WCW Thunder 6/18/98


Lex and Konnan come to the ring. They might as well be the B team of the Wolfpac. Makes sense for the B show, I guess. I don’t even care. Lex is talking about pagers and Hogan and stuff I guess. Stuffs and thangs. This promo make me not feel bad at all for Lex’s modern day predicament. A 10 minute Lex Luger promo deserves being a quadriplegic. SUCK IT. I DON’T EVEN GIVE A FUCK.

Recap of the end of Nitro, with specific CSI ZOOM ENHANCE attention given to Hogan and Bischoff trying to destroy Savage’s already injured knee. 

Mike Enos vs Steve McMichael

MONGO! I can tell it’s Smackdown because one of the Beverly Brothers is in the first match. Mike goes after Mongo’s arm right away. Mongo has been gone due to an arm injury. Mother fucking strategery up in this bitch. What the fuck, BLACK WCW REF! How interesting. Remember that female ref WWF had in the late 80s? I bet she got sexually harassed everyday. Mongo hits That’s Incredible for the win. It wasn’t incredible. It wasn’t even credible.

Raven and the Flock come to the ring. He’s talking about tumors and Saturn and says Reese will win him the US Championship tonight. Raven goes on about the life story between he and Saturn. I kind of feel like WCW kind of redid the Raven/Dreamer angle with everyone Raven feuded with. I’m okay with it. I’ve said it in these before, but WCW Raven is absolutely the best Raven. He’s now done with Saturn. Saturn Borked his heart. This brings Saturn out. Saturn says Raven is the one who let him down. The Flock attack Saturn and hold him for Raven. He breaks free and punches Raven. Raven goes to the floor and turns around into KANYON! BANG! Kanyon and Saturn dismantle the Flock! They stare each other down and Saturn leaves. I really like this angle. Actually, Raven’s storylines have been some of my favorite stuff all year. They really captured his ECW character and angles, but streamlined it and made it more palatable to the mainstream. I also really liked Raven’s lime green knee pad. 

Goldberg hype video. It’s just fans chanting GOLDBERG the whole time. They’re really trying to get that chant started. Brain is wondering how Goldberg will be able to get Reese up for the Jackhammer, despite having done it at least twice so far. 

Brad Armstrong vs Fit Finley

I guess they’re just going to stick with spelling his name wrong. Hopefully they give me something, since there is a lot of text with no gifs. They do some chain wrestling. Brad hits a powerslam and Fit begs off. Brad is a vet and doesn’t fall for that shit. He falls for it later, thoug. I think Brad is wearing a watch. Brad hits the electric chair. Fit hits the tombstone for the win. Still no gifs. FACK. I’m going to have to get something, so I might be stretching what is gif worthy. 

Disco Inferno vs The Giant

Disco went up to the announce table to tell them that he’s the new icon. An icon! “Tony, Mike’s not a violent man.” Probably the few beers I’ve had, but that made me lol hard. Disco tries to shit talk. He gets hit with a lariattoooo. And then a super kick. I’m not a smoker, but I know not to interrupt a man’s cigarette. 

TO THE SCHIAVONE. He brings out Dean Malenko. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Dean without a tucked in shirt. Even in his wrestling gear. The basic gist is that he’s going to fucking murder Chris Jericho like his name was Chris Benoit. Wat. Suck it. 

Tenzan/Chono vs British Bulldog/Jim Neidhart IWGP Tag Team Championships

Lol. Fuck you. This is even bigger of a waste of Chono/Tenzan than High Voltage. Chono broke up a pin with a NJPW title belt and got disqualified. 

TO THE SCHIAVONE. Rick Rude is the guest. I wish his father, Dick Rude, was the guest. Only because Dick Rude is an amazing wrestling name. Rude had to have been gearing up for a return to the ring around this time. He’s done more promo work against Goldberg than anyone. I wonder what a Rude/Goldberg match would have been like. 

Alex Wright vs Konnan

Lol. Fuck you again. 

Recap of Dennis Rodman on Nitro 2 weeks ago. 

Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Benoit Deathmatch

Lol. Because they’re both going to be dead in a few years. Get it? :( Benoit gets to an early lead, but takes the Hart bump in the corner and gets drop kicked in the back. Eddie hits a nasty back suplex. Shit. Rope climb rana thing. Benoit comes back with a lariatoo, but Eddie hits a drop kick to the knee and continues to work over the knee. Rolling Reichs! Chris misses the diving headbutt. Eddie misses the frog splash. Eddie goes for a reverse suplex, which is reversed into the Iron Crossface for the win, because Benoit hates Mexicans. Way too short for these two. Chavo comes out and says straight up nonsense. Eddie stops him and walks off. 

Public Enemy vs Sick Boy/Riggs

Apparently this is a street fight. I guess PE work on ECW rules like Raven. Probably for the best. PE aren’t ever good at straight matches. Rocco Rock can be, but Grunge is pretty terrible without the plunder. A toilet seat is around Riggs’ head. Lol, this is terrible, but not terrible enough to gif much. PE win by putting one of these cunts through stacked tables with the Drive By.

Goldberg vs Reese WCW US Championship

This is a Thunder main event AND a Goldberg match, so you know this isn’t going to last very long. Whoreass gets involved with a stop sign. Goldberg fucks him up. Reese hits a stalling vertical suplex. Spear! Jackhammer. Not even that good of a jackhammer to Reese as we’ve seen before. Bummer. Shows with so few gifs I feel are probably pretty boring to read through.