WCW Thunder 12/10/98

Lol, Thunder.  If lol had been a thing in 1998, that's what the show would have been named.

Bobby Duncum Jr. vs Chris Jericho

For real?  They did it the Nitro before WW3, the Nitro after, last Nitro, and now Thunder.  It's not like they have bad matches or anything, but 4 matches in the span of a few weeks is too much for any match up.  Nothing of note happened besides Jericho doing submissions like he was the guy with a 5 inch height advantage.  What the fuck, Jericho won with the exact same finish that was used on Nitro.  Konnan came out and told the ref what happened, so the match is restarted.  Why would anyone believe Konnan?  He's a Cuban who pretends he's a Mexican.   Konnan hit Jericho with the TV Championship, costing him the match.  Such a WWE face.

Glacier vs Saturn

Another rematch from Nitro.  Nothing will ever beat the kick to the dick gif from Saturn.  That's probably going to be my number one gif of this project.  Now Glacier is in even worse shape and coming off of an injury, and this match is really about The Cat.  The same Cat who Glacier turned on earlier in the year, but is now a heavy for.  Zero explanation or even reference for that one.  Sonny Ono came out to distract Saturn.  He kicked Saturn while he had the ROS of on, causing a DQ.  Saturn then put Sonny in the ROS.  Glacier tried to break it up and ended up elbow dropping Sonny.

Norman Smiley vs Kaz Hayashi

Kaz attacks Norman as the bell rings.  Flapjack Norton from Norman.  Smiley Slam!  Kaz is definitely going to lose since not only have Sonny Onoo and The Cat completely kicked the shit out of him multiple times, but Saturn took his feud from him.  Kind of like how Konnan took Saturn's feud with Eddie/LWO, only for Saturn to get mad about it 3 weeks later, then for both guys to drop it completely.  Norman dominates until Kaz does a drop toe hold into the corner, which Norman no sells seconds later.  Crossface chickenwing for the win.

Recap of Goldberg/Bam Bam/Nash from Nitro.

The Cat vs ???

Nothing happens.  He shit talks and it goes to commercial.  When we come back, we're on to the next match.

Rey Mysterio vs Juventud Guerrera

The winner will face Kidman at Starrcade.  Juvi still slaps hands with fans.  He's a heel.  They trade some headlock takedowns.  Juvi hits a rocker dropper.  Headscissors from Rey.  THUNDER WILL CONTINUE!  Rey is in control as we come back.  he does a weird Bronco Buster that Juvi was way out of position for.  Juvi does a running powerbomb.  The LWO B-Team comes out.  Spoiler: They're all the B-Team.  Rey lands the split legged moonsault.  He almost wins with a second rope leg drop.  Reverse suplex on the ropes from Juvi.  Victory roll from Rey gets a 2 count.  Pop up X-factor.  Juvi Driver!  Super Rana from Rey.  The LWO get in the ring.  The match is thrown out.  Kidman runs out , dives on some dudes, and pulls Rey out of the ring.

Lodi vs Booker T.

Stevie came out because he thought this match was bullshit.  Lodi put something in his glove.  Stevie knocked him out with a slap jack.  Lodi wins via DQ.

Kanyon vs Chris Benoit

Kanyon is sick of Raven's downward spiral, because it's dragging him down, too.  WHAT ABOUT KANYON?  I'm going to assume that Benoit, in addition to being a hardcore racist, was probably homophobic as well.  Kanyon almost wins with a lucha style roll up early on.  Spinning fisherman suplex.  Rolling Reich suplex is countered.  The counter is also countered into a chop.  Superplex from Benoit that he somehow managed to actually take a flat bump on.  Benoit does the Bret corner bump right into a Russian leg sweep.  Slingshot elbow.  Benoit goes crazy with kicks and stomps and snot rockets.  Kanyon comes back with a second rope fameasser.  Fireman carry Flapjack Norton, which Tony calls a "fall away...drop".  Raven comes out with a bucket of paint.  He hits Benoit with it as Kanyon was about to hit the Flatliner.  Benoit wins by DQ.  He puts Kanyon in the Iron Crossface after the match anyway.    This was 3 DQ finishes in a row.  Also, how random was a bucket of paint being the international object Raven came out with?

Konnan/Lex Luger vs Stevie Ray/Whoreass/Vincent

Nash was supposed to be in this match, but Thunder was too far below him.  There wasn't even an explanation as to why Nash wasn't there.  The main event was announced at the start of the show and then when the entrances started, Nash didn't come out.  The announcers made mention of it, but by the time Lex and Konnan got to the ring, they dropped it and neither Wolfpac member brought up Nash's absence during their pre match promo.  Virgil and Konnan in the main event.  And Lex.  And Stevie.  God damn.  If Nash had actually shown up, he would have been the best worker in the match.  Stevie got his slapjack out.  Scott Hall grabbed it and punched him RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE REF, who declined to call another DQ.  Torture Rack on Stevie for the win.  B-Team can't even win in a handicap match now.

Only one Thunder left!  There were 7 matches on this show.  I'm not even going to count Cat's match that never happened.  Of those 7, only 1 had a clean finish.  4 were DQs and the remaining two had finishes with faces using outside interference to win.  1 out of 7.  That's pretty shitty even by WCW standards.