NWA Superstars On The Superstation


The rarely talked about proto-Clash of the Champions type event, booked based on fan voting of dream matches, held in prime time on a Friday night. The show opens following Magnum  TA riding around Atlanta on his motorcycle set to Willie Nelson.

Linda Curry and Magnum TA host the show. David Crockett and Tony Schiavone will be calling the action.

TO THE BOB. Bob Caudle speaks with the Rock N' Roll Express as they're getting geared up. Well, he talks about them. The RNR don't actually ever talk, and they're shown getting read on split screen as the Midnight Express head to the ring.

Midnight Express vs Rock N' Roll Express NWA World Tag Team Championships

Oh no, the Midnights attack during introductions. JERKS! It doesn't take long for fortunes to turn, and the Midnights have to bail and take a breather to calm things down. It can never be said too many times how much better Dennis Condrey was than Stan Lane. These matches are so much better without Stan. This is missing a lot of the more cutesy tag spots these matches are known for, and instead this is a down and dirty fight from everyone. Loverboy's leg becomes the main focus for the RNRs. Eventually, Gibson gets an extended heat sequence as FIP. David Crockett is the most excited announcer I've ever heard. It's nice. I know he gets a lot of shit throughout time for being terrible, but his enthusiasm makes up for his lack of traditional skill as an announcer. Similar to Don West. Bobby gets hit with the double dropkick, but Pee Wee Anderson got bumped out of the ring on it. Condrey gets dropkicked, and Cornette tries to get involved, which causes a distraction that allows Dennis to hit Ricky with the racket in the neck. Randy Anderson wakes up to count the pin. NEW CHAMPIONS! 

Robert Gibson hip toss to Bobby Eaton.gif
Ricky Morton back body drops Bobby Eaton on floor.gif
Bobby Eaton punches Ricky Morton.gif
Dennis Condrey back breaker to Robert Gibson.gif
Rock N Roll Express double dropkick to Bobby Eaton.gif
Dennis Condrey hits Ricky Morton with tennis racket.gif

TO THE BACK. The Midnights celebrate their victory. Eaton is down and out on the floor.

Road Warriors vs Ivan and Nikita Koloff

A lotta BEEF in this match. Plus old man Ivan. Curious to follow up small fast paced tag with a HOSS tag. And they're out here doing indie respek stand offs. But with BEEF. Hawk ends up as FIP after...running into the ropes? Idk, it was weird. Baron Von Raschke comes out to watch at ringside and look like a general creep as his comrades cheat. Lol, what the heck ,after Hawk being FIP for a while, Animal gets the hot tag and then Baron hits the ring to take Hawk out. But then Hawk eliminates him and goes back on the offense. Then he just jumps in right in front of the ref and the match is thrown out. Paul Ellering joins the action and a big brawl breaks out, with LOD gaining the upper hand.

Hawk runs into Ivan Nikita Koloff.gif
Ivan Koloff neckbreaker to Hawk.gif
Hawk falls lol.gif

TO THE MAGNUM. Terry speaks with Benny Parsons, NASCAR driver. 

TO THE FANS. A camera crew went around the building asking fans how long they've been watching, who their favorites are, and what they get out of wrestling. Most of the women were fans of Magnum or Dusty. There were a couple of SMART MARKS who only liked heels, though. This is followed by a music video of just fans, most of which seemed very angry.

Angry Old Lady.gif
Angry fans.gif

TO THE TONY. Tony interviewed Dusty Rhodes and WILLIE NELSON on the set of Stage Coach. Also a guest appearance by Johnny Cash. Dusty tells some stories about their long friendship. 

Dusty Rhodes and Johnny Cash.gif

Dusty Rhodes vs Tully Blanchard NWA National Championship

Commercial break right as they start. Somethings never change. When they come back, Baby Doll has all kinds of shit to say to Tully. Dusty works the leg and has Tully unable to stand. Fans are chanting for Dusty to BREAK IT BREAK IT BREAK IT. Vicious. However, Dusty appears to reinjure his ankle, now working for the first time without his protective boot. A lot of both guys hobbling around. Dusty had the match won with a belly to belly, only for JJ to cause a distraction. As the match goes on, it becomes more and more of a slug fest. The time limit expired before Tully Blanchard submitted to a Boston crab. Tully hit a piledriver and left with the belt. 

Dusty Rhodes wiggles.gif
JJ Dillon shakes his head.gif
Dusty Rhodes back breaker to Tully Blanchard.gif
Dusty Rhodes suplex to Tully Blanchard.gif
Tully Blanchard piledriver to Dusty Rhodes.gif

TO THE MAGNUM. Jim Crockett Jr. announces the inaugural Crockett Cup, a world wide tag team tournament to be held at the Supermome. Joel Watts spoke with Bob Johnson, executive VP of the Superdome. 

TO THE TONY. Gaylord Perry! He was a pitcher. 

Ron Garvin vs Ric Flair NWA Championship

Will they do three fuckery finishes in a row? Probably. Technically four since the opening tag had a cheap finish as well. Of course, Ron beats the breaks off of Ric in the opening minutes. This is VERY chippy, Garvin treating Ric like one of his squash match guys. Ronnie is FIRED up for this. SOMEBODY SAY SUMTHI...fuck. They have good chemistry, because as soon as Ric starts doing dumb shit, Ron just smacks or chops or punches the shit out of him. Oh wow, another fuckery finish lmao. Tommy Young gets bumped, Ron clearly pins Flair. Ron checks on Tommy, Flair knees him from behind, pins Ron, but Ron's foot was on the bottom rope. Tommy didn't see it.

Ric Flair Ron Garvin fight.gif
Ron Garvin irish whips Ric Flair.gif
Ron Garvin suplex to Ric Flair.gif

A hot show with a hot crowd and some of the top matches JCP could put out even on PPV, let alone as a television special. It took a similar route of WWF and SNME with all the celebrities (although country singers and NASCAR drivers definitely appealed more specifically to the Southern JCP audience as opposed to Mr. T and Cindi Lauper), but actually put on high quality, big time matches. Even if they all had wonky finishes. You'd think one of the four aired matches would have had a clean finish. It's curious to me that this is never mentioned in the history of JCP/WCW, especially as it's clearly the prototype for Clash of The Champions, had celebrity involvement, and did a high rating.

kid on tractor.gif
Warren Beady lol.gif