WWF Superstars 6/20/92

Another Lexington show. They would tape 3 weeks of shows at a time. Each show starts out with terrible puns. Last week was horses and WBF stuff. This week was bugs. In action, we'll see Papa Shango, LOD, and The Undertaker. Also an update on Ric Flair and Money Inc will compete.

LOD vs Barry Hardy/?

I hope these jobbers got paid well for what is about to happen to them. PIP promo from the Beverlys. LOS is indeed Legion of Sissies. Complete squash, although not nearly as rough as you'd expect.

TO THE UPDATE CENTER. This week's update is brought to you by WWF Superstars ice cream bars. We get some highlights of a Randy Savage interview from last week. It was directed at Ric Flair and featured Bon Jovi references. Also, Macho was wearing a WBF sweatshirt. He will do anything, including breaking the rules, to keep his title. We then get one with Mr. Perfect and Ric Flair. It is Ric's DESTINY to be champion again.

Papa Shango vs Chris Han

Chris Han looks like he might be one of Jerry Lawler's kids. Chris takes his hat off only to find his hand was on fire. Match never happens.

TO THE EVENTS CENTER. Sean Mooney gives us some upcoming dates. The main event at the Worcester Centrum show will be Savage/Hart vs Flair/HBK. Also at the show will be Bulldog vs Repo Man. This gives us a Repo Man promo with a bunch of dog puns. Then one from the Bulldog. You know who is a surprisingly good promo? Not the Bulldog. Nailz promo. Get this guy out of my fucking head.

Sgt. Slaughter vs Red Tyler

Sarge had rejoined America by this point. Jimmy Hart and The Mountie get the PIP promo. Sarge was slapping the shit out of this kid. Vince says that Mountie and Saddam Hussein have a lot in common. Sarge wins with the Slaughter Canon and cobra clutch. The real cobra clutch.

There was a WBF magazine, too? Damn Vince. This month's edition featured a great article about life after steroids and the lasting effects of anabolic steroid abuse. Great timing, Vince.

Repo Man vs Brian Costello

Bulldog is going to take a bite out of the Repo Man. Half crab for the win.

TO THE EVENTS CENTER. Sean gives more run down on the big card. Warrior/Undertaker vs Papa Shango/Berzerker. What a weird match that must be. HBK/Flair promo! I always wondered what the point of giving Ric Flair managers like Heenan and Perfect were, but it worked out. Then a Bret/Savage promo. At this stage, Bret looks way more legit being on the same level as Savage then HBK does with Flair.

Crush vs Brooklyn Brawler

Easy win for Crush.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Gene's guest this week is HBK and Sherri. Vince's enunciation on "mirrah" always throws me off. A whole lot of Shawn saying how sexy he is. When he looks into the mirror, he sees the next IC champion.

TO MIAMI. Razor Ramon vignette! I can't believe Universal never sued Vince for the direct rip off of Scarface. And at this stage, Razor was even heavier into the accent than he would be even a year or two later. It actually sounded more like Pacino's accent from Carlito's Way more than Scarface.

Dwayne Gill vs The Undertaker

Taker is a face. There was a great reaction from this little girl who was cheering and looking at the camera and then got horrified when she actually saw Taker. Gillberg immediately runs into a big boot. Chokeslam. Old School, which I guess was New School at the time. Huge diving lariatooooo. Tombstone for the win.

Highlights of last weekend's WBF Championship PPV!

Rock Werner/Butler Stevens vs Money Inc.

HBK has left the building. Interestingly, Tyler Breeze gets that treatment on NXT. My favorite thing about Perfect on color is when he'd laugh/mark out at jobbers getting roughed up. Like in this match, when one of them got rammed full forced into IRS's boot and he laughed. IRS gets the win with the Write Off.

TO THE EVENTS CENTER. Sean talks a little more about the upcoming card. Shango/Berserker promo. Why is Berserker's sword so short? Warrior/Taker promo!

"To Papa Shango and the curses and voodoo you posses. To eject fluids from one's body such as this means nothing. No rejection, only comprehension and understanding of where such things should from. I, with the mystical grave digging powers of the Undertaker, will become fully understood against you and Berseker. Then, he shall close the lid."

"Swords. Sorcery. They attack they body, but the mortal soul will put an end to this trivial attempt at death."

The WBF looks incredible. I really hope the 1991 PPV had the same production values as the clips of the 1992 show.