WCW Thunder 4/9/98


Apparently this tape had some of the show cut off, because it started talking about Saturday Night and something that went down between Goldberg and The Flock.


Fucking Prince. Come on. Don’t start a show with this cunt. They aren’t on the same page, wrestle way different styles, yet they tried a reverse frankensteiner. STUPID STUPID STUPID. Looks like Prince blew out his knee on a flip out of a back drop, but he kept going, including doing springboards, so who knows. He wins with the Northern lights THROW. Suck my dick. Jericho comes out and says there is no way that Prince is a cruiserweight. He will bring a scale to the ring later tonight to prove it. 

Recap of Mortis trying to join The Flock and Raven trying to kill him with a DDT on the ramp. Kanyon! Then a recap of nWo stuff from Nitro. 

Raven grabs a mic and gets in the corner. He talks for a few seconds before a fan jumps the rail and grabs him out of the ring by his hair. The fan is tackled by security. Raven gets back in the ring to continue his promo, but his mic is now dead. He doesn’t realize it. Most of the promo is in audible, but part of it is picked up by the camera mic. They’re chanting the Atlanta Braves’ chant at them. Lol. Bad night for Raven.

TO THE SCHIAVONE.  Buff is the guest tonight. He claims to be 5-1 against Lex. I guess they have a match on Nitro. 

Konnan vs Chris Benoit 

NO. I hope Benoit kills him. Yes. I know what I said. Why couldn’t he have put his murderous rage to good use? Benoit won. Sadly, as you may have figured out, there was no murder after the match. Well, there was, but a long time after the match and it didn’t involve Konnan. 

Curt Hennig vs Jim Duggan

Oh come on. I think this is the point where they officially gave up on Thunder. Rude runs Tenay off. A PA botches and gets on camera taking coffee away. Rude handcuffs Duggan to the top rope. I can only hope Bulldog and Anvil get involved. Oh, hey guys. I’m glad you could make it. Fucking WCW. Maybe they’re just front loading the show with everything I hate.

Glacier vs Lex Luger

Oh god why did I finish off all of my booze last night? 

More Nitro recaps. What the fuck is this shit?

Kidman vs Hypnosis

Kidman gets knocked the the floor. Hypno hits a dive not unlike that year that Taker almost killed himself at WM. Back in the ring, a BK Bomb and stomps get Kidman in control. Dude really shouldn’t be blasted on H while trying to wrestle. It doesn’t seem like a good drug to wrassle on. Kidman hits a tornado bulldog. Fans get interested in something. It was Jericho coming to the ring with a scale. Because of this, the ref misses 3 pinfalls that Hypnosis could have won on. He goes up top, but La Parka hits him with a chair right in the ass. Kidman hits the SSP for the win.

TO THE SCHIAVONE. Skeeavone talks with Jericho. JJ gave Jericho authority for this weigh in. Prince comes out. He weighs 218. That shit ain’t calibrated. Scale to the face! Good. Fucking Prince. 

Disco Inferno vs Scott Steiner

Uh oh. Disco is going to get killed. Sadly, nothing particularly gif worthy in the killing. 

A really bizarre ad for Lost In Space played. No sound effects or music. Just dialog. It looks like a super serious Alien style movie based on that ad. Wasn’t it a really terrible sci fi/comedy/action mess? 

Booker T vs Chris Jericho WCW TV Championship

Finally something good for me. Jericho gets laid out with a lariat right away. Then kicked in the side of the head. He tries to fight back and gets dumped to the floor. Jericho decides to leave, but Book drags him back. Eye poke! Stun gun. 1004 moves, guys. He knows 1004 moves. Jericho crotches Book and hits a missile dropkick while he’s up there. Big vertical throw. Lionsault is missed. Big spinebuster isn’t. Ax kick. Pancake Norton! Harlem side kick. Jericho pulls the ref face first into the missile drop kick. Jericho was disqualified for it. 

TO THE SCHIAVONE. Flair was supposed to be there tonight, but due to tornadoes, he couldn’t make it. Bischoff and Scott Steiner come out instead. Bischoff gives the real reasons why Flair isn’t there. It’s because Flair looks in the mirror and wonders why he can’t be as good as Hogan. God, don’t bring Flair into the Hogan/Piper shit. Please. Oh, I guess we’re going to get get a preview of 3 Ninjas on Shit Mountain. God damn, that looks FUCKING TERRIBLE. Scott says Flair didn’t show because he didn’t want to face Big Poppa Pump. Ric Flair is a coward! This brings Arn Anderson out. Ric Flair left a part of himself in cities all across the country. I think Arn is such a great wingman that he’s bragging about Ric’s trim even when he’s not around. Lex Luger also comes out. Scott attacks. Bischoff turns around into Rick Steiner, who suplexes him on the floor. 

Kevin Nash vs Rick Steiner

Nash insists that the nWo guys are loyal to him. Piper is the finest “switch hitter” in the business. I believe that was a homosexual joke. Fuck this show. And of course, Konnan is at ringside. The rest of the nWo come out to surround the ring. We’re into OVERTIME! For this shit? This goes about a minute and a half before the nWo get involved. Jackknife to Rick. Norton, Steiner, and Crush prevent Dillinger and security from coming to the ring. Giant comes out but WE’RE OUTTA TIME.

Terrible show. This was 2000 levels of “Oh, I forgot we had a show tonight”. The only thing it was missing was a Hogan and Piper rant. Otherwise it hit all of the things I hate in the first hour of the show. Had I known the shit I was about to watch, I would have saved my booze for it.