WWF Superstars 6/6/92

Coming to you "live" from Lexington, Kentucky. Vince McMahon and Mr. Perfect will be handling commentary duties. We'll have an update on Big Boss Man, Gene talks to Papa Shango, Bret Hart in action, along with the Nasty Boys, Crush, and the Repo Man!

Bret Hart vs Tom Stone (?)

Not super sure on the jobber's name as he didn't get a name plate and he was announced with Bret's music and girls screaming. Of note is Bret wearing white boots with pink trim instead of his usual black. HBK had a picture in picture promo saying he was going to take the IC Championship. Quick and easy win for Bret. Lots of high pitched squeals for Bret.

TO THE UPDATE CENTER. Gene gives us some updates brought to you by ICO PRO, the official sponsor of the WBF. Last week, Nailz brutalized the Big Boss Man with his own night stick. We're shown the footage. Vince sold it exactly the same as Kane's debut. "That's gotta be him, that's gotta be him, that's gotta be him!" Nailz really laid it in, too. It was a pretty legit beat down. Boss Man was cuffed to the ropes and beaten with the nightstick, then cuffed behind his back while Nailz choked him with the stick and slapping the shit out of him.We also got some words from Nailz. Please tell me his voice was modulated, because it was creepy as fuck. Creepy as a kid, creepy now.

Reno Riggins/Major Yates vs The Nasty Boys

Fuck. High Energy got a PIP promo. Quick squash for the Nasty Boys. Fuck Knobs.

WBF commercial! It's done in the style of Royal Rumble promos. The championship PPV airs next Saturday!

The Texas Tornado vs Mike Collins

Tornado got a PIP promo for his own match. Easy win for the Tornado. Dude looked totally spaced out.

The Beverly Brothers vs Mike Samples/Scott Bailey

The Beverlys took LOD shoulder pads off this little black kid in the front row and painted LOS in yellow. JERKS. Legion of Suck? Legion of Sissies? Squash. One of the jobbers got painted after the match.

Crush vs George Anderson

Was Crush ever acknowledged as being the same Crush from Demolition or was that just assumed? We're back to talking about Boss Man. It's possible he won't ever come back from the beating. Crush believes Gary Strydom will CRUSH the competition at the WBF Championship. Quick squash. Crush helped his opponent up after the match.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene talks with Papa Shango. Last week he made a dude's boots catch on fire or something. I have to assume Papa Shango was a rip off of the bad guys in Predator 2. I don't actually remember that much about Papa Shango, but the dude is pretty fucking weird. We're shown clips of the weird shit happening to Warrior, such as doubling over in pain and evil goo oozing from his head. Shame Godfather never figured out how to wrestle. Papa cursed Gene, which made his hand turn into Ash's hand and drop the mic.

Kato/Kevin Kruger vs High Energy

I wonder why Kato wasn't just doing jobs as Paul Diamond. I'll assume there was never an explanation as to why Kato was suddenly teaming with white jobbers. Easy win for High Energy. Sadly, nothing really to gif from Owen. Too short.

The Repo Man vs Dan Robbins

Repo Man is so goofy. And obviously Smash. Quick win with a half crab.

An hour long show gets across more stories and angles than 3 hours of Raw and 2 hours of Smackdown today. Every match had a promo for an upcoming match, recaps of Boss Man/Nailz and Shango/Warrior. Yes, all the matches were squash matches, but they also were all done to build up to something else. Bulldog vs Repo, Nasty Boys vs High Energy, Bret vs HBK, Beverlys vs LOD. More shit was progressed in an hour than 6 hours of WWE TV plus online stuff is in 2014. Ridiculous.