WCW Thunder 9/17/98


The Four Horsemen are back! And tonight, Arn Anderson will face Eric Bischoff in an arm wrestling contest with his damaged arm for the right for Ric Flair to wrestle again. Scott Hall got sloppy drunk and threw up on Bischoff and a camera while both sides of the nWo tried to help him. 

Bobby Eaton vs Wrath

I’m happy to see Bobby, but not happy that it is in a squash match. Wrath does his flying lariatoo, but it was a straight up top rope flying punch to the face. Meltdown for the easy win. Bobby didn’t even get any offense. Not even a great punch. 

A bit of a Flair retrospective plays. 

Mike Enos vs Lenny Lane

Lol, Thunder. Enos wins with an inverted whirly bird. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. We’re back to the random place in front of a fake live crowd. Buff and Steiner are the guests. Scotty proved he was the bigger, stronger, better Steiner brother. He’s going to prove it again at Halloween Havoc.

We’re shown Jericho calling out Goldberg and defeating MiniBerg at Fall Brawl. Then to another Flair video.

Vincent vs Steve Armstrong

God damn, you know it is a jobber show when Virgil is getting a match. And is likely to win since the Armstrongs are a family of jobbers. Virgil doing shitty lariatoos off the apron, double axe handles, Japanese arm drags. What is going on? Why on earth did WCW not only hire Virgil, but kept him basically until the end? Virgil wins with a Fujiwara arm bar. Maniacal laughter again plays. Probably the universe laughing at the idea of Virgil winning a match.

Recap of Cat’s recent ego issues.

The Cat vs Rick Fuller

Cat gives Fuller the chance to leave and attacks when he doesn’t take it. It goes to the floor where Fuller rams Cat into the post while doing a bear hug. Cat comes back by throwing him into the steps. Back in the ring, Cat works over the arm. Fuller hits the heart slap. What a pussy. Couldn’t even do the heart punch. Cat hits the top rope Feliner for the win. Can’t tell if it hit or not, since they’ve learned to change the angle in the event that he completely misses. 

Another Flair video.

Curt Hennig vs Norman Smiley

Rick Rude isn’t out there, so maybe there will be an actual finish for a Hennig match. They actually do some wrestling on this wrestling show. Norman gets the better of the exchange. Hennig bails to the floor. He comes back in and starts working over the knee. Hennig wins with the Perfect Plex. Shouldn’t he work over the back? Working the leg really don’t do much for his offense or finishing move. 

Another Flair video.

Scott Hall/Stevie Ray vs Kevin Nash/Konnan

Kind of surprising to have Hall on TV the next show after what happened on Nitro. I mean, if Bischoff had to come out and force the show to commercial to get the cameras off of him, why would he be okay with Hall back on Thunder drinking 2 nights later? Hall trips starting the match. Stevie won’t let Hall start the match. After a terrible opening stretch, Hall tags in and falls while doing an abdominal stretch. Nash is just staring at Hall. Hall is counted out as Stevie and Virgil argue with him on the floor about his problem. Well, Stevie was mad about it. Virgil was giving Hall more drinks. The fuck. 

More Flair videos, including almost the entire Horsemen segment from Nitro. 

Arn Anderson vs Eric Bischoff Arm Wrestling Contest

This is for Flair’s right to resume wrestling for WCW. And it will also be contested with Arn’s nerve damaged arm. Dean is with Arn. Buff is with Bischoff. Bischoff SWERVES Arn and says this match is actually with Buff. Buff instantly wins since Arn can’t even grip. And that’s the end of the show.

Man, back to zero effort. I mean, fucking VIRGIL HAD A MATCH AND WON.