WCW Thunder 5/27/98


Did Sting join the Wolfpac? We don’t know. Maybe we’ll find out tonight. 

Bret Hart comes to the ring to start the show. He zips up his pants halfway to the ring. That was odd. As it turns out, Bret is disappointed in the fans. He feels bad for Sting, who is similarly fighting with his conscience and the fans aren’t helping him. He is trying to convince Sting not to join the Wolfpac. 

Lol for No Holds Barred being shown after Thunder. 

Jim Powers vs Barbarian

Hart and Hugh are with Barb tonight. Hugh was fat as fuck. He had to have put on 40 pounds in the few months he was off. He obviously wasn’t doing naked squats. Barb mostly dominates and wins with the big boot after Powers punches Jimmy. 

TO THE SCHIAVONE. He brings out Chris Jericho. He apologizes for his confrontation with JJ on Nitro. He asks for the REAL Double J to come out. Tony lets Jericho know that JJ is not in the building or even the city. Jericho then makes Tony hold a CONSPIRACY VICTIM —-> sign and goes on a big rant on JJ. He’s going to Washington! 

Recap of Nash getting attacked and Lex joining the Wolfpac, and the offer to Sting to join.

High Voltage vs British Bulldog/Jim Neidhart

U wot m8?

The Wolfpac come to the ring. They have their new music. Savage says that Lex Luger is the man. Even though they were trying to kill each other a few months ago. Curt Hennig is again missing in action with no attention brought to it. Lex puts over everyone as multi time champions and claims he turned his back on no one. He still respects WCW and what it stands for. Lex is basically begging Sting to join the Wolfpac. 

Hammer vs Glacier

COME ON. Glacier put Hammer in the Rings of Saturn. This made Saturn come out and super kick him. Hammer went after Saturn. Raven ran out and hit the Evenflow on him for it. Raven literally gets on his knees and begs for Saturn to come back to him. Raven screams that he sees Mortis, so they attack a fan. Then another one. But it turns out that Mortis was dressed as a construction worker (lol? Why would there be a random construction worker walking around the set?) and lays Raven out. BANG!

Chris Benoit vs Booker T Best of 7 Series Match 2

I can’t imagine these matches are going to be too different from each other. They’ve already had at least 7 matches on TV this year as it is. Benoit is on the offense, chopping and headbutting and whatnot. A lot of them. They have a collision in the center of the ring. Benoit is the one to recover and comes back with a back drop and huge diving headbutt. Book gets out of a sleeper and hits the ax kick. Book again rips his dick on the ropes trying a side kick. He kind of clipped Benoit at the same time. Book comes back with a side walk buster slam spine. Spinarooni. Benoit ducks another side kick, goes for a Reich Suplex, but Book reverses. He goes up top and its the missile drop kick for the win. Series is tied at 1-1. Match 3 will be on WCW Saturday Night this weekend. 

TO THE SCHIAVONE. Tony caught up with Benoit, who said he was going to cripple and LYNCH Booker T. I can’t believe WCW allowed such a racist to be on television.

Brad Armstrong vs Fit Finlay WCW TV Championship

I wonder how WCW decides who gets shots at the TV and US championships. Most of the people are jobbers who haven’t won in months, yet get title shots. Finlay basically just beats the shit out of Brad. He got very little offense and Finlay won with the tombstone. 

Recap of the Piper/Hart/Savage stuff from Nitro.

Barry Darsow vs Saturn

Saturn is probably in a bad mood. Repo Man seems pretty bummed all the time. It’s actually pretty back and forth, which is odd. Repo his a shoulder breaker and tries…some kind of arm hold that didn’t like like it hurt at all. Saturn gets to the ropes and hits a super kick. DVD for the win. 

Some weather issues kill the feed, so we get to see a still picture for a while. It was probably intentional just so they could have more filler. 

Barry Horowitz vs Goldberg WCW US Championship

This is the Jewiest match in WCW history! Goldberg crushes Barry. I can’t stand this Jew on Jew violence! 

The main event is…the nWo coming to the ring. No Hogan, so Bret is in charge I guess. He calims that he is the only person Sting can trust. He shit talks the Wolfpac for a while and wants to know where Sting stands. The Wolfpac come out. They all brawl. WE’RE OUTTA TIME. Lol. Seriously? I might as well just skip Thunder for the rest of the year. Saying that it is modern day Smackdown levels of filler is giving it too much credit. It’s more like PPV week Superstars, but stretched out to 2 hours.