WCW Thunder 12/3/98


Only 2 more Thunders after this.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Hogan announced his retirement and Scott Steiner is the new leader of the nWo.

The show starts with a "career" retrospective for Hulk Hogan.  By "career" they meant the last four years.  This is followed with a recap of the Outsiders reuniting on Nitro.  11 minutes of recaps to start the show.

Scott Steiner and the nWo ref come to the ring.  Scott starts his promo out by saying he's better than Elvis and definitely put down more hoochies than Elvis.  He's the only guy who can carry on the tradition of Hulk Hogan.  He wants to kill Scott Hall tonight.

Eddie Guerrero vs Ciclope

What if this was actually Dean Malenko again?  What if Ciclope never existed and was always Dean Malenko?  After about 2 minutes, Eddie asks the ref to call for the bell.  I guess he quit so he could offer Ciclope as spot in the LWO.  Hypnosis gets promo time!  What the fuck.  Ciclope joins.  Or did Dean Malenko join?

Giant vs Renegade

No "the"s in this match.  Or this company.  Or this great sport.  This is biggest match in history of this great sport.  Makes no sense.  Why does WCW hate definite articles?  Lol, Giant buries Renegade for being a Warrior rip off.  He goes on to call DDP a leather faced rip off, I assume, The Rock.  As he shit talks DDP, DDP shows up with a chair.  He knocks Giant out of the ring.  "Hey fat head giant SCUM."  Scum can fit into any name.  Stone Cold SCUM Austin.  Vince McSCUM.  La ParkSCUM.  Bobby DunSCUM Jr.

Mike Enos vs Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Enos tries to press slam Chavo to the floor.  The ref wouldn't let him. Chavo dropkicks him to the floor and tries a pescado.  Enos caught him.   Kind of.  Chavo attempts a super rana, which is countered into a super bomb.  Enos then does a second rope powerslam.  Mike fucks around with Pepe and almost gets pinned.  Mike goes for a powerbomb on top of Pepe. Chavo counters with a sunset flip for the win.  Enos attacks Chavo after the match.

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Villano V

Rey sends Villano to the floor right away and hits a flipping senton.  He tries a springboard cross body that is countered into a slam.  Hot shot.  Villano then hits a leg drop while Rey's neck is across the bottom rope.  Wacky lucha submission.  Kind of like an inverted stump puller.  Bronco buster.  Code red bulldog.  Springboard rana for the win.

TO THE SCHIAVONE.  Tony caught up with Rey as he walked to the back.   Eddie and the LWO interrupted.  Eddie chooses Juvi to get the next title shot, not Rey.  Great.  Another Kidman/Juvi match.  Next week, Rey will meet Juvi and the winner will face Kidman at Starrcade.  Eddie is not happy with this.

Chip Minton vs Wrath

Chip came out to Chris Adams' song.  He was an Olympic athlete I believe in the bobsleigh.  Or is it bobsled?  This was kind of competitive, but Wrath easily won.

Recap of Dusty SWERVING Bischoff and allowing for Flair vs Bischoff at Starrcade.

Kanyon/Raven vs Steve McMichael/Chris Benoit

Kanyon has something to turn Raven's frown upside down.  It's The Question!  "Who's NOT betta than Kanyon?"  "I gotcha!"  Lol.  They're saying Raven put his head through a window earlier in the day.  Tony at least says that Raven should get help and depression isn't something you can just get a pep talk out of.  Kanyon and Benoit start and have a nice sequence that ends in a chop.  Raven won't tag in.  Kanyon tries a few times.  Mongo gets tagged in.  Kanyon handles him pretty easily as long as he isn't trying to get Raven interested in the match.  Benoit also tries to get Raven's head in the game.  He dominates Kanyon.  Missed diving headbutt.  Kanyon hits the sit out Dominator and again tries for a tag.  He forces the rag.  Raven walks away.  Iron Crossface on Kanyon, but they actually win by count out due to Raven being the legal man when he walked out.

About the 8th recap of Konnan winning the TV Championship on Nitro airs.  Then Konnan's music video.

Disco Inferno vs Konnan WCW TV Championship

Even at 1.20x speed, Konnan still does lucha stuff in slow motion.  Konnan wins.  Cunt.

Scott Hall vs Scott Steiner

The nWo ref checks Hall for weapons.  Hall insists he checks Steiner and then decks Steiner.  SWERVE!  The ref holds Hall's legs so Steiner can attack.  Tree of Joey Lawrence.  Maybe we could change that to the tree of Keanu Reeves.  Tony talks about Hall never getting his title shot from winning WW3 last year, but he did.  He was supposed to get it at Souled Out, but ended up getting it at at Uncensored.  Tiger bomb.  Almost a back drop driver from Steiner.  Short chokeslam.  The ref makes as slow of a count as possible.  Super bulldog from Hall.  The ref pulls Steiner out of the Outsider's Edge.  The ref gets it instead.  Steiner Recliner.  There is no ref to break the hold.  WE'RE OUTTA TIME.

At least there are only 2 more Thunders left.