South Atlantic Professional Wrestling

I believe this show is from sometime in 1991. It was kind of a successor to Continental. I don't know how, but they had local TV. Besides the Continental guys that didn't retire, go to Japan, or WWF/WCW, SAPW was the home of future stars like Tatanka and Ken Shamrock.

The Terminators vs TNT Express

The Terminators are generic fat dudes. The TNT Express look to be the latest in the line of pretty boy tag teams in the vein of The Fabulous Ones and Fantastics. Except one of them is not pretty at all. I would think you'd have a team called The Terminators be two big jacked up dudes. Not short, schlubby guys. Super generic pretty boy tag match. TNT win with a top rope Hart Attack.


Jeff Husker vs Stevie Boy Adams

Both men have excellent mullets. Davey Boy looks like Farva if he had been a wrestler instead of a state trooper. He actually has a mullet/rat tail combo, with the ends of the tail being bleached blonde. They work a hammer lock for what feels like 7 hours. Husker has a habit of smacking Stevie's arm, which I'm not sure if it is supposed to be how he applies extra pressure or if he's signaling for the next move. It looks like a kid pretending to wrestle. This is one of the most boring matches I've ever seen in my life. It makes Warlord vs Bulldog matches look like Dragon Gate main events. Husker hit a belly to belly. Husker hits a series of shoulder blocks and then wins with a spinning back suplex into a German suplex. He was too blown up from doing a hammerlock for 9 years to keep the bridge up, but he got the pin anyway.


TO THE BOB. Bob Caudle is with TNT and Tatanka! Chris Chavis, actually. Bob Caudle. He's going to be people's champion.

The Sky Trooper vs Manny Fernandez

Manny is going to fuck this poor guy up. Manny kind of looks like Finlay's illegitimate Spanish brother. He does indeed knock this shit out of this guy. Manny wins with a super DDT, which is called as a superplex, but was clearly supposed to be a DDT.


The Unknown Warrior vs War Eagle Chris Chavis

Tatanka looks like he's leagues ahead all of these guys. He beat Ken Shamrock (then known as Vince Torelli) to win the title. But I don't think there was an actual match. Looking at the MUSCULATURE and STRIATIONS of Tatanka as compared to the local guys on early 90s indies, I can see why Vince picked him up. YOU SOLD OUT, LEX LUGER. YOU SOLD OUT. YOU KNOW IT, I KNOW IT. YOU SOLD OUT, LEX. God, why doesn't this fucking guy have a singlet? Pale, fat, completely non muscular guys don't look good in trunks that barely fit. It isn't a part of the gimmick like Buddy Rose, who could actually wrestle despite his appearance. This guy is just a fat and pale guy with woman thighs and hips. It must have fucking sucked to try to be an indie wrestling fan before 2002 or so. Tatanka wins with the End of the Trail. I believe this was a non-title match.


TO THE BOB. He talks with The German Troopers and their manager, Frank B. Cruel. Behind them is The Wall, which is Mable. Frank is wearing a plum blazer with a pink shirt and different shade of purple tie, with rad sunglasses that have lightning bolts and a cord. He's clearly doing a rip off of Robert Fuller/Col. Parker/Tennessee Lee. Not even an homage, but a full on rip off, which is weird because Fuller was involved in this company.

Bill McLaughlin vs Vince Torelli

Ken Shamrock! He's got a tasteful greasy mullet. He actually looks like Paul Roma. Dude was super jacked even then. He does a rolling knee bar right off the bat. Bad looking cross arm breaker, which I'll blame on the other guy for not knowing how to take it. Kimura on a random ass indie show from Alabama/Arkansas in 1991. German suplex dumps this guy right on his dome. Perfect Plex. Powerbomb. God damn, deadlift powerbomb. Shamrock wins with a super belly to belly. Domination. I wonder why Vince had no interest in Shamrock in 1991. He was way more interesting than Tatanka, but I guess Shamrock really would have been out of place working jujitsu holds in black trunks in what was still a very cartoony world.


Rick Savage vs Wahoo McDaniel

More fucking Wahoo. Dude was everywhere. I believe this is the 4th promotion I've seen him in this week. He wins with the same terrible diving chop from the AWA show. Bob got some words with him after the match. We're then shown clips of Manny Fernandez tearing up Wahoo's head dress. I'm pretty sure this was from an AWA show.

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