his opponent out of the ring. A loud BOBBY chant starts up and Backlund seems legit shook by it. This was probably the first crowd to give him any kind of reaction since his return. Butterfly suplex. Bob wins with a sweet half nelson cradle.

TO THE BACK. Bartlett was sent to the back to get a word with the Model. NO CLASS, Bartlett. He has no class. The fans have no class. The girls have no class. The whole building has no class. NO CLASS.

Mr. Perfect vs Rick Martel

Quick action with a series of slams and kick ups (not kip ups) traded by both men. Model gets a rope break to prevent a punch to the face. He cartwheels out of the next one. Perfect responds with one of his own. Perfect runs into a big knee in the corner. Perfect gets out of an arm bar by sending Martel over the top rope. Martel is back in control after the break. Martel tries a slingshot splash from the apron. Perfect got his knees up. Down comes the strap. Another break? And Mr. Perfect won during it. At least they showed the finish and didn't forget to ever mention it again like Skinner/Taker. Perfect came back out with the Raw Girls to end the show.

Next week will have Typhoon vs Bam Bam as the feature bout. Razor and Kamala will also be in action.