Pro Wrestling USA 10/20/1984

PWUSA was a super promotion made up of the NWA (mostly JCP and Georgia), the AWA, and CWA. It was made to combat the threat of the WWF's sudden national rise, but only lasted about a year before promoters couldn't get along anymore.

TO THE BACK. Jack Reynolds talks with Bob Backlund. He announces Bob as the WWF Champion, which he definitely wasn't. Bob was told that the fans didn't care about him and that he had no future in wrestling. He went home to be a family man. But thankfully, Pro Wrestling USA gave him a chance to come back to wrestling. It was a terrible promo where he mostly just stared in silence.

The Fabulous Ones vs The Nightmares

Terry Funk is on commentary. Stan Lane starts the match. Skinner is in and out smarts both Nightmares. Arm drags and a press slam from Lane. Huge monkey flip from Skinner. Skinner went for another one, but the Nightmare moved and he went hard into the corner. Stan is tagged in and they hit a double back drop. Kick to the head. Stan wins with a quarter nelson roll up.




Billy Graham vs Craig Carson

This was during the period when Superstar dropped the Superstar gimmick and decided to adopt a karate gimmick. Everything that made him famous, he dropped. No tie dye, shaved head, just a mustache, boring ass promos. It was pretty weird. Jimmy Hart is at ringside. I don't think he's with Superstar as General Adnan is Superstar's manager. Superstar easily wins with a full nelson. A fan takes his shirt off to flex at Graham. He comes in the ring and gets his ass kicked. He's obviously a wrestler, but he didn't look familiar. Terry Funk does not like Superstar and is pleading for someone to get Superstar off this kid.

TO THE BACK. Is with AWA Champion Rick Martel. He's looking forward to coming back to Pro Wrestling USA. He's been defending his title all over the world.

Dutch Mantel vs Dory Funk Jr.

This could be really good or really boring. They immediately start some serious grappling. Dory gets a drop toe hold and goes after the arm of Dutch. Dutch comes back with an arm drag of his own and drops some mean elbows on it. Dory uncorks some European uppercuts. Dutch does a cross body and they have a stand off. Not an indie respeck stand off, though. Dutch does a tight headlock that is countered with a back suplex. They do a criss cross spot that ends with Dory doing a stiff forearm to the face. Butterfly suplex from Dory. Vertical suplex from Dutch. He's firing up. Some miscommunications lead to some awkward spots. Hip toss is countered into a back slide. Dory wins! This was pretty enjoyable. Anyone who only knows Dutch from his manager runs in the WWF really missed out. He was a machine. He reminds me a lot of prime Kurt Angle, but in the early 80s. Dutch threw a dropkick after the match and was then thrown to the floor, possibly injuring his knee. He was helped up by referees and Jerry Lawler. I bet these dudes could have a great 45 minute match in Japan.


Tommy Rich joined the announce table and was confronted by Paul Ellering. Tommy decked Paul. The Road Warriors then came out and beat up Tommy. Ellering has to be the most yoked manager of all time.


Keith Eric vs Mr. Saito

Saito squashes Keith. It included a Saito suplex that Keith took on his face. He won with a Scorpion Death Lock.


Rick Martel vs The Spoiler

This is not the most well known Spoiler who trained Taker. This is a non title match. Bockwinkle joined for some commentary. Martell was much bulkier and less cut before his Model days. Martel easily wins with a cross body in a quick match. Spoiler tried to attack after the match and got put in the Quebec Crab.

TO THE BACK. The Fabulous Ones are interviewed. Stan Lane is wearing white jeans with a shirt that is cropped half way down his chest and most of his shoulders are showing. They don't really say anything.

Tony Atlas/Butch Reed vs The Dirty White Boys

One of these is Tony Anthony, who is best known as TL Hopper: Wrestling Plumber in the WWF. The Tonys start out and Atlas wins the exchanges. Len Denton is tagged in and also is easily handled. Atlas made the pin with a standing splash in a short match.

Dutch/Dory was really fun. The rest were more or less squash matches, which were the norm at the time. Enjoyable show. Despite being a super promotion with the combined money from 4 major companies, it still looked low rent compared to the WWF, which itself didn't have the best of production values in 1984 even with the national expansion.