B-Boy/Candice LeRae/Willie Mack vs Peter Avalon/Joey Ryan/Ryan Taylor

What a minute, is that NORV FERNUM?!?! I don't know who Ryan Taylor is. I'm ready for a Norv/Willie show down. Because one is skinny and one is FAT. Joey and B-Boy start the match. Joey wants Candice. She tags in. Continuing the years long feud between the two. Joey tries to SWERVE with a handshake and gets taken down and given a ground and pounding. Octopus. Joey unloads with a hard shot in the corner. Rana out of the corner from Candice. Taylor tags in, as does Willie Mack. Taylor eats a shoulder block and throws a forearm. They trade some reversals and Willie hits a POUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNCCCCCCCCCCEEEEEE. B-Boy and NORV tag in. NORV gets cocky and gets laid out. Willie and B-Boy continue to murder poor NORV with a pop up forearm. Willie gets all 3 opponents in a tree of Keanu. All the faces do dropkicks at the same time. Candice went for a dive and got pie faced by Joey. Taylor forearms a fan who I think is a former wrestler for PWG, but I'm not sure. Candice gets worked over in the ring. She hits a desperation Stunner on Joey and tags to Willie. All kinds of splashes and clotheslines in corners from him. Willie does a weird rolling lucha slam and then a triple Samoan drop. Dive sequence includes a spear off the apron, a rana off the apron, a belly to belly over the top rope, and ending with Willie landing on his feet from a tope con hello. Finisher spam sequence. BALL PLEX is countered into a BOOB PLEX! Candice breaks up a Joey pin with a double stomp to the balls. B-Boy and Taylor get into a strike battle. B-Boy wins with a trip and Shining Wizard. A second BOOB PLEX is countered. Reverse rana from Candice. BALL PLEX! Diving tornado DDT to the floor from Candice. Scott Lost, the guy who Taylor hit earlier, shows up and hits an apron Kanyon Cutter OUTTA NOWHERE on him. Willie pins NORV after a Fire Thunder Driver.

Brian Cage vs Anthony Nese

Nese kind of looks like Chris Masters. Both guys are fucking machines. Both guys trade arm locks, trying to get anything they can. Cage stops that with a shoulder block. Nese flips out of something and locks on a weird looking leg lock. Nese almost lands on his feet from a monkey flip, then does a back flip and Matrix move to dodge a strike. Then jumping jacks and push ups to be a dick. I get it, he's muscly and really athletic, in the same way that Willie is fat and athletic. Rana sends Cage to the floor. He trips Nese up on the apron, who takes the bump right on his face. Hip toss backbreaker from Cage. Outside in Lionsault from Nese. Nese tries something in the corner and is caught in a sit out Alabama Slam. Series of back elbows in the corner from Cage. Another back breaker. I'm sure Cage is all natty. Nese cartwheels out of another apron dive and does a pretty crazy Fosbury Flop. Superfly splash back in the ring. Pump handle powerbomb thing. Nese is on a roll. Cage catches Nese diving from the top and turns it into a stalling brainbuster because he's a fucking machine like that. Nese comes back with a big uppercut only to get dropped with an Angle Slam. Nese does a strike combo that ends with Cage giving him a lariatoooooo from heck. Cage goes up top and is caught with a super rana. Nese tries a diving rana, which is countered into a powerbomb, a deadlift powerbomb, and Cage's finisher, which is a Gory Special into a Flatliner.

RockNES Monsters vs Forever Hooligans

Rocky and Beardy start the match. Standard wrist lock trading, with Rocky hitting a dropkick. Rocky does some beard based offense. Beardy doesn't like it. Lady of the Lake! Beardy doesn't fall for it, so Rocky goes back to the beard. Dropkick to the head. Alex gets brought in the hard way. I can't tell if Beardy is biting or rubbing his beard in faces. He tags out. Alex does unnecessary flips and tags out. Rocky hogs all the lariatoos in the corner. Alex gets upset, but they hug it out. Non-Beardy tries to join the hug and gets chopped. Beardy ruins a dive and a lot of wacky kicks and shit. RockNES have really dumb double team moves that are pretty much just comedy spots. I'm not into them. This match completely lost me once those spots showed up. Now I don't care at all. Hooligans won. Whatever.

Michael Elgin vs AR Fox

Nice to see Quebecker Pierre again. HE'S FAT! Elgin easily throws Fox around in the opening moments. Shoulder block battle for some reason, which makes little sense considering Elgin is this short tank and Fox is tall and lanky. Fox uses his speed to his advantage. Fox teases a dive, but Elgin gets in the ring and misses a lariato but not the shoulder block. Chops from the FAT ASS. Low dropkick and hand stomp from Fox. He then does the absolute dumbest indie riffic bulldog of all time. He follows it with an imploding cannon ball to the floor. He also rips off Mark Henry's rope spot. Elgin catches the next dive and turns it into a Boss Man Slam on the floor. Super long delayed suplex. STJoe. Eglin misses a whisper in the wind. Why he would ever go up top makes little sense to me. But neither did that fucking stupid bulldog earlier. Elgin shoves off a Backstabber. Fox then Matrix dodges a lariato, which was a spot done just 2 matches ago, as was a long delayed suplex. As long as you get your shit in, don't worry about if someone did it earlier. Fox drops an apron hanging guillotine leg drop. As in from the top rope. Because he clearly doesn't give a single fuck about his spine. Suplex to Rock Bottom from Elgin. Deadlift German suplex. Fox looks like he weighs slightly more than NORV, so I'm not that impressed with this super strength. A bunch of really slow and bad looking reversals. Seems like both dudes are gassed. Jericho triangle dropkick sends Elgin to the floor so Fox can do a tope con hello over the ring post. Fuck this guy. Zero psychology of any kind from Fox. He just rolls and flips a lot. Elgin hasn't really impressed me much in the handful of matches I've seen from him. Cesaro's power spots are far more impressive considering he's doing them to full sized men and not tiny indie dudes who weigh 160 pounds at the most. Deadlift inside out super falcon arrow from Elgin. Apron sliced bread and a 450 only gets a 2 count for Fox. Man, Kanyon and Saturn were doing the deadlift inside out suplex in 1998 and no one thought it was that impressive. Fox does a running land on your head in the corner, which Elgin catches and turns in to a powerbomb. He then tries a spinning powerbomb, which is countered into a reverse rana, making this spot dangerously close to the stupid Davey Richards one from the ROH show I watched. But even Davey didn't do anything as stupid as that bulldog. 2 count, of course. Elgin wins with a falling super bomb. This was some stupid ass indie shit through and through. Fox's spots make no sense and he sells nothing.

Chuck Taylor/Johnny Gargano vs Paul London/Brian Kendrick

Paul London wearing his space suit and a beard. The match starts with a chicken fight to reach the tag team titles that are above the ring for the main event ladder match. A Gargano shoulder block sends Spanky falling, so I think they legally just won the match. London and Taylor officially start the match. Pretty even exchange. London trips Chuck up, which Chuck doesn't like. They trade chops. Belly to belly and kip up from Taylor. A dropkick sends Taylor to the floor, where he uses a fan as a shield to prevent a dive. Tags are made. Johnny is really short. Shorter than Spanky. Cobra clutch from Spanky. Johnny gets out. London and Taylor do a lot of rope bouncing. Headlock take down battle. And now they have a strike battle. That doesn't seem right from Spanky at least. London puts gloves on just to take them off and slap Taylor and Gargano. Spanky gets involved with the slapping seconds later. They follow it up with stereo dives. They try again and both are countered. Taylor comes back in with a missile dropkick to Spanky for a 2 count. Tope con hello from Taylor. The 3rd one of the night on this show. So far. London hits a springboard double mushroom stomp to the floor. Frog splash from Spanky is followed by a London SSP. Count is broken. Gargano superkicks Spanky and does some weird full nelson face buster to London. Moments later, London makes a hot tag. He also misses a dive into a bunch of chairs. Sliced Bread is countered by Taylor catching Spanky and tossing him into a Kanyon Cutter from Gargano for the win. BANG! Wasn't that the Backseat Boys' old finisher?

TJ Perkins vs Kyle O'Reily

First indie respeck stand off of the night an hour and a half in. Crazy. Looks like they are going to work a shoot style kind of match. Lot of ground work and MMA inspired transitions. Hard to call this kind of match. Also, I'm predisposed to not like O'Reilly due to his association with Davey Richards. They do so well with their ground stuff and then do a terrible looking strike dodging sequence. And now all this World of Sport stuff that is so out of place after dudes doing MMA stuff minutes earlier. Just jump over each other and crawl under each other for 30 seconds after you were doing kimuras and hip sweeps. Time for the strike battle. Make up your fucking minds on what kind of match you are going to do. Realistic shoot style, indieriffic strike battles, Euro comedy spots. Pick one and do it well. Plus you add in TJ's comedy lucha spots. These guys are best at the shoot style influenced stuff from the opening minutes and should go back to that. They've lost me in the same way the RockNES match lost me. Kyle sticks to arm work until he kicks the ring post. TJ tries a plancha and slips. It always bothers me when dudes try to do MMA strikes or gimmick, but then do weird pro wrestling style forearms or strikes not at all done in a real fight. Why would you throw a pro wrestling punch when your gimmick is that you're trained in real punching? O'Reilly also does Nigel's rebound lariat. I'm ready for this to end. The lost me once they turned it into a normal indie match with too much shit instead of sticking to a match that was different from the rest of the show and playing to their strengths. TJ taps out to an arm bar. I can see why some people would like this, but I thought it was a stupid mash of styles that were completely unnecessary and didn't fit in together at all.

Adam Cole vs Kevin Steen vs Drake Younger PWG World Championship Guerrilla Warfare

Drake and Steen immediately start beating the shit out of Cole. Steen rubs his dick in Cole's face. They really don't like Cole. Just beating the PISS out of him. Drake and Steen haven't touched each other. It's all been beating the shit out of Cole. Cole uses a chair to get the advantage. It breaks when he sits on it and Drake spears him with a traffic cone. Then an atomic drop on it and the trash can has come out. Back suplex on a standing trash can from Drake. Chair shots for everyone. Steen cannonballs Cole who is stuck inside a trashcan. Samoan driver from Drake to Steen. He sets up a weird chair contraption straight out of CZW. Cole FUs him on it. Drake does a gourdbuster into a table. Steen immediately hits a sleeper suplex and F5 for 2. Drake is back up with a lariato and straight jacket piledriver to Cole. Dude seems just fine for just getting dumped on his head. Cole does a Canadian Destroyer into a propped up table that doesn't break. Another chair contraption, this time by Steen. Package Piledriver through them. JEEEEEEEEEEEZUS. Cole tried to steal the pin. This pissed Steen off. BRIANBUSTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSSS SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. 30 seconds later, Cole wins with a crucifix pin. Dude should have been dead after that brainbuster.

The Young Bucks vs Inner-City Machine Guns vs DOJOBROS PWG Tag Team Championships Ladder Match

Fucking Young Bucks. I doubt this is even something you can call so I'll just give gifs and bitch about the Young Bucks. More tope con hellos, which means that move was in half the matches on the card. Does every tag match, especially multi tag team match, have to have stereo spots all the time? This ladder is way too big and dangerous looking. Roddy and Eddie Edwards do a combo that lasts nearly a minute. Indie wrestling is so stupid. I don't even want to gif this stuff because it's all the same stuff from the rest of the matches, but with ladders. Indie wrestling has a terrible habit of not pacing shows and not protecting moves at all. If you're main event is going to do moves and spots that are important, don't have the same moves and spots being done as not at all important spots in opening matches. It's pretty basic shit. Indie wrestling doesn't do that because every match has to steal the show. Young Bucks win after many a superkick.

Indie wrestling just isn't for me anymore. If I can't enjoy a PWG show, I have no business watching indie wrestling.