WCW Thunder 5/14/98


Go home show for Slamboree. I won’t lie to you great fans of this great sport, I’m going to half ass this as I’m just getting through it so I can get to Slamboree and do another PPV drunk. I’m watching it at 1.20X speed. 

A hype video of Bischoff training for Vince. I wonder why there was never a Vince vs Bischoff match in WWE. The most I remember was Vince throwing him in a garbage truck while wearing a judge robe.

TO THE GUERREROS. Mando talks about the Eddie/Chavo stuff. 

Chavo Guerrero Jr vs Reese

Reese of course dominates. Ultimo Dragon comes out and puts Eddie in the Dragon Sleeper after the match.

A video on the recent people/person interfering in Flock matches. Then a video on DDP/Raven. 

Raven and his riot squad come to the ring. He’s sick of DDP. DDP comes out and jumps over the guards like he’s Stone Cold or some shit. They attack DDP, Raven hits the Evenflow, and then hangs DDP in revenge.

Special announcement: Goldberg will defend his title in a gauntlet match against the Flock at Slamboree. 

Fit Finlay vs Kaos WCW TV Championship

I don’t know why Finlay is facing tag team dudes in singles matches, but whatever. He won with the tombstone. 

WCW does that weird shit where they have a character from a movie in character come down to ringside. This time it was a live action character from an animated movie. 

Sick Boy vs Goldberg WCW US Championship

Goldberg lost. Streak over. 

Randy Savage comes to the ring. He doesn’t want Piper or anyone to be the ref in his match against Hart. Bret comes out. Bret is pretty good at being a cunty heel. 

TO THE SATURN. Glacier bitched about people doing super kicks, and Saturn BURIES him, the gimmick, and his ability as a wrestler. Straight up said he was a loser with a video game reject gimmick and fake snow who took 2 years of karate and thinks he’s an expert now. 

Saturn vs Chris Adams

Saturn almost breaks his neck selling an enziguri. Fuck. Saturn wins with the DVD. 

Robbie Rage vs Chracist Benoit

What the fuck is the deal with all these tag team guys doing singles matches? Both members of High Voltage, both members of PE, and other shit like that. The reason those guys are in tag teams is because they can’t cut it as solo guys. Benoit wins with the Iron Crossface.

Bischoff comes out to shit talk Vince some more. He got a letter from Vince’s lawyer. He had to get his reading glasses out to read it, which takes away what very little bad assness he possibly could have had. Basically, this was Bischoff covering his ass by reading the legal statement that Vince would not be appearing on the PPV.

The Outsiders vs Public Enemy

Well, Hall isn’t there. This is the first time the tag titles have even been on TV in 2 months. Hogan and Bischoff won’t allow Hall to be on live TV, but can’t stop him from being at the PPV. He brings out Dusty, in his giant red leather coat. I guess he’s officially joined Nash’s side. Somehow Dusty got tagged in and pinned Rocco with the Bionic Elbow after a powerbomb. I guess the powerbomb is completely okay again.

Sting vs Randy Savage

This was billed as Sting’s return match, even though Savage doesn’t have the belt anymore. Sting is back to full on smiling baby face. Maybe that means he won’t get his ass kicked so much. It goes on for a few minutes before Bret comes out. Then Giant came out. The Nash came out. Sting saved Giant from Nash. Giant offers Sting an nWo shirt and says that Sting has to make a choice by Monday. Lex Luger comes out to talk Sting out of any bad ideas. 

Announced card for Superbrawl

The Outsiders vs The Giant/Sting WCW Tag Team Championship

Randy Savage vs Bret Hart Special Guest Referee: Roddy Piper

Goldberg vs The Flock Gauntlet Match WCW US Championship

DDP vs Raven Bowery Death Match

Eddie Guerrero vs Ultimo Dragon for Chavo’s freedom

Lex Luger vs Brian Adams

15 Luchador Battle Royal

Winner of battle royal vs Chris Jericho WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Chris Benoit vs Fit Finlay WCW TV Championship