CWA (Memphis) Championship Wrestling 4/11/87

This is actually two shows combined into one. I find it interesting that when TNA first started, they totally ripped off the CWA intro. But they couldn't rip off Thus Spoke Zarathustra that gives way to a FUNK version.

TO THE CONTROL ROOM. Michael St. John gives us a run down of the show. We'll see "Paul Dangerly", which is Paul Heyman. Baby Paul, saying stupid things. Can't wait.

Big Bubba/Goliath vs. Soul Train Jones/Brickhouse Brown

This match is joined in progress.This Big Bubba isn't the Big Boss man, but is actually the Shockmaster/Typhoon/Tug Boat. And he's in a singlet and looks more muscular than he did in the WWF. Not sure who Goliath is. Brown manages to fight back and make a hot tag. Soul Train Jones is Virgil. Downtown Bruno (Harvey Wippleman) causes a DQ. Virgil was jacked. Jesus. I thought he was Tony Atlas at first. Brown is tied up in the ropes as the fat dudes drop multiple leg drops on poor Virgil. They even stomped his balls. This seems like a leaving the territory kind of beat down. Jeff Jarrett and someone made the save, eventually.


Local house show hyping.

TO THE BACK. Lance Russell interviews Big Bubba, Goliath, and Downtown Bruno. Typhoon is muted immediately. I think he was saying he was going to rip Virgil's dick off in a no DQ match.

TO THE CONTROL CENTER. We're thrown to Las Vegas.

Nick Bockwinkle vs Paul Garner (From AWA on ESPN)

Nick was apparently a face at this time. Garner does some cheap moves and gets in control of the champ. Bock recovers with a drop drown into a drop toe hold and nasty looking calf/knee submission. Garner gets out with a choke. This just fires Bock up. Bock has no problem with fisticuffs. Flying lariatooo from Bock. Bock wins with a weird figure four, which is referred to as an Indian death lock, but I've never seen it applied that way. It looked like a figure four but with Bock's leg pushing down on the knee instead of the ankle of the crossed leg.

TO THE CONTROL CENTER. Mike throws it to Paul Hale, who is about to talk with new manager, Paul Dangerly.

TO THE BACK. Paul Hale talks with Paul Dangerly, the future Paul Dangerously/Heyman. God, he's such a baby. We're shown clips of Lord Humongus beating some scrub. He's suing King and Eddie Marlin. We're shown why. Tommy Rich was injured by King and Bam Bam Big Yellow when they pulled him balls first into the ring post. "Half of Tommy Rich is still better than all of Jerry Lawler". The Dangerous Alliance is coming together! He was so young, but he definitely had that same fire and captivating energy that he'd be known for. He would have been like 22ish I think during this promo.


TO THE CONTROL CENTER. We're again thrown to Lance talking with Big Bubba/Goliath/Bruno.

TO THE LANCE. He talks with the Downtown Connection. Typhoon does an impression that some might consider racist today. He then says that there isn't a brotha or sista that can stay in the ring with him. Rocky Johnson and Virgil come out of nowhere with boards and knock the shit out of them. It heads into the ring. Typhoon is busted open. Lance then got a few words with Rocky and Virgil. No more wrasslin. They're getting down from now on. No man has to take the things that have been said to Virgil, because this is the 80s. I assume there were some racial slurs thrown at Virgil.


TO THE CONTROL CENTER. Mike sends us to the Jackson Colosseum

Mr. Helo vs Brickhouse Brown

Also JIP. Helo is Hiromichi Fuyuki, who you may recognize from Japanese deathmatch promotions and the AKI WCW games. He was also part of Footloose with baby Kawada in AJPW. Brown is able to fight back and send Helo out of the ring. He fires up with a fist drop and missile dropkick. Brown pays too much attention to the manager and gets hit with a lariatoooo. Helo wins with a handful of tights, but he didn't need it as Brown was out.


TO THE CONTROL CENTER. We're told about how wild the action we are about to see is. Downtown Bruno has placed a $5K bounty on the mask of the BT Express.

Jeff Jarrett/BT Express/Paul Diamond vs. Pat Tanaka/Shima/Mr. Helo

Also JIP. Jeff is so small. Tanaka and Diamond of course teamed for years in the AWA and the WWF. Shima is Akio Sato, who would be in the original Orient Express in the WWF and would show back up as Hakushi's manager. I'm not sure who the BT Express is. Jeff is knocked to the floor and pounded on. Back in the ring, Jeff continues to be the FIP. He's busted open and getting the shit knocked out of him. He's so young. He would have been about 20 in this match, but he's really solid for someone that young. He makes a hot tag to the BT Express. Vader Bomb elbow. Shima is fucking mean with his stomps. Tanaka tries to get the mask off. Hard chop. BT takes an awesome Jannetty bump. Tremendous. BT looked for a tag, but Diamond dropped off the apron to help Jarrett. This has happened twice now. Diamond does it again. Looks like the fix is in. Jeff can't take any more of the beat down and jumps back in the ring to fire up on the heels. Paul Diamond nails Jarrett! SWERVE! The match is thrown out and Diamond goes after the mask. Someone comes down for the save and is also attacked. The mask is off! It's Billy Travis. I don't know who that is, but he's pretty good. Paul Diamond just wants the money. Bruno tries to welch on the bounty. Tanaka and Diamond get into a fight over the money. Diamond hits him and runs off. The brawl continues in the ring. Fun stuff.


TO THE LANCE. Lance gives us a run down of an upcoming arena show. Jeff Jarrett vs Pat Tanaka in a No DQ match with the winner facing Paul Diamond. Double J is brought in for an interview. Jeff's voice is great. Part of it is just the tape, but he's also 20. He's going to be on Paul's back all night.


Then we go back to the aftermath of the previous match, with Jeff throwing a fit and throwing the format away to brawl with Paul Diamond. Pat Tanaka comes back to fight with Jeff, but then goes after Diamond. Paul runs out of the studio as Jeff and Tanaka argue by the announce table. The promoter (maybe) comes out to calm it down. The match we were just told about is booked. Tanaka, despite being the evil foreigner, speaks with much less of an accent than Double J.

TO THE CONTROL CENTER. The first show ends and the second begins.

Lance and Dave Brown welcome us to the show. This is actually the matches from the previous show. I'm not really sure how territory TV schedules worked. But apparently there were different shows for different markets and one was a highlight show, and one was the actual studio show. I'm not really sure how it worked, but the second show was actually just the first show without the control center segments or the AWA match.

Man, Memphis was fun. This wasn't anywhere near prime Memphis, but it was a really enjoyable show and I'd like to see the big arena event that this was building to. Baby Paul Heyman and Baby Jeff Jarrett were interesting. Seeing Typhoon and Virgil under completely different circumstances was also interesting. Typhoon was a pretty good promo. I've always enjoyed Lance Russell. Just a good random territory days TV show.