WCW Thunder 9/24/98


Halloween Havoc is a full month away and WCW already has 4 matches signed. That’s literally unbelievable considering how they’ve treated their PPVs for the past few months. The Horsemen are in the building tonight. 

Hugh Morrus vs Rick Steiner

Hugh got a haircut. Jimmy gets decked early on. He pretends to have an injury, but Rick doesn’t fall for it. He knocks Hugh out of the ring. While about to hit Jimmy again, Hugh ambushed Rick. Didn’t matter as shortly after, Hugh literally walked up to the turn buckle and turned his back so Rick could hit the bulldog. Made no sense. 

Nick Dinsmore vs The Cat

Holy shit, Euguene got entrance music. Cat gives him the chance to leave. He attacks Cat and hits a Northern lights suplex. Cat kicks him in the face. Feliner for the easy win.

Hypnosis vs Saturn

They work some aggressive headlocks. Hypno barely makes it over for a leapfrog. I think it might be Saturn’s fault. There have been a number of guys that barely or didn’t make it over a leapfrog on him. He’s a short guy, so that shouldn’t really be a problem. I think he doesn’t duck down enough. Sweet leg sweep. Hypno mostly whiffs on an enziguri. Saturn comes back by punching him right in the mouth. Superkick. Lodi comes out with signs, which distracts Saturn. He goes to the floor to go after Lodi. Hypnosis hits a dive OUTTA NOWHERE. He hits a missile drop kick back in the ring. It goes back out to the floor. Body slam. Hypno goes for either a leg drop or senton from the second rope to the floor. He misses. T-bone. Superfly Splash for the win. 

Alex Wright comes out making fun of fat, out of shape Americans. Europeans are much better athletes. He claims Finlay, Norman, and the Bulldog are jokes compared to him.

Four Horsemen hype video. 

Barbarian vs Fit Finlay

Oh damn. This should be stiff. Sadly, Hall comes out with a cocktail pretty much right at the start. Hall hates being told what to do, and he wants Nash to know that he has a lot of bosses, but Nash isn’t one of them. “I’m mean when I drink, and lately, I’ve been drinking all the time.” Back to the match. Actually, never mind, because they don’t talk about the match even after Hall leaves. Jimmy again gets hit. Tombstone for the win. 

TO THE SCHIAVONE. DDP comes to the ring. SCUM Count: 1 JACKED Count: 0 BANG Count: 1

Recap of Villano IV getting his neck broken. Again in super slow motion from multiple angles. 

Villano V vs Raven

Kanyon has Goldberg later and wants the crowd to quiet down for Raven. Everyone treats Raven poorly. Boo fucking hoo. Pussy. “I hate you.” God, Tony. Why are you such a dick? What did Brain ever do to you? So rude. Raven hits the rolling Russian leg sweeps and gets a chair out. This gave Villano time to make a comeback. Didn’t last very long. Drop toe hold. Evenflow for the win. 

Disco Inferno vs Chavo Guerrero Jr.

I believe this is a number one contender match. Chavo jumps or is knocked out of the ring, gets back in, throws Disco out, and then plays with Pepe. Arm drags. We’re informed that Scott Norton captured the IWGP Championship the night before. Disco hits a stun gun as we go to break. They continue to talk about the IWGP Championship and how only 3 Americans have won it: Hollywood Hogan and someone else. Lol. Vader wasn’t mentioned. I don’t think Hogan actually won the title itself, but won the IWGP tournament before the title was established. Disco wins with a piledriver. Juvi comes out and gives a note to the ref. Nick Patrick also comes out with a scale. They claim Disco’s weight has been doctored. They make Disco weigh in. He’s at 231. He knocks Juvi on his ass for it. Good. Fucking narc. The decision is reversed and Chavo wins. Well that makes no sense. Disco won completely clean. They should just make that match not count to the cruiserweight rankings.

Alex Wright vs Norman Smiley

Alex tries to offer a handshake. Smiley takes it and gets kicked, but comes right back with a lariatooo and Smiley Slam. I can’t believe nobody has taken it since he’s been a trainer for WWE. Cesaro should do it. It goes to the mat and they do some good old fashioned Eurosport stuff. Another Smiley Slam. Alex hits a back breaker. He tosses Norman to the floor who lands with a loud splat and screams out in pain as he hits. Tony and Bobby are really getting salty with each other tonight. Even when Bobby makes an actual point, Tony is annoyed with it. They get on a discussion about Euro wrestlers not wearing knee pads and different boots. This included a zoom in on Norman’s boots. Series of reversals ends in Alex hitting the hangman’s neckbreaker for the win. 

Stevie Ray comes out to talk to these suckas. Bischoff called him all the way from Japan on his cellular phone to prevent the Horsemen from coming out. He’s the enforcer of the nWo. 

TO THE BACK. Doug Dillinger tells Flair he doesn’t want to see them go out to the ring tonight. Then he turns around. 

The Horsemen do indeed come to the ring. I loved the Horsemen theme. One of my favorites of all time. Stevie stepped aside as well. As he steps through the curtain, Arn hits him with a tire iron. The Horsemen control WCW and they’re taking it back, city by city. Dean thanks Arn for choosing him to be a Horsemen and will be a real member. Benoit I think implies he wants to have a Horsemen gangbang with Liz. Mongo says they might come to Bischoff’s house in the middle of the night. Then it was Flair’s turn. He claims to have spent at least $100K in Norfolk in 1987. He says Liz is tied up at the hotel and they’re all going to fuck her. WHAT? What the fuck. Maybe I misheard that, but it sure sounded like he said they had Liz tied up at the hotel and each of them were going to style and profile with her. WHAT THE FUCK.

Goldberg vs Kanyon WCW Championship

Rare in ring appearance on Thunder since winning the title. I’m sure Kanyon is going to bump like a maniac. Raven decides to join in on commentary. WHO”S BETTA THAN KANYON?!?! Kanyon keeps talking after Goldberg’s entrance and gets absolutely flattened with a spear. Jackhammer for the 30 second win. WE’RE OUTTA TIME!

A little more effort than usual from Thunder, since most of the matches had some actual angles around them.