WCW Thunder 8/20/98

Stevie Ray vs Giant is the main event. More importantly, the mother fucking WARRIOR is back and has already said a bunch of crazy shit. I doubt he will be appearing on any Thunders, though. 

Hypnosis vs Juventud Guerrera WCW Cruiserweight Championship

They do typical opening lucha stuff, and Juvi then locks on an Iron Crossface. That’s asking for trouble. Not only is he a Mexican, but he’s an ugly Mexican woman. And there is nothing Chris Benoit hates more than ugly Mexican women stealing his moves. Hypno puts Juvi in a full nelson and rams his head into the corner over and over. BA*. Cross body from the champ. Juvi tries a wheelbarrow bulldog, but gets dropped into a face buster. They botch, of all things, an Irish whip. All the wacky shit cruisers do, and that’s the thing they botch. Diving rana from da Juice. Juvi goes for the 450, but gets caught, and looks like he hurt his knee. Top rope victory roll! Juvi kicks out and we go to commercial. Sit out gourdbuster when we come back. Electric chair suplex from Hypno. Queen special I think is what it is called in video games. He hits the guillotine leg drop, but waits too long to make the pin like a jackass. Juvi driver for the win.

TO THE MEAN GENE. Stevie Ray is the guest, but I have no idea where this is taking place. It looks like piece of the Thunder set, but clearly not in front of a crowd, and without any show lighting. How strange. Anyways, HE’S COMIN’ FOR YOU, GIANT NINJA!

Recap of the WARRIOR’s WCW debut. 

Jim Duggan vs Barry Darsow

I swear there was a Repo Man/Duggan mini feud at one point. Duggan wins.

A highlight package of War Games airs. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. Bret is the guest. They’re in front of the same place Stevie's was interviews at. Gene tries to get Bret to reveal the 3rd member of Team Hollywood for War Games. He won’t say. It’s a mystery. Bret says he is the one guy who can beat Bill Goldberg. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. Mongo. These are weird because Gene is acting like they’re in front of a crowd, but the wrestlers aren’t. Mongo has Hennig tonight and he’s going to break him. Rick Rude wears Men’s Wearhouse suits with expensive labels sewn in. 

Brian Adams vs Dean Malenko

I doubt even Dean can get anything good out of Crush. What’s really weird to me about him is so many actual good wrestlers who always said he was a good wrestler who could really go in the ring. I’d like to see even one of those matches. By my estimation, he was pretty awful his whole career and lucked into a WWF spot because he was one of the last guys of his size to come out of the territories. And then of course WCW took him because he had been in the WWF. It looks like a large portion of this arena is blacked out. Maybe it’s just the lighting. Dean is working hard, but Crush sucks and their size difference makes things kind of weird. Dean SPIKES Crush on a DDT out of a bear hug. Virgil distracts the ref, allowing Hennig to come out and ambush Dean. Crush hit the tiltawhirl backbreaker for the win.

An nWo Hollywood package airs, highlighting every single person in the group. What a blatant time filler. 

Recap of Steiner and Buff on Nitro with their stoner doctor. LIke, the whole segment. 

Recap of Raven on Saturday Night talking about his father and bad dreams and how he gives and gives to the Flock. Those selfish cunts. I probably should have downloaded Saturday Night instead of Thunder. It seems like a better show. Raven ran down all of the Flock members individually, being particularly shitty at Whoreass. Saturn came out because he was sick of watching Raven be a bully. BA*, Raven! Saturn tries to convince them all to leave. They won’t. Saturn challenges Raven to a match at Fall Brawl with the Flock’s freedom on the line. Raven agreed. But if Saturn loses, he has to rejoin the Flock.

Kanyon vs Saturn vs Raven vs Whoreass

Raven forces Horace to start with Saturn. He hits a big powerslam and AXE BOMBBAAA. Saturn just starts slapping him like a girl. It was weird. I think it was supposed to be like Meng’s sumo attack, but not quite. Kanyon gets waffled a few times both by Saturn and Whoreass. Kanyon hits a twisting Perfect Plex. Then forcefully tags Raven in. Horace trips Kanyon. Raven then hits Ziggler’s elbow drop series. He also hits the rolling Russian leg sweeps, which was actually Kanyon’s move that he just started doing recently. This is weird. All the guys hate each other, but kind of are defending each other, but mostly just do a bunch of passivage aggressive tags. Raisen gets hit with a stop sign. Saturn won’t tag him, but tags Kanyon so he can beat on Raven. He’s going HAM with suplexes. Really nothing to gif here because these guys all do the same spots with each other and I already have 4 of every move they’ve done. Kanyon hits the Flatliner on Horace. BANG! The Flock members drag him out of the ring and Saturn hits a dive on him. As they brawl on the floor, Raven hits the Evenflow on Horace for the win. I’m ready for this angle to end, because it makes no fucking sense any more. 

TO THE MEAN GENE. Giant talks about Stevie Ray. “I’m gonna close the gap. I ain’t talking about the gap between your teeth, I’m talking about the gap between you and me.” 

Curt Hennig vs Steve McMichael

Maybe Mongo will give me a nice botch before Rude causes a DQ. Mongo slaps the back and Hennig sells it for a good minute and a half. This crowd is dead. Maybe it really is as empty as it looks, but side shots show it to be a pretty decently sized place filled up to the top. The hard cam side looks empty, though. Hennig works over the leg. Mongo comes back with a neckbreaker. Perfect is in bad shape. I really don’t see why he wasn’t given some time off. It’s not like he was really working programs. He was just random nWo guy. They could have filled his spot with Norton just as easily. Rude misses his cue to hit Mongo in the back with a chair, so Mongo just waits on the ropes until Rude gets there. Perfect Plex. Malenko hits the ring to break up the pin. What a SWERVE. Rick Rude wasn’t responsible for the DQ. They hit a double DDT on both Mongo and Dean. Man, these guys are looking like punks for dudes trying to restart the Four Horsemen. Why would Arn want to put it back together when Dean and Mongo can’t even get the upper hand during a run in?

The Giant vs Stevie Ray

Is Stevie a face since he’s challenging nWo guys? Tony makes it clear that Jericho has not joined the nWo nor pledged any allegiance to it. They announcers are just as confused with what the deal is as everyone else. Hall came out with Giant. Giant is wearing jeans even though he was in his ring gear for his interview with Gene. “We’ve got the greatest production team in the world.” LOL. WCW never had even the second best production team in the world, even in the world of wrestling. Hall gets in the ring and involved, but the ref doesn’t seem to mind. Giant hits the chokeslam. Hall gets back in the ring and squeezes Stevie’s cheek. THAT was enough for a DQ. What? Then the rest of the nWo hit the ring, but don’t actually do anything. They just stand around Stevie and poke him with their toes. And that’s the end of the show. 

This might be the most half assed show I’ve ever seen from WCW. They showed a good 10 minutes of the Warrior segment, the full Buff/Steiner segment, and the full Flock/Saturn thing from Saturday Night, which was also about 7ish minutes. About 25% of this show was pulled from other shows. All the interviews were pretaped with normal house lights I assume while the stage was being put together. Or maybe there were multiple shows taped or something. This was basically the equivalent of a UK Smackdown, but with even less effort. Stevie Ray vs The Giant was not only the main event, but the HYPED main event. That should say it all.

No Hogan, Goldberg, Warrior, any Wolfpac member, Bret only appeared in a backstage promo, no DDP, Hall was there only to come out with Giant, no Rey, no Jericho, no Guerreros, no La Parka (where has he been?).

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