NJPW/WCW Supershow III: Fantastic Story

Nogami Akira/Iizuka Takayuki/El Samurai vs Hirai Shinwa/Masao Orihara/Koki Kitahara

NJPW vs WAR.  I expect some hard kicks. Sam and Kitahara begin.  I think.  Maybe I'm thinking of Kakihara from VPW2.  I know Sam, though.  That skinny fat ass.  Dude didn't even look like he did basic shit like curls just for appearance.  Doing a backflip off the apron just to taunt someone is indie as fuck.  That's some Young Bucks bullshit.  AND FUCK THE YOUNG BUCKS.  Team WAR is getting fucked up.  Little dude getting his leg smashed to bits.  He eventually gets pissed and completely stops selling to run full speed and kick the shit out of Sam.  Then he tags out and remembers to sell.  Sam goes on a tear, with piledrivers, diving headbutt, superplex.  Then a fucking dangerous as shit almost ganso bomb.  Then he and the fatty on team WAR started SHOOTING on each other for a few seconds.  Action packed finish with multiple canon balls, people getting kicked hard, powerbombuuus, and ALL HELL BREAKING LOOSE IN THE IMPACT ZONE.  Team NJPW wins with a powerbomb and a pin so delayed that HHH would have been ashamed.

Akitoshi Saito/Great Kabuki/Masashi Aoyagi/Shiro Koshinaka vs Hiro Saito/Norio Honaga/Super Strong Machine/Tatsutoshi Goto

NJPW will never change with opening with meaningless multiman matches.  Team gi vs team tights.  This could also be team old guys vs team youngsters.  Also Team I don't want to work with these fucks vs Team fuck these fucks.  Flying asshole!  This match is weird.  And ugly.  No one is working well with each other.  And it doesn't look like anyone wants to, either.  Team Old Dudes/Gi win.  Whatever.  

Ultimo Dragon vs Jushin Liger IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship

Dope.  Opening is indie as SHIT.  Ultimo goes to work on Liger's leg.  Liger returns the favor.  Lots of wacky submissions from both dudes.  I wonder why it took WCW so long to bring Ultimo in.  Or why they brought Konnan and Hypno in 6 months before Rey/Juvi.  Muta Lock from Ultimo.  Liger gets out and goes in with the Romero Special Clutch Grab Hold.  Koppo kick in the corner.  Shit is gonna get real.  RUL.  Liger misses his stupid handspring move and Dragon does a Romero dragon sleeper.  Cuz FUCK YOU, LIGER.  Ultimo botches a missile dropkick.  He also botches a cross body from the top over the guard rail, smashing face first into one of the tables.  No idea what he thought was going to happen there.  Either he was going to hit the tables or the tables were going to slide out of the way.  Both happened.  We got brain busters.  We got tombstones.  WE GOT US A FLYING DRAGON.  Almost, because he slipped off the ropes AGAIN.  3 times he's slipped off the ropes now.  He's really lucky to not get seriously injured on them.  Liger gets sick of this shit and hits a koppo kick in the back of the head, a Liger bomb on the floor, and flipping senton from top to the floor.  Tired of botches.  He's just going to start fucking Dragon up.  God damn it, Dragon botches ANOTHER dive, this time changing the Asai moonsault into a corkscrew at the last second and crashing against the guard rail.  Oh shit, he hit one in the ring without botching at all.  Can't believe it. Super DDTUUUUUUUUU.  Liger bomb.  Super frankensteiner.  Liger wins.  New champion.

Ron Simmons vs Tony Halme

Look at this Nazi mother fucker.  Trying to STEP TO RON.  Hope he spine busts this mother fuck back to Nazi Norway.  At least Borga had more moves than "punch around the rib cage" like last year's show.  Borga does his own spinebuster.  I hope that comes back to haunt him soon. Bummer.  Ron's spinebuster wasn't shit.  Bowling shoe ugly match.

Sting vs Hiroshi Hase

Dopey dope dope.  Multi-rep press slam to start the match.  Gotta show off that gaijin power.  Hase isn't a weakling by any means and does a SHOOT judo throw to cover up an awkward spot.  Scorpion death attempted on Sting.  He blocks it.  Hase does a Liontamer instead. High angle half crab.  Fuck your white knee, mother fucker.  Hase dominates the next few minutes.  King Kong knee drop.  Sting tries to come off the top with a cross body and it ends in an ugly knee to his gut.  Or something.  Ugly regardless.  A lot of ugly on this show.  Sting get STUNG UP.  Jumping DDTuuuuu.  Stingerfly splash gets the win.

Masa Saito/Shinya Hashimoto vs Dustin Rhodes/Scott Norton

I'm down for this.  3 TMFs, young Dustin.  Hash and Flash start the match.  Norton wants to get kicked.  Shit doesn't phase him.  He LAUGHS at your kicks.  First botch of the match where it seemed like Hash was going for a back drop and Norton just ran through him.  So they did the spot over.  Norton chops are no joke, as the Cat will attest to.  Dusty Jr. enters the match.  Masa tags in, apparently eager to renew his feud with the Rhodes family.  Dustin takes his missed cross body bump over the top rope this time.  Another back body drop botch.  This show is sloppy as shit.  Every match has had at least one ugly botch.  This one has had 2 within the first 5 minutes.  Ultimo/Liger had at least 3 major ones and a couple of smaller ones.  Saito suplex.  OUTTA NOWHERE.  Another another.  Lol Hash isn't even trying to fuck with Dustin.  Immediately just runs in and starts beating his ass.  Norton hits a superplex on Hash.  This match is....not what I thought it would be.  I was expecting a lot of hard hits, some lariatos, maybe someone getting kicked too hard.  Instead, everyone seems lost.  But everyone on the entire show has kind of felt that way.  It's weird.  Hash got his nose busted open I think from a head butt, which would be the second year in a row Norton busted someone open with his huge head.  Powerbomb to Hash.  He responds with a DDT and tags in Saito.  He hits a bunch of suplexes.  I mean, he has one named after him so it makes sense.  Dustin's boot clocks Hash in the back of the head doing the 360 bump.  Norton slips on the apron and tweaks his knee.  Hash pins Dustin.

The Great Muta vs Masahiro Chono NWA/IWGP Championships

Now, a Muta/Chono match is not the same as a Mutoh/Chono match.  I've seen the Mutoh/Chono G1 match I believe that was rad as heck.  This is going to be much different, I assume.  Muta is IWGP champ.  Chono is NWA Champ.  Slow start.  Muta's speed advantage comes into play.  Samoan drop and Yakuza kick from Chono.  Muta gets, I believe, a rail road spike from under the ring.  How does no one notice that under there?  "Oh hmm, I guess that GIANT SPIKE is probably supposed to be there, I'll just leave it."  Chono tries to keep Muta grounded and working on the leg, but that damn Muta is just too sneaky.  He repeatedly throws Chono to the floor.  Face buster on the ramp. Muta runs almost the whole length of the ramp to hit a lariato.  Dope German suplex. Moonsault misses.  STFU!  The champ is here!  Rope break.  Strike battle with Yakuza kicks and dropkicks.  Well, that doesn't make for the most exciting battle.  The last one knocks Muta to the ramp.  Then he suplexes Chono out.  Muta misses a hand spring elbow and I'm sure his ass and lower back didn't like landing awkwardly on the edge of the ring.  Back dropuuuuu on the ramp.  Muta don't even give a shit.  By 1992, Muta became an excuse to not bother with selling or straight story telling. Chono kicks out of the moonsault.  He does not kick out of the second. New NWA Champion!  

Hell Raisers vs Steiner Brothers IWGP Tag Team Championships     

As far as LOD replacements go, Kensuke Sasaki is a shit load better than Droz and Heidenreich.  Despite this being a WCW/NJPW show, the Steiners were actually contracted to the WWF at the time of this match.  They had even debuted in a promo segment, but wouldn't make their in ring debut until the first Raw just a few days after this show.  So that's kind of weird.  Hawk and Scott start.  Scott embarrasses him by effortlessly taking him down and out wrestling him.  Then Hawk throws chops and they double clothesline each other.  Legit SHOOT t-bone.  Hawk was like, "Nah mother fucker" and Scott was like "Fuck you".  Hawk then press slams Scott to the floor.  Scott does a piledriver just so Hawk can no sell it.  Tags are made.  Hopefully Kensuke tries to murder Rick with a lariat like he did in 1991.  Fuck it.  He tries to murder him with a German suplex instead.  Hawk can try to dead weight the Steiners all he wants.  Shit doesn't work.  I don't think even a dude like Vader could dead weight them enough to not get chucked if they really wanted to chuck him.  Pumphandle bomb with AUTHORITY.  God damn. Super bulldog had a lot of impact as well.  Steiners suddenly are heels and even do the Doomsday Device just to piss Hawk off.  Hot tag to Hawkrah.  Frankensteiner!  Scott let up to get hit with a lariato.  Who is even legal?  I don't think the ref knows, either.  Kensuke puts Scott on his shoulders on the floor.  Hawk comes running off the apron with a Doomsday Device, sending both Scott and Hawk flying into the guard rail.  They're both counted out.  Fans were not happy with the finish.

Tatsumi Fujinami vs Ishikawa Atsushi

Dragon hitting dives right away.  WE GOT US A FLYING DRAGON, MAGGLE!  I don't know the story that lead up to this, but I'm going to assume they really don't like each other based on how fired up they are.  Even fat man Atsushi did a dive.  And then they slow it down with chin locks.  I think that's backwards.  Dragon gets leveled with a running forearm.  And then back to chin locks.  Hip breaker.  Atushi probably broke his own hip doing that.  Dragon locks on a cross arm breaker, transitioned into a short arm scissors.  Backlund Lift incoming?  Sadly, it never came.  Why even bother with a short arm scissors if you aren't going to do the Backlund Lift?  CUNTS.  Atsushi hits a lariato and two powerbombs.  Then he goes up top only to get superplexed.  He looks like a dude that should never go up top.  Dragon sleeper (after a couple of enzuigiris) gets the win.

Riki Choshu vs Genichiro Tenryu

Someone is going to get hit pretty hard.  There is some hatred here.  Even in head locks.   What a surprise: a big ugly botch.  One that Tenryu sold for WAY too long.  Choshu beats him down with slaps and headbutts.  God damn, just stomps his fucking face in. Rude as shit.  Tenryu responds with a chop to the throat.  Choshu isn't fucking playing.  Tenryu has been busted open I believe above the left eye.  Grumpy old dudes beating the shit out of each other is what makes puro dope.  Tenryu pays back those kicks and tries to crush Choshu's head with a knee drop.  You got suplexes and back drops and lariatos and slaps and grumpy faces.  I support such things.  Tenryu wins after 2 powerbombs.  Inoki enters the ring after the match to talk.  About what, I can't tell you. He sounded pretty stern at the end, although he and Tenryu shook hands, so I don't think there was a challenge made or anything.      

What an ugly ass show.  EVERY match had big botches.  It's weird as shit.  I don't think I've seen a show where everyone in every match was off their game.  I would say my favorite matches were Power Warriors vs Steiners and Tenryu/Choshu.  Liger/Ultimo could have and should have been dope except Ultimo botched top rope moves 4 times.  In a row.  Those ropes must have been slippery as fuck.

This was the last NJPW/WCW super show.  WCW would still send dudes to the dome shows and smaller shows, but this was the last Tokyo Dome show to be jointly produced.  I'm not sure any of the 3 shows were successful from an in ring point of view.  They were definitely good for business, though.  The first year without the WCW co-promotion drew 15,000 fewer people.

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