Memphis Power Pro Wrestling 11/14/98

This was yet another Lawler run, studio based company out of Memphis. CWA, USWA, Power Pro Wrestling, and there would be more after this. I believe this was actually a developmental territory for WWE for a bit.

The show opens with highlights of last week's show. A man debuted after the main event. I'm pretty sure it was Vic Grimes.

We get a run down of the show. Downtown Bruno, Randy Hale, and Baldo (Albert/Tensai) come out. Hale threatens the other announcer. Hale is the Vince McMahon of PPW. Brian Christopher is then shown asking if Randy is ready for him to reveal secrets about Jerry Lawler. TWICE Brian is shown waiting for and getting his cue from the director. These fans don't care for Baldo.

Baldo vs Streak

No idea who Streak is. Maybe he should face the Undertaker. Streak vs The Streak. This show could be interrupted at any time due to the SHOWDOWN WITH SADDAM. Bruno runs his mouth before the match. Albert dominates until he misses a splash. He recovers with a lariatoooo. Streak is awful. Ref bump! DDT on Albert, but the ref can't count. Vic Grimes shows up to hit the Derailer that Albert would steal and Baldo gets the win. The streak is over! Streak gets to talk after the match and he sounds as bad as he wrestles.


The announcers talk. One of them is a morning DJ, which blows my mind because he would be the most boring morning zoo DJ of all time. They bring out his partner, who is putting on a graduation show with no drugs or drinking. Fuck. Bad wrestling and no alcohol? Wait, why is there a graduation show in November?

Randy Hales and Downtown Bruno come back out. Randy made Jonesboro, AK what it is. High praise. We're then shown clips of last week, with Shawn Stasiak, Baldo, and Vic Grimes beating up some dudes. Tony Faulk, one of the guys who was attacked last week, comes out. His wife left him, his kids turned on him, and he loves Randy. He doesn't deserve the kind of treatment he got. Randy gives him some pocket change. Stasiak then comes out.

Shawn Stasiak vs Lance Jade

Jade is from the Young Guns division. Stasiak made his debut last week. Both dudes suck. I don't care how good of shape Meat was in, he had no charisma and no skills in the ring. Tony Faulk distracts Meat. However, he tried to hit Meat and ended up hitting Jade. Stasiak wins with a reverse DDT.


A local commercial for Golden Title Loans, featuring Jerry Lawler. No Hassle, No Credit Checks!

King comes out to talk about the Phoenix Club of Memphis. Stacy Carter is also with him. It's a fund raiser thing. King drew for greeting cards. HBK's music hits.

Derrik Kings vs Erin O'Grady Young Guns Trophy

What the fuck, a dude in a WWF developmental territory uses a WWF wrestler's theme? A super famous one at that? So weird. Erin is the future Crash Holly. The former champion comes out and wants a rematch. King hits an X-Factor. So he steals entrance music and finishers of WWE stars? Crash wins quickly with a Kryptonite Crunch. Holy shit, the former champ is a good 2-3 inches shorter than Crash.


TO THE BACK. Brian Christopher gets his cue and says he's tired of waiting to reveal his secret. It cuts to commercial while he's talking.

We're then supposed to see some footage of Brandon Baxter (the guy attacked last week), but Randy Hales and Downtown Bruno come back out, pulling the tape apart. Vic Grimes also comes out. Oh shit, he's going to talk. And it is awful.

Vic Grimes vs Bulldog Reigns

No relation to Roman. Bulldog is short, fat, and has so little athleticism that he can barely even slowly jog. This is awful. Everything about it. Grimes does a Cactus Elbow. They brawl to the back. Double count out. 


Brain Christopher comes out. He calls Jerry Lawler out. Brian wants to talk about King's first marriage. In that first marriage, he had 2 kids. That's not a secret. Everyone knows King has been married twice. He starts talking about Stacy, which brings her out. The show ended before Brian could reveal his secret, which was that Jerry Lawler was his father. Not really a big secret, buddy. Besides being openly acknowledged on WWF TV for about a year, I'm quite sure everyone in Memphis knew it anyway. I mean, it's pretty obvious.

This show was terrible. I know it was a developmental show, but there is no reason why it had to be so bad. The look, the camera work, the audio, the wrestlers that weren't heading to the WWF. Just a lot of bad, bad stuff. Randy Hales is so bad at talking that I have to think him being the main heel has to be a rib.