WCW Thunder 6/4/98


Show opens with a recap of Sting SWERVING the nWo by joining the nWo. Then a recap of the best of 7 series. 

Chris Benoit vs Booker T Best of 7 Match 5

Booker has to win this match. He hits the ax kick very early on. He isn’t fucking around this time. He knows he has to win and he’s going all in. Benoit comes back with the rolling Reich suplexes. Eventually, Stevie Ray comes out to make sure his brother doesn't lose again like a punk ass sucka. Iron Crossface is locked on, but Book is in the ropes. Book wins with the missile dropkick. Benoit is still ahead 3-2. 

The Giant comes to the ring. Since Sting joined the wrong nWo, Giant decides he’s going to give his half of the tag titles to Brian Adams. They challenge Sting/Lex to a tag match tonight! 

Van Hammer vs Reese

Oh gross. Reese wins after Whoreass hits Hammer with a stop sign and he hits his double chokeslam. Juvi then runs out to save Hammer. 

Eddie Guerrero vs Alex Wright

Eddie storms to the ring and grabs a mic. He doesn’t know what has been causing Chavo to act the way he has been lately, but the whole family is concerned. Eddie set up an appointment with Dave Penzer’s father, who is a shrink. Well, apparently Chavo didn’t take the appointment since he comes down to the ring. He comes in and the match is thrown out. Eddie runs away from crazy Chavo. 

TO THE SCHIAVONE. He brings Lex out to the ring. God. This show already is testing me. Lex has been signed as head of recruitment for the Wolfpac. He accepts the challenged laid out by The Giant. He wants to bring DDP into the Wolfpac and as his partner tonight. I thought it was Lex/Sting, but I probably wasn’t paying much attention to that promo earlier anyway. 

Hypnosis vs Fit Finlay WCW TV Championship

Hypno very early botches a slide between the legs and it pisses Fit off. He beats the shit out of Hypno for a bit. Hypno comes back and hits a super rana. Fit doesn’t give a shit and hits the Finlay Roll and tombstone for the easy win. 

Recap of all the nWo stuff from Nitro, including the SWERVE of SWERVES of Sting joining the Wolfpac. 

Glacier vs Saturn

Glacier does his whole intro and is blown up. The lights come up and Saturn was standing behind him in the ring. Then some hilariously homoerotic things happen that would make some guy on Youtube very upset. Saturn proceeds to hit a German suplex, plancha, and kick to the face. Glacier botches gets his legs up in the corner and getting tossed over the ropes. Saturn hits an outside in suplex from the second rope. Lodi gets up on the apron. He and the ref get bumped. Saturn hits the superkick. He goes for the DVD after calling out a ref. And that ref was KANYON! Flatliner! BANG! Saturn gets up and hit with the Cryonic Kick. Glacier actually wins a match. 

Curt Hennig comes out and says he won’t be able to return to action for at least 2 weeks, so he’ll have to miss his match with Goldberg. Konnan is going to take Curt’s spot at the PPV. If Konnan wins, he’ll give Hennig the first title shot. 

Silver King vs Dean Malenko WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Maybe they’ll give me something good. Dean hits the leg lariat and tiltawhirl back breaker in the opening moments and then grounds things for a bit. Silver King tries to mount a comeback, but he can’t get any traction. Chris Jericho comes to ringside and rings the bell. He’s wearing Prince’s skirt. He has an NWA rule book from 1934 that he found in the Library of Congress and it states that a champion has the first right of refusal over a challenger. It’s the Ed The Strangler Lewis Loophole. And since Jericho didn’t agree to face Dean, he is still the champion. Jericho demands that Dean give him the title…and he does. IN THE FACE! SWERVE! 

Disco Inferno vs Raven

Disco knows he can’t goof off against Raven and takes it to him right away. He’s got his wrist tape off and choking and all of that stuff. Like a real heel. Raven likes it, though. He’s all about that pain. Gets his dick stiff like the fans cheering for Hogan. Disco goes hip first into the ring steps and looks hurt. Raven props a chair in the corner and whips Disco into it. Drop toe hold on the chair is reversed and Disco hit a face buster of his own. Raven wins with the Evenflow. He then calls out Kanyon while the security guards and Flock aren’t out there. Raven is losing his shit over this Kanyon stuff.

Goldberg vs Hugh Morrus/Barbarian

I don’t think this is a title match. I don’t think it was actually even a handicap match, but the ref apparently didn’t care. This is actually shorter than most of his matches. Brain is a straight up mark for Goldberg and it’s great to hear him sound enthused about something. 

Lex Luger/DDP vs The Giant/Brian Adams WCW Tag Team Championships

Another gross match. Why are they dragging DDP down with this shit? Sting, in red face paint, distracted Giant, leading to a Kanyon Cutter on Crush for the win. BANG! New Champions! JJ called in and declared that Giant had no authority to make the match a title match, so Lex and DDP are not the champions. Furthermore, Sting will face The Giant at GAB with the winner getting both tag titles and choosing a new partner.