Southwest Championship Wrestling

Not sure on the date of this. The video says probably 1986, but I'll have to do some double checking based on who is on the show.

Blackjack Mulligan is cutting a scathing promo on Bruiser Brody, that no good, back jumping, no good pole cat. When he was a kid, they'd take their fights outside like men and deal with it how they wanted to deal with it. That was the birth of the Bunkhouse Brawl. It's a weird mesh of a crazy Funk and Dusty Rhodes promo. Brody showed up and wants those names said to his face. Brody is over like a god here. Blackjack isn't from Texas, he's from New Jersey and his car broke down in Texas. Cheap shot from Mulligan. The brawl is on! Mulligan takes his boot off and tries to use the spur on Brody's face. He does and we've got blood. Brody fights back and eventually other wrestlers come out to break it apart. Rick Rude, Paul Bearer, and Chris Adams are the only guys I recognize.


Rick Rude vs Chris Adams

Rude is said to be the champion, but I don't see him having any titles in SWCW. I believe the title he has is actually the NWA American Heavyweight Championship and I believe this is actually a WCCW show. That would date this show between November of 1985 and July of 1986. Adams takes it to Rude. Adams has an eye patch. He misses a second rope splash and Rude hits a suplex. Percy Pringle, future Paul Bearer, is Rude's manager. Lariatooo. Press slam. Second rope first drop. Rude is solidly in control. It heads to the floor. Adams is slammed on the table. Rude for some reason steps over the top ropes to enter the ring. Standing dropkick. Adams fires up. Superkick! Piledriver. Rude got a foot on the ropes. A second superkick. Adams goes up top. Percy uses his cane to shake the ropes and Adams falls. Rude wins. Title retained. The decision was reversed due to interference. Rude attacked after the match. Superkick! Fucking Young Bucks!


TO THE BACK. Bill Dundee is interviewed for Georgia Championship Wrestling. Maybe this is a territory hodgepodge. He really liked the Beverly Hillbillies. He'll take anyone on in any city.

We're shown clips of Dutch Mantell vs Bill Dundee. Dundee won after using the title.

We then go to a promo of Tully Blanchard after winning a title. The Red Rocker is here!

Then a promo with a guy who was apparently partners with Adrian Adonis. Christopher Love.

Alibay (?) the Turk vs Ninja the Warrior vs Tiger Conway vs Sweet Brown Sugar vs Scott Casey vs Bob Sweetan

This is a number one contender match and this is indeed a SWCW match. I believe Ninja The Warrior (Not The Ninja Warrior) is Mr. Pogo. No idea who the Turk is. Casey and Sugar go at it hard. Sweetan is tagged in. Now it is Pogo and Sweetan. It's a free for all elimination match, but with tags. Missile dropkick from Sugar eliminates The Turk. It's hard to call this since I don't know who anyone is and everyone only stays in the ring for 30 seconds at a time anyway. Piledriver eliminates Pogo. Casey is eliminated for tosses Sweetan over the top rope. Tully was on commentary and said somethings about "Soul Brotha". Tape quality went in and out. Sweetan eliminates Sugar while holding the ropes during a pin. Tully interfered before the final fall could be finished. Tiger Conway Jr. is declared the winner by DQ and will face Tully Blanchard for the title.


TO THE BACK. Sweetan and Sweet Brown get into a fight. They get into the ring before the next match can start and continue their fight. Sweet Brown throws some dropkicks and Sweetan bails.

TO THE BACK. Tully talks about his upcoming match with Tiger Conway. Tully says things will be just like they were 100 years ago and that Tiger's kind always steals. Tiger is black.

TO THE BACK. Some dude I don't know I believe calls out the Sheepherders. Oh shit, this is Bobby Jaggers, who I saw on the WWC show. We're shown clips of Bobby vs Luke. Bobby Sweetan turned on Jaggers, giving Luke the win. Buddy Marino was also involved in the promo. They're bros and Buddy can carry Bobby's stick anytime. What?

The Spoiler vs Buddy Marino

Buddy doesn't look like he's from Mexico. He looks like he's from Greece. Well, this immediately stops and cuts to a different match.

King Kong Bundy vs Mr. Wrestling II

This is from Mid South. Very short match that had a ref bump and interference from Mr. Olympia. Bundy won with a powerslam.


Kind of hard to judge this since it wasn't one show. It was multiple territories and all cut up. The actual SWCW parts weren't very interesting. I'm much more interested in seeing what was going on with Brody/Mulligan in WCCW. SWCW was actually on USA before the WWF was. After a bloody match, they were fined and couldn't keep up with the payments, so Vince offered USA to take over the time slot and Prime Time Wrestling was born.