NJPW vs UWF International ALL OUT WAR 10/9/95 Sponsored by One Wipe Charlies


Yuji Nagata/Tokimitsu Ishizawa (NJPW) vs Hiromitsu Kanehara/Kazushi Sakuraba (UWFI)

Inoki himself talks for a few minutes before the match.  Baby Sakuraba and Nagata.  They're babies!  Yuji appears to still be a young lion and I believe it was during the NJ/UWFI angle where he raised his profile a bit.  Ishi and Kanehara start.  Big take down from Ishi gets the crowd hot.  Yuji gets tagged in to a big reaction for a who has only been around for about 3 years at this point.  He scores a take down and gets the mount before a rope break.  Ishi vs Kanehara is definitely wrestler against striker.  Kanehara wears MOOEY TIE shorts to the ring. Yuji looks so weird.  He's much smaller and wearing all black.  Fans are getting pissed of Kanehara's constant rope breaks.  He tags to Sakuraba.  DOUBLE leg lock from NJ.  Tag team shoot style is weird. This isn't even true shoot style. It's traditional wrestling rules.  Yuji barely avoids getting his face knocked off twice and then hits a SHOOT German supelxuuuu. Ishi comes in and EATS a head kick, but absorbs it and keeps going with his double leg.  God damn that sounded like it hurt. Imagine checking a kick with your face.  Kanehara makes a wise choice to tag out. Sakuraba attempts a scorpion death lock, which turns into both guys rolling around into ankle holds, which Yuji transitions into a STF.  GERMAN SUPLEXUUUUU.  God damn.  I'd get the fuck out of there, too, Sak.  Kanehara is being taken down at will.  Not doing so hot for his company.  TRIANGLE OUTTA NOWHERE!  Sakuraba taps to a triangle.  NJ wins the first battle.

Shinjiro Otani (NJPW) vs Kenichi Yamamoto (UWFI)

Otani goes from a huge dome show doing shoot style stuff to a match with Alex Wright in Tennessee 2 months later.  Yamamoto throws a flurry of knees and kicks that Otani doesn't seem to give a shit about.  He gets the first take down and does some cheap shit on the mat, like grinding his forearm across Yamamoto's face.  YOU CAN'T THROW SOMEONE OUT OF THE RING BY HIS HAIR IN A SHOOT STYLE MATCH!  Otani did it anyway.  He don't give a fuck.  Otani's weight advantage definitely is coming into play on the mat.  Otani is a CUNT.  Stepping on Yamamoto's face, grinding it in, stepping on his throat, and then kicking him out of the ring.  Yamamoto responds with what is definitely a kick to the dick. Otani EASILY goes from guard to mount.  Come on, Yamamoto.  Show some defense.  A series of head kicks takes Otani down, but he recovers.  GERMAN SUPLEXUUUUU.  Otani puts and end to this shit with a heel kick to the head, a dropkick, and two dragon suplexes.  When out of position for a pin, he instead opts for a kimura to end the match.  NJPW is up 2-0.

Takashi Iizuka (NJPW) vs Yoshihiro Takayama (UWFI)

Takayama looks so weird.  I mean, he's ALWAYS looked ugly and weird.  But in 1995 he had black hair and was in shape and looked like he'd murder you. IS he an alien?  I am asking seriously.  Dude looks like an alien.  Hopefully someone can confirm this to me.  Wait, is he missing an ear, too?  What a bizarre looking dude. He gets controlled on the mat and then lays a fucking beat down of knees and kicks.  Tak is just too weird looking.  It's all I can focus on.  Iizuka hits a series of unanagis and slaps on a cross face chicken wing.  Is it over?  It's not.  You can't get an alien to tap out to a chicken wing.  Come on, son. Tak wins with a cross arm breaker. 2-1 in favor of NJ.

Jushin Liger (NJPW) vs Naoki Sano (UWFI)

Liger tries to start the match with a koppo kick.  He hits one later and tries a dive, but Sano got back in the ring too fast.  Monkey flip into a mount. I hope Punk does that spot in UFC.  Liger gets an octopus hold locked on.  Liger's next attempt at a dive misses.  Sano hits a headbut suicida.  The shoot style guy.  What a SWERVE.  Kind of weird with Liger going from BJJ stuff straight into trying full on pro wrestling submissions.  Basement dropkicks connect.  Figure four!  Sano turns it into a STF.  Back dropuuuu.  Corner koppo kick.  Piledriver!  Diving headbutt misses. SHOOT DDT. Sano wins with a dragon suplex followed by a tiger suplex.  2-2.

Riki Choshu (NJPW) vs Yoji Anjo (UWFI)

Inoki and TMF Masa Saito join for some talking before the match. Lol, no way is Choshu losing this match.  Choshu gives Anjo nothing and wins in less than 5 minutes.  NJPW regains the lead 3-2.

Kensuke Sasaki (NJPW) vs Masahito Kakihara (UWFI)

Kak slaps the shit out of Kensuke.  Then Kensuke lays him out with one hammer blow.  Deadlift capture suplex.  Got dang. Yo damn, Kensuke throws a head kick.  Wouldn't have expected that.  Triangle bomb.  Kak wisely gets out of the way of a lariato.  Kensuke offers up guard, which gets a big reaction from fans.  And that mother fucker sweeps from guard to mount.  These dudes have terrible mount defense up and down the card.  Hard shots from Kak, but he keeps slipping and tries to grab a hold because he doesn't want Kensuke to knock the shit out of him.  OH shit, Kensuke gets his hooks in.  Rope breaks.  Mother fuckers.  Kensuke gets popped in the face and blood starts to flow down his nose.  Kakihara wins via rolling knee bar OUTTA NOWHERE.  3-3.  

Shinya Hashimoto (NJPW) vs Tatsuo Nakano (UWFI)

These fatties.  Hash is in NO mood to play tonight.  Not at all.  Nakano starts throwing a lot of kicks.  Hash is going to knock his dick into the dirt.  I'm pretty confident of it.  Instead, Nakano does a waist lock for 2 minutes.  He finally turns it into a German suplex.  Headbutting Hashimoto was not the best idea.  Nakano counters a brainbuster into a snap suplex and then throws a cheap forearm to the back of the head before slapping on a chin lock.  Everyone is just waiting for Hash to snap.  SPIKE DDT.  Head kick.  Wheel kick.  HOLY FUCK BRAINBUSTER.  Jeeeeeezus. Reverse triangle for the win.  NJ is up 4-3 going into the main event.

Keiji Mutoh (NJPW) vs Nobuhiko Takada (UWFI) IWGP Heavyweight Championship

Have you ever wanted to see Muta's dick?  You can if you watch this match.  Both guys work for leg locks for the first couple of minutes.  Muta is clearly out matched on the mat.  I find him resting his face on Takada's balls to get a breather to be a curious technique.  Actually, I'm not sure what advantage Muta would have in this match.  He is out matched on the ground and in striking.  Takada is likely stronger and almost as fast.  So I guess if he decides to come off the top ropes a lot, he might have a decent shot.  Headbutts also work.  A kick rush from Takada puts Muta down in the corner.  Many of the kicks were to the knees.  Takada is one damn handsome man.  Movie star handsome.  Why was he doing fake fighting shit?  He could have been the star of every Godzilla movie of the Heisei Era.  Heel hook is on.  Muta better be careful.  Fun and playful kick to the mouth from Takada. Back dropuuuuuuu from Muta.  A second.  Moonsault misses. Takada struggles for an arm bar.  Rope break. Takada kicks the dog shit out of Muta's leg.  Fuck.  Gonna be sore as fuck tomorrow.  Takada hits his own back dropuuuuu and goes for the arm bar again.  It's finally applied, but Muta is able to get to the ropes.  I can't believe it took Muta so long to shave his head.  Oh shit, dragon screw!  Takada is hurt.  GUYS.  Guys.  I think he's hurt, guys.  Guys.  Figure four.  I think he's gonna tap.  Takada's gonna tap.  Guys.  He's gonna tap, guys.  Rope break.  Muta does another dragon screw.  He gets kicked right in the eyes going for the figure four again.  Head kick.  Muta is down.  He makes it up before 10.  Then no sells an enzuigiri to lock on the figure four to a huge pop.  Can't even imagine a time a figure four got a pop like that.  Takada taps out!  Mutoh wins!  New Japan wins 5-3.  Title retained.  

Pretty dope show.    Everything is pretty short and compact, so it is easy to watch.  We're not talking about a 4 hour show or anything.  It's 8 matches with an average match length of just under 8 minutes.  No entrance or post match stuff.  Plus dudes getting kicked in the face and head drops.  It's pretty rad.

The over all back ground is that UWFI is a continuation/off shoot of the UWF in the 80s that broke away from/feuded with New Japan.  By 1995, UWFI was in financial trouble and Takada came to New Japan with the idea to co-promote a show.  Riki Choshu was the main booker at the time and agreed, but only if he had 100% control over everything.  And so New Japan won 5-3 and the biggest shoot style guy in Japan tapped out to a figure four to Mutoh.  It was a huge success.  For New Japan.  The show had 67,000 people in attendance.  The feud would go on for a bit into 1996, with Takada winning the IWGP Championship at the 1/4 Dome show, but UWFI was dead by the end of 1996.

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