NJPW/WCW Supershow II: Super Warriors in Tokyo Dome

Black Cat vs Hirokichi Yamamoto

This is joined in progress. Yamamoto is hitting a German suplex as we join.  Black Cat is most known to me for trying to murder Marty Jannetty with a DDT in WCW.  He tries it here and then hits a Flapjack Norton.  Then powerslam and senton in quick order.  Rope breaku.  He also hits a gnarly back drop driver. Something about Black Cat is vaguely dangerous.  He wins with an avalanche DDT which somehow was less dangerous than the standing one he did to Mary in WCW.

Kantaro Hoshino/Kengo Kimura vs Kuniaki Kobayashi/Osamu Kido

Also JIP.  Hoshino is so tiny.  Kido pinned Hoshino with a Divas Special.

Jushin Liger/Masashi Aoyagi/Akria vs Hiro Saito/Super Strong Machine/Norio Honaga  

Weird.  This is also clipped.  Liger is in purple and white and his fangs are jutting out of the side of his face.  Like horns on the sides of his face.  Easy to be super stronk against a junior weight, ya big cunt.  These Japanese mullets are disgusting.  Especially since they have that weird orange tint to them.  Dueling spike piledrivers.  Liger is in the ring most of the time for his team. Akira beat Saito with a dragon suplex.

Michiyoshi Ohara/Shiro Koshinaka vs The Enforcers

TMF returns to Japan and brought his whiny cunt friend with him.  Ohara has some disgusting ears.  Or at least one.  Of course Larry begins and does a lot of stalling.  And randomly tries a dropkick.  Fucking Larry.  I'd like to see someone punch his shit in.  Bust his lip open.  Something.  Arn does a divorce court that turns into a DDT.  God, Larry is so fucking loud.  And he's ALWAYS talking or yelling.  I imagine Arn got drunk as a mother fucker in great Nippon.  Larry makes this whole match sound like a gay porn.  Especially when he's in a head scissors and groaning and moaning.  TMF beats Ohara with the spinebuster.  2 years in a row winning at the joint show.  

Dusty and Dustin Rhodes vs Masa Saito/Kim Duc

God damn it, Saito is just about as TMF as you can possibly get.  Poor Dustin got cursed with the weird Rhodes body.  It must take him SO much work to be in the shape he's in today.  Duc and Dustin begin.  Duc also has a pretty shitty body.  Dustin has to slow down for him because he can't seem to do much.  He was Tiger Chung Lee in the 80s for the WWF.  He looks and moves like a guy who started wrestling in the late 60s. He moves worse than Dusty.  Masa won't tag in.  I guess he's just not interested.  Duc is like "fuck, I'm already blown up mother fucker".  Dusty tags in and wants Saito.  I think that is a bad idea, friend.  Hell of a slam from Dusty on the ramp.  LOL as Saito basically imitating Dusty.  It's so weird and funny.  Headbutts don't work for Dusty.  Dusty is able to roll and get a hot tag to Dustin.  Lariatooo.  Then he gets the shit chopped out of him.  Duc is really bad.  No idea what they were thinking putting him in the ring.  He can't do anything.  Falls over doing moves and shit.  Oh no, he's going to the top rope.  Yikes.  I'd like to see a Dusty/Saito singles match.  In 1992.  Spindly legged old man vs TMF.  Back dropuuuu.  Dustin pins Duc with the bulldog.

Scott Norton vs Tony Halme

Hmm.  There could be some clubbering here.  Norton vs Borga.  And holy shit does Borga look like a Nazi.  He actually does the salute, too.  Even such a TMF like Norton is like...wtf.  Norton no sells liver shots and chops the fuck out of Borga.  Flying shoulder block.  Norton is over.  A head butt busts Borga open.  I think he's bleeding in his mouth as well.  "AH BITCH!" A solid 90% of Borga's offense is punches to the kidneys or liver.  Borga won with a top rope clothesline.  I have no idea why Vince hired Borga and not Norton.

Bill Kazmaier vs Shinya Hashimoto

Again, WCW sending the weirdest dudes.  Especially against a dude like Hashimoto.  Why wouldn't you send one of your guys who can actually work?  On the other hand...HOSSES.  Well, a HOSS and a fattie.  I feel like Kaz is going to regret asking to get kicked.  For some reason the hard cam pulls out all the way for an extended period of time.  Like watching from the cheap seats.  Kaz has been pounding away on Hash.  Kaz is Ryback's dad, right?  Torture rack!  Hash fights out of a second one and hits a leg sweep.  Then the kicks start.  Judo throw.  Two wheel kicks put Kaz down.  DDT. Jumping DDT ends the match.  What a waste of Hashimoto.  

El Gigante vs Big Van Vader

Why couldn't it have been Vader vs Hashimoto?  Vader fears NO MAN and treats this big mother fucker like any other guy he'd fuck up.  Gigante has "Thee Giant" on his trunks.  Brain claw!  They brawl out onto the stage and both get counted out.  Still.  This is the best Giant Gonzalez match ever.  That's because it was about 5 minutes of Vader beating his ass.   After the match, Vader uses his helmet to blind Gonzalez and then beats his ass some more.  Only fucking Vader could spend a whole match beating the shit out of a dude 7 and 1/2 feet tall.

Antonio Inoki vs Hiroshi Hase

Inoki BOM BA YE.  Boy would I like Inoki to slap some fighting spiritu into me.  Dope belly to belly from Hase.  I think Inoki literally just murdered a dude in the ring.  Apparently trying to break necks is frowned upon in New Japan.  Once Hase recovers, Inoki goes IN.  Koppo kicks and suplexes and chokes.  Not fucking around.  He's still the captain of this ship, god damn it.  Hase just headbutts him over and over and over.  Knuckle arrows!  Leg kicks.  Hase does the Inoki/Muta Lock.  On Inoki!  That mother fucker.  Uranagi OUTTA NOWHERE.  Another.  Another.  ANOTHER.  The next one is countered.  Enzuiguri.  Another.  Octopus hold.  More brain kicks.  Another octopus.  Hase submits.  For what was only like 10 minutes and Inoki being 49, this was pretty dope.

Sting/Great Muta vs Steiner Brothers

Oh DOPE.  Sting/Lex vs Steiners was the best US match of 1991.  Muta is better than Lex, although a much different style.  Hopefully this is cool.  Muta and Scott begin.  Muta tries to kick his face off.  Scott does a SHOOT double leg in response.  Tags are made.  Rick tries to end it early.  No fucking around.  Sting is not one to trifle, either.  It'd be cool as shit if Sting got to use the mist in this.  He misses a Stinger splash and Scott pops him with a tiger bomb.  Just for fun.  FUCK YOU FROG MAN.  Muta comes back in.  Real missed opportunity to have Sting and Muta swap face paint for the show.  SHOOT t-bone.  I feel like just about every Steiner suplex feels like a shoot.  You get like...2 seconds of warning before you go flying.  The only time you know it is coming is when they put you on the ropes first.  Muta getting REKT like Hase was the year before.  Finally a tag to Sting. I won't say hot tag because Muta calmly walked over and tagged him.  Stinger splash.  Rick catches the handspring elbow into a German suplex.  Double face crusher!  Sting press slams Muta into Rick and both go over the top.  Sting then hits a cross body to the floor.  Muta ends up coming back out with a weird dive, too.  Steiners come right back with double top rope Steinerlines.  Sting counters a tiltawhirl slam into a cradle for the win.  Rick was pinning Muta at the same time, but Sting's pin counted first.

Lex Luger vs Masahiro Chono WCW Championship

Hashimoto joins for color.  I bet he's going to feel really stupid that Lex is going to have a better Tokyo Dome match than him.  YO HARD CAM OPERATOR: GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER.  Huge press slam.  Chono has such a weird shape.  No ass whatsoever.  So strange.  He's built like a Reese's egg.  Slightly melted and sat on.  Quick attempt for the STF.  Lex's power game is too much for Chono.  He's going to have to get the big guy on the mat.  And that he does.  As soon as Lex gets to his feet, momentum changes.  Chono fights back with his feet.  LOL at him trying for a back drop driver and Lex not going for it at all.  Lex calls for the torture rack.  BACKSLIDE OUTTA NOWHERE 12HEGOTHIMNOHEDIDN'T.  Yakuza kicks.  STF is on!  We're gonna have a new champion.  The boyhood dream is about to come true.  Oh, never mind.  Rope break.  Chono goes on a roll up spell, but Lex keeps kicking out.  He ain't going out like that, man.  Chono misses a top rope shoulder block.  Torture rack.  Both fall over the top rope.  Chono's leg gets tied up in the ropes.  Torture rack on the floor.  Makes it more dangerous.  Thought it was going to be a count out finish but Chono made it back in.  MOTHER FUCKING LOW BLOW LEX YOU CUNT.  Lex wins.  Title retained.

Tatsumi Fujinami vs Riki Choshu IWGP/Greatest 18 Championships

The Greatest 18 Championship is the renamed WWF Martial Arts Championship which was made specifically for Inoki during the WWF/NJ working agreement.  Inoki renamed it in 1990 (well after the working relationship ended) and here it is being defended on a NJ/WCW show.  Because why not.  The WWF Light Heavyweight Championship ended up defended on some WCW as well.  Dragon controls the opening minutes with headlocks and whatnot.  Then Choshu throws that mother fucker off of him.  Dragon slaps Choshu right in his grandmotherly face.  Back dropuuuuuu.  You know who you don't want to piss off?  A grandmother.  They'll fuck you up.  Scorpion death lock is applied.  Owen did the Choshu version, which is putting your arm in the leg hold.  Dragon screw!  SHARPSHOOTER!  Rope break.  Dragon comes off the top with a knee drop to the neck/shoulders.  Piledriver.  Dragon sleeper.  IT IS ALL OVER.  No Goldy.  No it is not.  Oh shit, granny hit a superplex.  HUGE back drop from Choshu. One more.  3 lariatos later, Riki Choshu is the new IWGP Champion.  And remains Greatest 18 Champion.   

Over all, still a disjointed and weird show, but of higher quality than the 1991 show.  The matches were a little shorter and faster paced, which probably helped.  I liked Inoki/Hase the most.  WCW had such a great roster in 1992, so that they sent Bill Kazmaier and Giant Gonzalez is fucking bizarre to me.  Where is Austin?  Where is Rick Rude?  Bobby Eaton?  Barry Windham?