WWF Monday Night Raw 2/15/93

Two pre show promos from Beefcake and DiBiase. Jimmy Hart seems really not into Ted taking this match.

Fucking Bartlett is still here. Vlad the Superfan! Love that dude.

Steiner Brothers vs Glenn Ruth/Bobby Who

Scott and Thrasher begin. The first real move of the match is Scott hitting a dragon suplex. Tags are made. Belly to belly. Michigan Stampede Doomsday Decapitation Elbow Device. Macho's headset is having a lot of issues. Steinerline. Tiger Driver. Steiner Bulldog for the easy win.

TO THE WRESTLEMANIA REPORT. Gene talks about how Las Vegas is now the family entertainment capital of the world. It isn't. I was in Las Vegas last month. The kids hotel had smoking everywhere and a stripper just inside the door. And hooker ads right outside. We get a run down of the card so far. Don't miss the pageantry!

Yokozuna vs Ross Greenberg

Lariatooooo. Belly to belly. Leg drop. Sumo slaps in the corner. Ass splash. Banzai drop. "You gotta be ribbin, fix this thing!" says Savage, who is still having trouble with his head set. Yoko yells something about "For Samoa". Way to kill the gimmick, big man. Randy allegedly takes Bartlett's headset, but you can see at the bottom of the screen that the audio doesn't match the video and Bartlett is sipping out of a cup while Randy is "taking" the headset.

TO THE CONTROL CENTER. Lord Al shows us footage of Yoko vs Hacksaw from Superstars. Duggan would be the first wrestler to knock Yoko off his feet in singles competition. However, Yoko would throw a large amount of salt in Hacksaw's eyes and crushed him with the banzai drop. The US flag would be draped on Duggan and he was given another banzai drop. He would be stretchered out as we got a slow zoom of the US flag dissolving to a Yoko/Fuji promo.

Next we are shown clips of Giant Gonzalez wrecking some jobbers, including Louie Spicolli.

This Bret/ICOPRO ad is hilarious. I would love to work out at the WWF weight room.

16 Man Battle Royal

Tito, Rooster, Backlund, Razor, HBK, Tatanka, Owen, Koko, Berzerker, Mike Sharpe, Kimchee, Kamala, Typhoon, Skinner, Damian Demento. What a group of guys. Koko gets eliminated with a huge backdrop from HBK. I believe he took the same bump in 2 Rumbles. Kimchee eliminated Kamala. Kamala got back in the ring and eliminated him, then chased him around the building. This was the first Raw I saw. I remember randomly tuning in for this battle royal and specifically the Kamala/Kimchee chase. We're down to HBK, Razor, Tito, and Tatanka. It appears we're going to get a tag match out of it. HBK is out. Giant Gonzalez comes out and eliminates Tatanka and Tito. He wanted to be in the battle royal, but the wrestlers threatened to pull out if he was involved. Razor wins because he was wise enough to slide out of the ring when Gonzalez was out.

Brutus Beefcake vs Ted Dibiase

The Beefer's return to in ring action. Both guys look out of shape and pudgy. Brutus does some strutting when Ted tries to lock up. Ted tries to punch the borked face. Brutus dodges it and knocks Ted to the floor. Jimmy Hart repeatedly tells Ted he needs to be careful. Very basic stuff here. IRS comes to ringside. I swear I heard someone scream "faggot!" at him. He hits Beefcase in the back with his briefcase, causing a DQ. Money Inc continues to beat up Beefcake after the match. Jimmy Hart tries his best to prevent IRS from hitting Beefcake in the face with the briefcase. IRS shoves him to the floor and they bust that face up again. There is a blood spot in the ring, but I don't see any blood on Beefcake. He's stretchered out.

Next week we'll see Tatanka/Nasty Boys vs HBK/Beverlys, plus Money Inc in action. And possibly HULK HOGAN!