NJPW/WCW Supershow 1: '91 Star Arcade in Tokyo Dome

Kantaro Hoshino/Osamu Kido/Kengo Kimura/ Animal Hamaguchi vs Norio Honaga/Hiro Saito/Tatsutoshi Goto/Super Strong machine

All hell is breaking loose in the Impact Zone!  I recognize most of these guys, but mostly from video games.  Well, I guess a few did stuff in America.  Considering this is an 8 man tag dark match, I wouldn't expect a whole lot.  Kind of like what NJPW still does in 2014.  There is some balls based offense from the heels.  Super Stronk Machine isn't looking too stronk.  Stuff piledriver!  I wish someone would do that today.  Imagine if Shield had done triple piledrivers instead of triple powerbombs.  As expected, nothing really of note.  Faces got the win after the heels had some miscommunications.


Iizuka Takayuki/Kuniaki Kobayashi/Shiro Koshinka vs Z-Man/Brian Pillman/Tim Horner

I can't decide if Zenk or Horner are more out of place.  Probably Horner.  Iizuka is completely unrecognizable, what with his floppy hair, lack of facial hair, and young lion gear.  Zenk and Kobayashi begin.  I feel like Zenk would get the SHIT kicked out of him if he was touring Japan on his own.  Tim Horner has that Scott Norton mullet going on.  He throws a lot of dropkicks at Koshinka.  Just wait for Kosh to start throwing that ass around.  Pretty fast paced action here.  FLYING ASSHOLE!  Brian comes back with Air Pillman.  Pillman and Iizuka have a really awkward exchange on the ropes.  Man, I really want to see someone just unload on Zenk and fuck his world up.  It'd be really dope if Nick Patrick took one of his wacky bumps in this.  Pillman hits a cross body to the floor.  Decapitation elbow from the gaijin!  I bet prime Demolition in Japan would have been rad.  Another piledriver.  Hoping for one in every match.  Strike battle!  OF COURSE.  Koshinka comes in, throwing his ass all over the place.  Iizuka pins Horner with a dragon suplex.

Scott Norton vs The Equalizer

Fucking Evad Sullivan.  That dude is so shitty.  Always and forever.  Wearing Bruiser Brody boots doesn't make you good.  Evad hits a big boot that knocks HIM down.  Because Norton is so fucking thick.  Norton gets pissed and basically just pounces poor Evad.  Norton wins with an ugly as shit powerslam.  Only 3 minutes and pretty terrible the whole time.

Jushin Liger vs AKIRA IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship

Liger is in gold and green gear. Akira looked way cooler with his entrance garb.  Looked just like The Great Oni from Saturday Night Slam Masters.  Liger starts with a flurry of palm strikes and a wheel kick.  Then a top rope tope all within a minute.  Romero Clutch.  Liger looking for a squash I think.  A nice hand print can be seen on Akira's rib cage.  Koppo kick!  Man, Liger tries a mix of STF, bow and arrow, and boot to the back.  He couldn't hold it very long but it must have sucked for those few seconds.  Akira comes back with leg drops and submissions.  A second dive from Liger is countered with a dropkick.  Both guys seem to injure their legs on the move.  Akira sticks with the shin/ankle back in the ring. Then they just start knocking the shit out of each other. A lot of near falls later, Liger wins with an avalanche DDT.  But not before he tried a tombstone that he couldn't hold due to the leg work that could have ended up very bad if he was a little taller.  Title retained.

Barry Windham/Arn Anderson vs Masa Saito/Masahiro Chono

This could be weird or dope.  Maybe both.  Arn and Saito are about as TMF as possible.  Barry's Dutch boy haircut prevents him from reaching that status.  Barry and Chono begin.  Things I hope for in this match: 2 big boots, a stiff as shit lariato.  That's all I really want out of any match, though.  TMF stand off.  Trading shoulder blocks and shit.  They know what's up.  They should have teamed up and fucked both continents up.  All continents.  Knocking the shit out of polar bears in Antarctica.  I love Barry's head stand out of a head scissors into a punch in the mouth.  And his floaty DDT.  And his lariato.  Basically everything Barry did was dope.  Arn does some Flair spots for some reason.  WE GOT US A FLYING CHONO, MAGGLE!  Spinebuster!  All the way from Minnesota.  Strike battle with Barry and Chono.  OF COURSE.  Saito is out TMFing Arn.  Back dropuuuuu.  Arn pins Saito after Barry hit him with a lariato.

Steiner Brothers vs Kensuke Sasaki/Hiroshi Hase IWGP Tag Team Championships

Steiners in Japan are fucking monsters, so this should be dope.  Baby Kensuke is going to get his neck broken.  Scott and Hase start.  Can you imagine all the women Scott fucked in Japan?  SHOOT t-bone suplex.  Scott takes a weird kick and then tags are made.  Kensuke hits Rick with his own powerslam spot.  Holy fucking LARIATOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  Rick would take them like a fucking champ.  Did he ever face Hansen?  Can you imagine him flying around for that?  Tags are made again.  Avalanche Samoan drop.  HE'S FAT.  Steinerline.  Rick seemed to enjoy that quite a bit.  Scott is just too stronk and this wasn't even high final form.  Hase is getting REKT.  Just chucked all over the place.  Really surprised that Kensuke isn't the one getting the shit knocked out of him.  And then GIANT SWING OUTTA NOWHERE.  Tiger bombs and belly to bellies and German suplexes.  From the top rope, from the mat.  Fucking everywhere. Hase hits uranagis on both Steieners and gets the hot tag to Kensuke.  He superplexes Hase onto Rick.  Steiners win after the super bulldog and a Frankensteiner.  New champions!

El Gigante vs Big Cat Hughes

There is a reason why Mr. Hughes covered up his body and wore sun glasses.  Squinty eyed fatty.  Giant Gonzalez could actually move once upon a time, but there is no way his body was going to last long. He wins in about 2 minutes with the brain claw.  

Doom vs Crusher Bam Bam Big Yellow/Big Van Vader

This could be DOPE.  I hope for a double powerslam spot.  HOSSES.  HOSSES everywhere.  Vader and Butch start the match.  Poor Butch gets FLATTENED with a Vader Attack. Vader is EASILY body slammed.  In comes Ron.  Vader fucking decks him.  Spinebuster!  DAMNUUUU.  Bammer is in with dropkicks and shit.  Diving headbuttooo misses.  Then Bam Bam doesn't even budge to a shoulder block and lays out Doom with a double clothesline.  Cuz HE'S FAT.  Then he gets slammed on the floor because you don't fucking step to Ron.  Bammer ends up as FIP, somehow.  Hard to see how ANYONE in this match could fit that role, but it seems Doom are the nominal heels.  I guess because they're black.  Fucking 'cism all up in this mug.  Hot tag to Vader.  He knocks the dog shit out of Butch.  Powerslam to Vader!  Well, I'll take it.  I think a double powerslam spot would have been great.  There is still time.  Vader ducks a Butch super shoulder block and pins him with a standing splash.  Doom split up after the match.  

Sting vs The Great Muta

Muta attacks before the bell because he's a heel like that.  Handspring elbow.  There are NJPW and WCW guys at ringside for this.  Sting avoids the moonsault but it is hard to no sell a kick to the head.  Sting press slams Muta to the floor and follows with that crazy dive he did from time to time. White men CAN jump, friends.  Then he hits a dope Flapjack Norton monkey flip. Sting is over in Japan, despite being in all red, white, and blue gear.  Muta gets back into it with some kicks and power drive elbow.  He had some cheap as shit face paint for the show.  It smeared everywhere within the first 2 minutes.  The announcers are talking about the WWF and Ultimate Warrior right now.  Both handspring elbow and Stinger splash miss.  Knees up on the moonsault.  The third attempt doesn't work, either.  Sting apparently tries a top rope senton.  Maybe it was an elbow.  Whatever it was, it missed.  Double lariatos.  Double dropkicks.  Another Warrior name drop.  I'm sure whoever was in charge of WCW at the time loved the Japanese announcers talking about the WWF and not WCW/NWA.  Muta mists Sting while he was doing the Stinger splash and got the pin with a top rope cross body. Sting would put Muta in the scorpion death lock after the match and caused a big pull apart between the NJ and WCW roster.

Tiger Jeet Singh vs Riki Choshu

Oh no.  Tiger tries to murder one of the announcers.  Then a ref.  Then attacks Riki with the hilt of his sword.  What kind of mother fucker brings a god damn sword with him and only uses the hilt?  It doesn't even look like a sword.  Or an epee.  It looks like a straightened hanger attached to a hilt.  All turnbuckle pads are loosened.  Lots of choking.  Doesn't Tiger know that a singlet is supposed to cover your gut and tits up, not accentuate them?  Choshu rams Tiger into the post screaming "Son of bitch" and "you mudder fucker".  There is a fork and blood and stuff.  It sucks.  And ball shots.  I think the only things Tiger knows how to do is stab, choke, bite, and low blow.  Choshu wins via KO after a lariat to the back of the head that sends Tiger into the turnbuckle.  Choshu would continue to attack after the match.  I guess the show needed a breather or something, but Tiger is fucking terrible.

Ric Flair vs Tatsumi Fujinami NWA/IWGP Championships

This is weird.  In the US, the WCW Championship had yet to separate from the NWA Championship, but Japan considered them different titles.  So in Japan, this was an NWA Championship match.  In the US, it was a WCW Championship.  Whatever.  Everything about the NWA/WCW relationship in the 90s is weird and confusing.  Flair's hair is something else.  BACK DROPU!  OUTTA NOWHERE!  Pretty slow paced.  Flair's hair is really distracting.  To me and to him.  Pretty awkward missed chop/lariat/thing on Flair.  Dragon misses a dropkick and Flair takes him to school. Fujinami gets pretty frustrated.  Probably because his chest is purple.  Flair of course gets busted open because why not.  I didn't find it interesting.  Fujinami wins with a cobra twist.  Apparently new champion.  The whole NWA/WCW thing is confusing bullshit.


I enjoyed Steiners vs Hase/Kensuke, Liger/Akira, and Doom vs Vader/Bam Bam the most.  Over all it is a pretty uneven card and some of the guys WCW sent to the show were pretty weird.  Tim Horner, Mr. Hughes, Z-Man?  Eek.