AWA Championship Wrestling 2/21/88

Larry Nelson introduces the show and sends us to highlights of the Rockers vs Nasty Boys from last week. As it turns out, the Rockers pinned the non-legal man. The Nasty Boys are now lobbying for a rematch. The main event tonight will be Jerry Lawler vs Curt Hennig! "Let's go watch an Indian named Wahoo!"

Wahoo McDaniel vs Samoan Joe

Samoa(n) Joe! Wahoo is old, out of shape, and close to immobile. Joe looks like a fatter Tonga Kid. Wahoo wins with a terrible elbow drop to the head. It might have been a falling chop.


Bad Company vs The Hurricane Kid/Billy Anderson

Bad Company would be the (2nd) Orient Express in the WWF. Paul Diamond and Kid start out. Tanaka is tagged in and Kid takes the most confusing Irish whip. Tanaka lets Kid tag out and hits a superkick on Anderson. Bad Company win with a slingshot/DDT combo.


Larry shows us some clips of Baron Von Raschke being attacked by Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissie. Baron then shows up and tells us the claw is back! I wonder how this full on Nazi character turned face. Same with Fritz Von Erich.

Destroyer Samoan vs Greg Gagne

AWA seems to love islander jobbers. Greg Gagne is one of the least intimidating wrestlers I've ever seen. Even as a young man, he looked like a middle aged CPA or something. Destroyer attacks before the bell. It heads to the floor. Greg is sent into the ring post. Greg wins with a sleeper in a boring match.

TO TONY THE TIGER. Lee Marshal talks with AWA Heavyweight Champion, Curt Hennig. Hennig shit talks Greg Gagne and says no one will take his belt. Greg comes out and challenges him to a title match.

Cowboy Bob Orton vs Kevin Collins

This is joined in progress. I intentionally thought Collins was actually Phil Lafon, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Total squash. Orton wins with the superplex. He did a piledriver after the match.


TO THE LARRY. Larry talks with Soldat Ustinov. He shits on The Baron. "You are a German, you are just like the Americans!" What a weird insult.

Curt Hennig vs Jerry Lawler AWA World Heavyweight Championship

Perfect looks kind of tubby. Very even opening minutes. Perfect bails out to avoid getting a punch. He does a lot of stalling and hits a punch of his own, then goes back to stalling. King finally gets too pissed to contain himself and catches Perfect in the mouth. Back to stalling. Perfect gets back and unleashes a series of shots in the corner, which fires King up to do the same. The shots knocked Perfect on the ropes and then over them. More stalling. Second rope first drop! Perfect kicks out. Blatant low blow right in front of the ref. Perfect should be disqualified. Lawler is sent over the top rope, which should also be a DQ for Hennig. The strap comes down. They go back to the floor. Double count out. Title retained.


TO THE LARRY. Larry talks with Wahoo. He wants a title shot against Hennig.

AWA is so bland. It definitely feels like a promotion for and by middle aged white guys in the Mid West.