Continental Championship Wrestling 6/28/86


CCW was based in the Alabama/Florida/Tennessee area. It was owned by the Fuller family going all the way back to the 50s. A lot of people who were mainstays in the area were also big in the Memphis/Florida/JCP areas. It was known as South Eastern Championship Wrestling for quite a while, but the name was changed to Continental in an attempt to go national. It didn't really go national and stayed in the same area anyway.

TO THE DEAN. Gordon Solie talks about the upcoming show and interviews Wildcat Wendell Cooley, who had his title belt stolen by Adrian Street. We're shown clips from the match. Street won a non-title match by cheating and then stole the belt. Wildcat wants his dang belt! Gordon says he will get it back by the end of the hour.

The Bullet vs El Fuego

The Bullet, or course, being Bob Armstrong's alternate gimmick. El Fuego is a big fat dude in a lucha outfit. The Bullet is clearly Bob Armstrong with a mask. I think he hid it even less than Mr. America. A punch levels Fuego in the corner. Fuego gets some kind of international object while the ref is distracted. Headbutt puts the Bullet down. Knee drop. He misses a second knee drop. Bullet attempts to remove Fuego's mask. Before he can, another masked man runs in and attacks Bullet. Bullet knocks him away and goes back for the mask. Bullet and the other masked man brawl back to the ring. Sleeper! Fuego waddles back out and throws a fireball at Bullet! Opening up strong with a fire ball angle. I think it was Scott Armstrong who made the save for this masked man who moves an awful lot like his father. Bullet is declared the winner.


TO THE DEAN. Gordon talks with the Bullet. El Fuego is out of the territory and Dutch Mantell is filling his spot in a cage match with the Bullet. I'd like to see that.

TO THE DEAN. Gordon talks with Jerry Stubbs. He is going to put Frankie Lancaster out of commission. We're shown a clip of Jerry giving Frankie a brainbustaaaah on the concrete. Everyone looks black dude to tape quality, but they aren't. Brad Armstrong made the save, so Stubbs is going to get rid of the Armstrongs as well.


Brad Armstrong vs Jerry Stubbs Continental Heavyweight Championship

Jerry is also known as Mr. Perfect. Stubbs was Mr. Olympia in Mid South. Brad gets to the early lead with arm drags. Brad has the speed and youth advantage. Stubbs slaps on a side headlock, taking a cheap shot while doing it. The ref warns him. Stubbs is the king shit of stalling. Brad fires up but is cut off by getting thrown to the floor. Brad is suddenly covered in blood. Series of headbutts from the champ. Diving lariatooo. Frankie Lancaster came out to distract the champ. Roll up. New champion! Stubbs then beats the shit out of Lancaster until Brad runs him off with a chair.

TO THE DEAN. Gordon talks with the new champ and Frankie Lancaster. Stubbs was interviewed in the ring and has a no DQ match coming up. He's going to hurt some people.

Basically, this is a studio show, but done in an arena to give off the impression that they're big time.

Mike Fever vs White Lightning Tim Horner

This is just a showcase for Horner. Tim Horner wrestled for the JCP/WCW and would co-found SMW with Jim Cornette. He also worked as an agent for WWE. Nothing of note. Horner won with an O'Connor Roll.

Gordon does an ad for Jim Walter, a local builder.


TO THE DEAN. The Wildcat is back. Adrian Street is in the ring. Street beat the champ and feels the belt belongs to him. Adrian Street, doing Gorgeous George to the extreme, implies that Cooley is gay or that women don't like him. Street will not get another title shot unless Miss Linda is banned from ringside. Tim Horner also said something to someone.

Robert Fuller/Jimmy Golden vs Tommy Rich/Steve Armstrong Southeastern Tag Team Championships

If Fuller/Golden don't regain the titles tonight, they'll break up forever. Col. Robert Parker and Bunkhouse motherfucking Buck! They are right into a four way melee. Rich and Bunk start out. Armstrong tags in and hits a double suplay. Fuller is tagged in. Arm drag and a drop kick. Dr. Tom Prichard is also at ringside. Fuller tags out. Double dropkick to Buck. Flying knee drop to Buck. He misses the second one. Some got dang cheating from those heels. Hot tag to Steve. He has the sleeper applied. It is broken up. Dr. Tom trips Steve. The Intern fights with Dr. Tom. It breaks down in the ring. Armstrong has a sleeper on again. Fuller kicks Steve, sending him to his back, but the hold was still applied. Golden gets the pin. New champions!

TO THE DEAN. Gordon talks with the new champs and Dr. Tom. We then get a talk with The Intern. Dr. Tom is a BOGUS doctor!

TO THE DEAN. Miss Linda brings Cooley a present. Inside was the belt, with the strap having been painted pink. This made Cooley go insane. LOL Gordon says "Bobbbb uhh, The Bullet".

Eh, I don't know about this. Didn't really capture my attention at all. Seemed like it was probably a big show with two title changes and a fire ball, but it was no Memphis.