WCW Thunder 9/10/98


The go home show for Fall Brawl. As of Nitro, only three matches have been announced for Fall Brawl: War Games, Steiner vs Steiner, and Raven vs Saturn for the Flock’s freedom. We’ll see if any more matches are announced tonight, but if not, they’ll have even less announced than last month’s PPV. 

The nWo comes to the ring. Most of them, at least. I don’t see Steiner, Giant, or Norton. Hulk claims that all the math and calculations have been figured for War Games. Also, he calls Kevin Nash a spoon. Hulk is going to drop a big bomb on Nash tonight. Hulk wants a match with Bret on Nitro. Goldberg has a raccoon head. 

Juventud Guerrera vs Silver King WCW Cruiserweight Championship

They start the match by shoving each other’s faces. Silver King’s hair line always made me laugh. King throws Juvi up for a Flapjack Norton and hits a drop kick as Juvi is on the way down. Snap suplex. King misses a pretty swanky double jump moonsault. Juvi hits a missile drop kick and it goes to the floor. Juvi chases King around the ring. King throws a chair and dropkicks into Juvi’s face. The ref calls for the bell to be rang like 8 times before the time keeper actually does it. They just continued the match. King continued to beat on Juvi after the match as well. 

TO THE SCHIAVONE. JoJo. People have been wondering where Scott Hall has been. After some work, he found out that Hall has been golfing and tanning a lot. JoJo says that Bischoff gives Hall preferential treatment. He suggests Hall put his clubs away, because he now has a match with Konnan at Fall Brawl.

MOMENTS AGO. Anvil and Bulldog attacked Lex Luger. Bulldog and Lex have a match later tonight.

Wrath vs Chris Jericho WCW TV Championship

Jericho has a Goldberg entrance with Ralphus and Kenny Powers as his security guards. They’re lost in the back trying to find the ring. Jericho thinks he found the right door. But he actually went outside. The door closed and he was locked out. Except when he grabbed the door, it opened, so he pushed it shut and hoped no one would notice. Wrath heads to the back to find Jericho. He finds the door. Not only that, a brief shot shows an open TWO DOORS down from Jericho was wide open for the camera crew the whole time. Wrath chases Jericho away. 

They take some time to talk about the personal lives of wrestlers, leading up to Jim Duggan making a big announcement at the Saturday Night tapings. We then go to the footage of Duggan announcing that he has cancer and will be having surgery later in the week. 

Kanyon vs Nick Dinsmore

Kanyon vs Eugene! Kanyon says he’s too good for this and will not be wrestling tonight. Instead, he’s going to have Lodi tell Saturn to wrestle this match. And also to say that Saturn can’t hit Kanyon. Saturn comes out with a few signs, one of which says “Lodi isn’t here”. That means Saturn has no issues with beating the shit out of Kanyon. He then breaks Kanyon’s thumb. Raven sends the Flock out to handle Saturn. Saturn takes them all out and tries to break Riggs’ arm. Saturn says it isn’t about Raven, it isn’t about saving the Flock, it’s about saving Saturn. 

Steve McMichael vs Curt Hennig

Mongo had Perfect in trouble right away with a lariatooo in the corner and a running bulldog. He gets Perfect backed in the corner again and tries a running knee. He misses and Curt goes after the leg. Mongo fights back, but a kick to the knee stops that. Knee lift is countered into a back suplex. As Mongo is about to turn the tide for good, Stevie Ray comes out and causes a DQ. He hits Mongo with a slapjack. Buff gets a chair. They were about to crush Monog’s throat with it, but Dean ran out. Then Arn ran out with a board. Mongo is attended to by trainers and EMTs as we go to break.

TO THE SCHIAVONE. Mongo was taken out on a stretcher. Tony went to the ring to talk to Arn. Be careful what you ask for. Arn offers Dean a spot in the Horsemen. Bischoff comes out. He tries to force Arn to say he works for Bischoff. Arn won’t say it. Bischoff goes on to say that the Horsemen are dead and won’t be coming back. This makes Arn choke the shit out of Bischoff. If Arn wants Flair back, he’ll have to arm wrestle Bischoff with his bad arm. Arn agrees. It will happen next week on Thunder.

Lodi comes to the announce position with seaweed and fish on him. He says that Saturn threw him in a river. 

British Bulldog/Jim Neidhart vs Lex Luger

This was originally to be a singles match between Lex and Bulldog, but since Lex was attacked, it was made a handicap match. That doesn’t make any sense to me. They should have added Konnan and made Crush the ref and then all of my least favorite guys could be together in one match. Bret Hart comes out. He SWERVES his brother in laws and helps Lex! Lex makes Anvil tap out to the Torture Rack, because WCW didn’t learn their lesson with Anvil making submissions look terrible. Bret and Lex high five each other after the match.

Disco Inferno vs Konnan

Disco and Alex offer to join the Wolfpac. Konnan says the Wolfpac don’t roll with saps. He then says he’s got some boys in lock up and the Dancing Fools can go toss their salads. Is that really appropriate for TBS? 

EARLIER TODAY. Tenay tried to interview the Armstrong Brothers when The Cat interrupted them. Cat kicked them both. Norman Smiley came by to say “What the hell is wrong with you, man?” and security quickly broke them up. 

TO THE SCHIAVONE. Roddy Piper gets to ramble. He talks about Jerry Springer and accusing the Wolfpac of bestiality. DDP comes out and says he didn’t ask to be team captain, but he was chosen. He mentions that Piper volunteered for the team and needs to chill out. This was all just to reiterate that War Games is every man for themselves. So why are they even bothering with teams? 

Rick Fuller vs Goldberg WCW Championship

Beefcake and Hogan attack Goldberg after he hits the spear. Beefcake gets speared and Hogan bails. Jackhammer. The ref didn’t see Hogan and Beefcake in the ring right beside him? 

Stevie Ray vs Kevin Nash

Stevie lays a beating on that sucka in the corner. Nash comes back with a corner lariatoo. He tries again, but Stevie blocks it. Nash then takes TWO bumps. In a row! For Stevie Ray! Stevie settles into a chin lock. Nash hits a big boot and goes for the jackknife. Virgil was clearly supposed to break it up, but instead, Nash did a really awkward and slow powerbomb. He was pissed at Virgil and wiped him out with a boot and powerbomb. Hall then ran in and hit Nash with a slap jack. The rest of the nWo come out to celebrate. Hall goes back in the ring and lays a beating on Nash. Tony made reference to Hall not being in any condition to be in the ring and Hall was very wobbly in between his punches and kicks. We follow the nWo all the way back to the locker room where “Warrior O.W.Ns Hulk Hogan” has been spray painted on the wall. WE’RE OUTTA TIME, TUNE INTO FALL BRAWL!

Only one new match was announced on this show, so the fully announce card for Fall Brawl is as follows:

War Games Team WCW vs Team Hollywood vs Team Wolfpac

Rick Steiner vs Scott Steiner

Raven vs Saturn For The Flock’s Freedom

Konnan vs Scott Hall

They somehow outdid themselves and announced even fewer matches than Road Wild. Even werider to me is that they didn’t do run downs of the cards, even when they actually announced matches. WWE has always been good at running down the PPV cards usually a few times per show. WCW didn’t bother with that at all.