WCW Thunder 7/8/98


Goldberg is the new WCW Champion! This is the go home for Bash At The Beach. Crowds have been chanting Goldberg for hours in the building. 

TO THE CONFERENCE CENTER. JoJo states that Curt Hennig has issued an immediate challenge to face Goldberg for the championship at the BATB. The Giant/Hennig vs Goldberg/Greene tag match has been changed to solo matches. A decision on the US Championship will be made in the near future.

TO THE SCHIAVONE. He announces that DDP vs Hennig will be the main event tonight. Hennig is his guest, but is clearly late, so Tony has to stall for time. Hennig and Virgil finally come out. He thinks he shouldn’t have to face DDP tonight. It interferes with the game plan and it won’t happen tonight. 

Tokyo Magnum/Shiima vs Public Enemy

You know how WCW lost $80Million? Giving PE pyro every show. This just sounds like an awful match. This was before CIMA got jacked and started naming moves after steroids. It went about a minute and a half before CIMA was put through stacked tables, with the ref not caring at all. Magnum then tries to dance with PE, but they attack him. The Dancing Fools run in and attack THEM, which was totally deserved as far as I’m concerned. Magnum then tries to dance with them, but they attack him, too. WCW wrestlers are so racist. Benoit’s influence, no doubt.

A video package about all the mainstream publicity Rodman and Malone are getting for WCW. Publicizing how much publicity a match is getting?

The Cat vs Villano ?

Villano got a jobber entrance and I never got a good look at which number was on his tights. I’ll assume IV. Why not. He attacks right away and beats Cat down in the corner. Villano bumps to the floor, when another one slips in to take his place. TWIN MAGIC! Cat beats them both.

TO THE SCHIAVONE. He brings out Eddie. Even EDDIE GUERRERO is happy that Goldberg beat Hogan and offers his congratulations. Chavo seems to be making Eddie pretty crazy, too. He’s going to fuck Chavo up at BATB. “Nobody likes bald people, Chavo!” 

TO THE SCHIAVONE. DDP is his guest in the ring. He also congratulates Goldberg. “I’m proud of you Goldberg, and that’s a SHOOT, and you know that.” It sure sounds like DDP lost his way early on in the promo and is making most of this stuff up on the fly. Hennig will feel the BANG tonight, no matter how hard he tries to get out of it.

Judo Suwa vs Juventud Guerrera

Lol, Suwa was so skinny. I’m more familiar with the more portly, dickhead heel Suwa. Juvi hits some stiff chops. A spinning head scissors sends Suwa to the floor. Juvi follows up with a pescado. Suwa comes back with a body slam and hits a very light Vader bomb. Juvi hits a missile dropkick to the back of the head. Juvi Driver for the win. Kidman distracts Juvi, with allows for the rest of the Flock to attack him. Oh good, another Kidman/Juvi match is on the way.

TO THE SCHIAVONE. MONGO is the guest. He’s got something to say to Arn Anderson about the Four Horsemen. He had a video package of Arn giving a promo against Ric Flair from 1995. He wants THAT Arn back. The Arn that became the driving force of the Horsemen. 

Stevie Ray vs Konnan

Stevie cuts a promo before the match, saying all the problems are with Booker T. Furthermore, he’s dedicating this match to Booker. I’m dedicating this match to cutting. Stevie blasts Konnan in the face with a chair. It made me happy. Booker prevented him from from continuing the beatdown. Fucking Booker. 

TO THE BACK. Hennig is on the phone with Rude, who is with the lawyers in Atlanta to make sure the match with DDP won’t happen tonight. Apparently, it is a done deal.

Raven/Whoreass vs Kanyon/Saturn

Interesting match. We’re also told that they will be reairing Hogan/Goldberg in full on Nitro. Kanyon hits a spinning neckbreaker on Whoreass and goes after Raven on the floor. Whoreass recovers and hits a suicide vie. Raven with Dat Mr. Wrestling 2 knee lift. Russian leg sweep into the guard rail. Whoreass hits a Superfly Splash. More of a Superfly brick, but whatever. Fireman carry Flapjack Norton. Saturn comes in and hits suplexes and superkicks. Frankensteiner! Saturn gets a table out on the floor. Kanyon hits an electric chair on Whoreass. Saturn goes for the splash through a table again, but Lodi threw powder in his eyes. Whoreass put Kanyon on the table and Saturn jumped anyway with an elbow. Raven pins Kanyon for the win.

Steve McMichael vs Rick Fuller

On the go home show for a PPV. 

Chris Jericho vs Ultimo Dragon WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Chris Jericho comes out and claims he’s injured so he won’t be able to wrestle at BATB. Dean is suspended due to his actions on Nitro, and after he beats Dragon tonight, he won’t have an opponent. He demands JoJo come out, but he never does. Exclusive IPPV on Friday. Wait, if Jericho is too hurt to wrestle at the PPV, why is he wrestling tonight? Ultimo was also said to have a concussion. Dragon gets the best of Jericho in the opening moments, sending him to the floor, doing a Tiger feint, and hitting a pescado. Jericho does some shenanigans and ends up doing a Shattered Dreams styled dropkick in the corner. Jericho catches the handspring elbow and turns it into a German suplex. He goes up top and gets caught. After much struggle, Dragon ends up hitting a super gourdbuster. Jericho basically no sells it and hits the butterfly backbreaker seconds later. Dragon sleeper, but Jericho gets to the ropes. Alabama slam into the Liontamer is reversed into a small package. Then a rana for another 2 count. Another attempt is finally countered into the Liontamer for the win. 

TO THE SCHIAVONE. Kevin Greene is the guest. He congratulates Goldberg. “I’ve never faced an athlete quite like The Giant.” Except when he faced Giant a few weeks ago. He’s going to bring the heat this weekend.

DDP vs Curt Hennig 

Hennig comes out. A gopher delivers some paper work to him, that I assume is the paperwork that will stop this match from happening. He makes Penzer read it. Virgil tries to attack and gets hit with a Kanyon Cutter. BANG! Hennig bails and looks hurt. Goldberg’s music starts up. A bunch of pyro happens, but WE’RE OUTTA TIME. You’ve got to be shitting me. I can pretty much guarantee that Goldberg wasn’t there, didn’t show up even with his music and pyro, and those fans went home very pissed. 

The announced card for Bash at the Beach

Hollywood Hogan/Dennis Rodman vs DDP/Karl Malone

Goldberg vs Curt Hennig WCW Championship

The Giant vs Kevin Greene

Bret Hart vs Booker T WCW TV Championship

Eddie Guerrero vs Chavo Guerrer Jr. Hair Contra Hair

Raven vs Saturn

I’m sure there will be some filler matches, but that’s all that that has actually been announced. No Kanyon, no Sting/Nash/Lex, no Hall, no Benoit, no Finlay, no MONGO. What I would like to know is why Piper beating up Savage/DDP in the cage match, and the nWo beating down all three men has not been mentioned since it happened. They did show that Savage was hurt, but DDP never brought it up and Piper hasn’t been mentioned even once on TV since then.