Stampede Wrestling 5/78

Stampede has interesting opening credits, which are done almost movie form, listing the promoter/host/producer with comic kind of plates.

Allo Lelani/Gama Singh vs Sandor Novak/John Foley

This is JIP. I'm a little confused at who is who since it seems like 3 guys have been called by the same name. Lelani is the only guy I am sure of because he's the jacked up "Islander" type. Novak is a big fat white guy with long hair. John Foley looks like an old guy who you can find in any local bar. I'm not really sure who is face or heel here, but I do know that the Stampede ring looks miserable to bump on. It might as well be a boxing ring. Foley throws Singh to the floor. Foley is also a manager it seems. Weird double clothesline/should block thing that Foley wasn't prepared to do. Ed Whalen has no problems with silence. Hot tag to Lelani. Big head butt to Novak. One more and a standing splash gives Singh/Lelani the win.


TO THE ED. Ed talked with Foley and his man, Casavuvu (?). Foley's British accent is nearly unintelligible. He will be in a shark cage in a title match due to his constant interference.

Keith Hart vs The General

Keith always had that creepy mustache. At least it fit in the 70s. They trade punches. They get into the corner and General goes in the ropes to beg off. Back body drop from Keith. Keith controls on the mat and a dropkick sends the General to the floor. Back in the hardway, followed by a Perfect neck snap. This is very, very dry. The actual finish wasn't even shown on TV. We were told about it when they came back.

TO THE ED. Ed talked with Keith and his tag team partner, Hubert something. They will defend their titles against the Osborne Brothers next week. Hubert will face Sakahara (?) in what I think is an I Quit match. You know how Canadians say they don't have an accent? That's bullshit. Patty Ryan, their manager, also talked about putting his sleeper on big guys in the territory.

The Dynamite Kid vs Norman Frederick Charles III

Dynamite is TINY. This is well before he got on steroids. He would have been about 20 here. He does a lot of Euro styled stuff, which makes sense because he was fresh off the boat, so to speak. Thumb to the throat. Eye rake. It heads to the floor and Charles is posted. Dynamite's nose is bleeding. He does some European uppercuts. A monkey flip is blocked and he's back on defense. Kid wins with a roll up OUTTA NOWHERE.


TO THE ED. Ed talked with the Kid after the match. I can't understand a word Dynamite is saying. That accent is THICK.

Hubert Gallant vs Mr. Sakahara Taped Fist Match

I might be getting names wrong. It sounds like "Sakahara", "Sakuraba", "Sakurata" have been used. This starts about 8 minutes in. This is very boring. The whole show is. It's extremely dry. I wish I could have found a show with Bret or Owen. Even Ed is bored, audibly sighing. Sakurata/raba/hara wins. This is actually Kendo Nagasaki. He challenged the champion for a match.

Leo Burke vs Cassaboovoo(?)

John Foley is in a cage. Sound gets really bad, some of the tape itself is cut or scratch. Leo won with a sunset flip.

Very dry. Not interesting at all. I would have liked to have seen some mid 80s Stampede, but two shows from 1978 were all I could find.