WWWF MSG 4/14/75

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Tony Altimore vs Mike Paidusas

Both of these guys look like they're in their mid 40s (at least) Mid to late 40s in the mid 70s. Hard 45. When men were men and drank beer and smoked and pulled their tights up above their navals to hide their guts. Tony is such a stooge. He's entertaining in his way. Mike is dry even by mid 70s standards. A long, dull match centered mostly around arm locks ends with Tony missing a kick and getting rolled up with a jackknife pin.

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Tony Altimore punches Mike Paidusas.gif
Mike Paidusas punches Tony Altimore.gif

El Olympico vs Greg Valentine

This is the MSG debut of the Hammer. He looks JUST like his dad, too. Like a fucking clone. Just...shorter. Those tiny hands as noticeable as ever. He gives Olympico quite a beating. Hammers him, if you will. So many forearms to the chest. Also lots of arm work. Everything Greg does looks great, except for his bumps. Looks like he never learned how to take a back bump or something. He wins after a crushing back elbow followed by a regular elbow drop. Pretty enjoyable match. 

Greg Valentine MSG debut.gif
Greg Valentine hammers El Olympico.gif
Greg Valentine knee drop to El Olympico.gif
El Olympico dropkick to Greg Valentine.gif
Greg Valentine back elbow to El Olympico.gif

Waldo Von Erich vs Jay Strongbow

Nazis vs Indians. In 1975. Let's not take this out of context but I hope the Nazi wins this match. Oh wow, lmao, Waldo attacks right as the bell rings, Irish whips Jay over the ropes, and Jay can't continue. THE NAZI WON! 

Waldo Von Erich eliminates Jay Strongbow.gif

Little Tokyo/Lord Littlebrook vs Little Louie/Sonny Boy Hayes

Would you believe this is a midget match based on those names? Sonny Boy is fucking jacked. This is a surprisingly straight match, with next to no comedy spots. But the ones that are there are pretty bad, like the ref grabbing Little Tokyo and spanking him like a child. Or Littlebrook tripping on the bottom rope. These guys probably just stole the show with a very entertaining and action filled 19 minute match. The heels won 2 falls to 1 with when Littlebrook jackknife pinned Little Louie.

Midgets Running.gif
Sonny Boy Hayes arm drag to Little Tokyo.gif
Sonny Boy Hayes slams double stomp to Little Tokyo.gif
Lord Littlebrook knees Sonny Boy Hayes.gif
Ref spanks Little Tokyo.gif
Lord Littlebrook trips.gif

Spiros Arion vs Bruno Sammartino WWWF Championship Greek Death Match

Freddie Blassie gets these crowds SO hot. Bruno doesn't wait to be attacked this time, instead immediately going after Spiros and knocking him out of the ring. Then beats him all around the ring. Then back out. Then back around the ring. Spiros has to hit a low blow to change his fortunes. It didn't last long. This is feeling like a feud ending beat down. The ROAR of this crowd when Bruno appeals to them or throws kicks. It's insane. And then when he wins, the crowd is so loud you can barely hear the bell ringing. Bruno won with a half crab. Title retained.

Bruno Sammartino punches Spiros Arion.gif
Bruno Sammartino slams Spiros Arion.gif
Bruno Sammartino stands on Spiros Arion's face.gif
Bruno Sammartino kicks Spiros Arion in leg.gif
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Edouard Carpentier vs Joe Nova

This is just a showcase for Ed to show off all of his fancy escapes and counters. And fancy they are. Basically the Young Bucks of 1975. Killin' da biz with his flips and superkicks. Ed wins after doing a backflip from the top rope, rolling into a throat chop, followed by three flipping sentons. HIGHSPOTS! 

Edouard Carpentier kicks Joe Nova.gif
Edouard Carpentier skins the cat.gif
Edouard Carpentier highspots.gif

Bobby Duncum vs Victor Rivera

This goes to a curfew time limit draw before much can happen, even though it went on for 16 minutes up to that point.   

Ref runs.gif
Bobby Duncum flying stomp to Victor Rivera.gif

A fun show. Amazing how much shittier the in ring quality was a decade later, and it's not like any of this was all time classic wrestling or anything. 

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