WCW Thunder 8/26/98


I’d love to see if they put more effort into putting less effort than last week’s show. Team WCW has been established for War Games: DDP, Warrior, and Roddy Piper. Stevie Ray joined nWo Hollywood. 

Wrath vs Scott Putski

Wrath dominates. He hits a pretty amazing flying lariatooo. For whatever reason, he couldn’t get Putski all the way over for the Meltdown, so he just did a pump handle Dominator.

TO THE SCHIAVONE. Tony needs to get some words with Stevie Ray. He says JoJo has been trying to drive a wedge between he and his brother for years. He says that 3 years ago, the only ones to stick up for him were Hogan and Bischoff. He says that Hogan called him on his cellular telephone and has put a bounty out on DDP. Stevie intends to cash in on that bounty tonight.

Mike Enos vs Bull Pain

I wonder if Bull got paid in tacos for this. You know you’re a jobber when you get a jobber entrance against a jobber. I don’t think Mike Enos has won a match not by DQ this year. He makes Bull look like a bitch. I’m not wasting a gif on these jerk offs unless they do some serious botching. Bull actually does get offense, but this is pretty much an acknowledgement of “We don’t give a fuck about this show lol”. 

The Cat vs Disco Inferno

Disco gets mic time. He says the fans came to see him dance. Cat doesn’t want that. Maybe he should dance. They can have a dance off. Cat takes a playbook from modern WWE faces by kicking Disco in the back of the head while he was taking his shirt off. What a dick. One more kick and Cat wins. Cat is mad that WCW keeps trying to make him a wrestler. He’s not a wrestler. No shit. 

Konnan vs Silver King

Konnan wins. The B-Team come out. Rude will allow Konnan to chose who will kick his ass. Rude has weird tips to his mustache. Konnan tells them to all get in the ring…just to dive out like a pussy. 

TO THE SCHIAVONE. Team WCW captain, DDP comes to the ring. DDP says Bischoff was WRONG (Spacey Lex Luthor style) about being in total control of who is hired or fired. He says the 3rd member of the team will be revealed Monday. Warrior seemed to make it pretty clear he joined the team already. DDP accepts Stevie Ray’s challenge. 

Evan Kourageous vs Kaz Hayashi

These guys would be in a pretty intense feud over a recording contract 2 years later. It’s weird seeing Evan without the braids and raver pants. Evan takes it to the ground very early. Kaz gets up and hits a cross body and spin kick. Sonny Ono comes out to watch. They end up spending significant chunks of the match looking at him instead of the action. Snap suplex from Evan. Kaz gets his knees up on a Superfly splash. He then hits a roll through spine buster and wins with a top rope senton. “Japanese speak a different language.” Oh, Brain. 

Saturn vs Lodi

Lodi blames Saturn for his broken fingers. Saturn won’t accept the match. “Raven’s my friend. He likes me. He just bought me a new rubber ducky!” Lodi says he’ll leave the Flock if he loses, but Saturn will be his slave for 5 days before the PPV if he wins. Saturn accepts. This is Raven’s Rules and Saturn isn’t going to take it easy on Lodi. He hits a huge pumphandle suplex. The rest of the Flock jump in and get put down. DVD on Lodi. Raven runs in and gets hit with a t-bone. Kanyon comes in and hits the Flatliner on Saturn and then shakes hands with Raven. BANG SWERVE! Lodi wins the match and Saturn is now Lodi’s personal slave. Kanyon seems to have joined the Flock. 

Scott Norton vs Jim Neidhart

They’re STILL spelling Anvil’s name wrong. They had it right on one show a few weeks ago, but other than that, they’ve been spelling his name wrong for nearly 9 months. Norton won in a punch and a powerbomb in their last match. It was one of the shortest squashes I’ve seen. Norton hits a flying shoulder block. Anvil goes to the floor and is attacked by Virgil. He fights back and Norton cleans that shit up in a hurry. I think Anvil has had a punch. Anvil finally gets a boot up in the corner and then hits a second rope lariat that Norton completely no sells. He no sells a few punches and hits a fucking gnarly powerbomb. I can’t believe how easily and powerfully he has powerbombed Anvil twice now. 

Chris Jericho vs Alex Wright WCW TV Championship

Both guys are claiming the other pulled hair. A drink makes it to the corner of the ring. Jericho drinks it to a big pop. That seems risky. More hair pulling. Alex almost walks out. After some rolly polly flippy dos, Alex hits a lariat. It goes to the floor where Alex hits a bridging suplex, which didn’t make a lot of sense for him to do on the floor. Jericho gets caught in a belly to belly, but comes back with a spin kick. It goes to the floor again. Banana split! I can see Alex Wright’s taint. Lionsault. Alex locks on a sleeper. I’m feeling a time limit draw soon. Instead, Jericho wins with the Liontamer. 

Curt Hennig vs Van Hammer

I was hoping Hammer would stay gone. Hammer actually out wrestles Hennig. Perfect goes to the floor and comes back in by punching Hammer in the face. Rude chokes Hammer on the ropes. Hammer went for a flying knee in the corner and hit the turnbuckle. This is terrible. Perfect Plex for the win.

DDP vs Stevie Ray

This was only about 3 minutes and DDP won via DQ when Virgil and Giant got involved. Konnan pulled DDP out of the ring to end the show.

Well, there was slightly more effort this week.