WCW Thunder 12/17/98

The very last Thunder of this project!  So excited.  The show opens with a graphic for the death of wrestler/referee Brady Boone.  We'll talk to RIc Flair's family tonight.

Recap of Steiner trying to get Lex to join the black and white.  However, the audio was Borked and no one noticed.  Even though it was a taped show, it still made it to air with no audio over the recap video.

Konnan vs Kenny Kaos WCW TV Championship

Kaos has one of the tag titles with him.  It actually looks like a replica.  Regardless, he isn't really a tag champion.  Rick Steiner picked him for one show, replaced him with Judy Bagwell, then she got "hurt", then Rick got injured legit.  The tag titles haven't been mentioned since before Halloween Havoc.  Now this jerk off comes out with the title, even though he's wrestled since then without bringing his fake title that he didn't even fake win.  Steiner and Buff interrupt the announcers to say they're on Lex's side.  Konnan won.  Robbie Rage came out after the match and argued with Kaos over the tag title. 

TO THE BACK.  The Flair family arrives in a limo.  BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!

Recap of Flair's heart attack.

Mike Enos vs Fit Finlay

Production errors everywhere.  This shit isn't even live and they have random camera shots, no audio on the recaps, wrong names, and in Finlay's case, not even getting a title plate.  Finlay knocks the shit out of Enos for a bit.  Enos does a weird muscle buster kind of thing.  Finlay wins with a small package OUTTA NOWHERE.  Enos attacks after the match, continuing his gimmick of "Guy who loses to roll ups on Thunder and gets mad about it".

Fuck, maybe the show is live.  They say live even on the taped shows.  Scott Hall comes to the ring.  Hall has Luger in the main event.  He's got respect for Flexy Lexy.  Hall has no friends, no family, no ring music.  All he has is wrestling.

Tony announces that Kidman vs Rey vs Juvi will happen at Starrcade.  We're then shown a few weeks of matches to show why.  WCW always does this totally backwards.  They tell you everything and give you the analysis on the angle, then run the footage.  The normal way would be to show the video and then talk about it.

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs TAFKATAFKAPI

The LWO followed Prince out.  Eddie doesn't want Prince to go to the ring.  Prince is a pussy, so he walks to the back.  Instead, Eddie sends Juvi to the ring.

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Juventud Guerrera

Nothing of note happens in the match.  Eddie frog splashed Rey, giving Juvi the win.  Prince ran out and told the ref, who reversed the decision. 

TO THE BACK.  Steiner and Buff find Lex in the back.  They tell him not to trust Scott Hall.  Konnan comes in and tells them to leave.  Konnan was then attacked out in the hall.  Lex heard it and found Scott Hall standing over him.  Hall said it wasn't him, but Lex shoved him away.

Shiima vs Disco Inferno

Disco comes out in a Wolfpac shirt.  Disco wins easily with the Chartbuster.

EARLIER TONIGHT.  The Flairs arrived.

Jerry Flynn vs Norman Smiley

Let's see if we can get a gif as good as the one from Saturn/Norman.  Norman Conquest for the win.  Not even a good dancing gif.

Chris Jericho vs Saturn

Jericho didn't even get a pre match of any kind.  Jericho gets the better of Saturn at the start.  He gets cocky and eats a superkick.  Saturn does his kick combo in the corner.  Gargoyle suplex.  Jericho throws the ref in the way of a top rope lariatoo.  Cat runs out and gets suplexed.  Cat recovers and knocks Saturn out.  The ref recovers to see Saturn in the Liontamer and calls the match.  Jericho got his eye busted open sometime during the short match.

TO THE SCHIAVONE.  We welcome Ric Flair's family to the ring.  Actually, it wasn't even an interview.  Tony announced them and they came out to sit in the front row.

Scott Hall vs Lex Luger

Disco came out for this.  Buff and Steiner also came out.  They attacked Hall.  Konnan ran in to make sure Lex didn't beat up Hall.  They attack Buff and Steiner instead. 

TO THE SCHIAVONE.  Tony invites the Flairs into the ring.  Bischoff comes out.  He apologizes to the whole family.  He not only says that David will be a great wrestler, but that Reid will grow up to be a great adult.  He then beats up David.  Crush and Windham come out.  Crush holds Reid back while Barry throws David around.  He then goes to the floor and forcefully kisses Beth Flair.

And so ends the last Thunder of this project.  Thank god.  Two Nitros and Starrcade are all that remains.