WCW Thunder 3/5/98


Show starts with a highlight of Savage being presented the Harvard Lampoon’s Real Man of The Year award. Shit talking Hogan the whole time. 

The nWo comes to the ring. In full force. Hogan is ragging on Savage. Pretty sure he said he fucked Liz. Crush wants Randy Savage in the ring tonight. If Savage even shows up. 

Vincent vs Goldberg


TAFKATAFKAPI vs Eddie Guerrero 

Hopefully Eddie gives me something good here. I really forgot how intense Eddie was. Every movement has so much energy and crispness to it. A lot like Benoit. How are they dead, but Prince is still around? Eddie wins via frog splash. I always felt his frog splash was better than RVD’s. Eddie is the new prince!

TO THE NITRO GIRLS. They make an announcement that they will be partying at Duke University on Monday. Lol, fans are booing the shit out of them trying to pump up Duke in Columbus. They don’t want to hear about Duke. 

El Dandy vs Juventud Guerrera 

Why does the WCW booking committee keep allowing this unattractive woman to wrestle with men? El Dandy is wearing a purple singlet. Giant swing by the hair. Some standard lucha stuff. The Flock come to ringside at some point during this. Flying headbutt from Juvi. Back drop driver from Dandy. Lots of rolling and victories and victory rolling. 450 for the win. I used to do 450s in to the pool. I can’t do it anymore unless there is a diving board. I think that means I’m getting old. I noticed today that I had old man ear hair. I almost threw up. What if it has been there for years and I never noticed, but other people noticed? Konnan comes out and shit talks some more. He says “Quvy juice” will never surrender. Konnan vs Juvi on Nitro.

Randy Savage comes to the ring. He wants Crush and Hogan to come out. He claims that the rest of the nWo are just waiting to stab Hulk in the back and kick him out. Crowd is super into Macho right now. He claims that Hulk is just like a horse with a broken leg, and he’s about to send him to the glue factory. “After I get done CRUSHING Brian Adams…”. Lol. He wants Hogan after that. This makes Hogan laugh and laugh and laugh. 

A video on the Lex/Scott Steiner feud.

Scott Steiner vs Chase Tatum

Tatum must not have gone anywhere. He doesn’t look familiar. He looks like a NBT prototype. YES. My favorite taunt of all time: Up yours with a twirling lawn mower! That was in my taunt list on every CAW I made in WM2000 and No Mercy. This guys is a big sumbitch and Scott is tossing him around with ease. Steiner Recliner for the win.

Curt Hennig vs Jim Neidhart

I swear Bret’s knock off music SAYS Hitman in it. It’s ridiculous. And of course, Anvil has it, too. Anvil and Bulldog feel more like tagalongs now than they did in the Hart Foundation. Anvil especially. Everything he’s done so far has been about Bret. Anvil was never particularly good, but he worked very well with Bret as his partner. He’s TERRIBLE as a singles guy. Always was. Rick Rude is looking under the ring for something He found a 2x4 and whacked Anvil in the back with it, setting him up for the Perfect Plex. Bulldog ran in to make a save after the match.

TO THE TENAY. He brings out Raven. Lol, Raven makes Tenay conduct the interview squatting. “I spent 3 long years in Barbed Wire City building my name.” BWC was used multiple times over the next 2 years whenever an ECW guy would get hired. Should he win the US Championship tonight, he will not put it on the line at Uncensored. 

Hype video for Chris Jericho. 

Chris Jericho vs Ciclope

Jericho starts his promo with a Wang Chung reference. He also claimed Dean Malenko has been asking him for advice. Jericho has 1004 moves! Tony says that anyone who Brain likes is pretty much guaranteed to be a jerk. “I looove you, Tony. You’re in my will.” “I love Lee, too.” Lol. Ciclope is dominating the first few minutes. Well, until he crashes and burns on a dive. I think it was Jericho’s fault to be honest. He was way too far away for a normal guy to hit him. But he also botched a victory roll back in the ring. Jericho clearly says “fuck it” and immediately slaps on an extra stiff Liontamer for the win. He wouldn’t let go, so Dean comes out and makes him let go. And then puts him in the Cloverleaf. 

Scott Norton vs The Renegade

The Giant comes to the ring. I hope he powerbombs Norton. Right on cue, he does. Then chokeslams The Renegade for fun. His hands are wrapped with chains since cuffs don’t fit. I’m pretty sure feet shackles would fit.

Raven vs DDP WCW US Championship

This is bullshit. This should be the main event. It was supposed to be. Crush vs Savage being made half way through the show and getting to be the main event is bullshit. This match is now DDP Rules: No rules and no ref! It goes to the floor right away. They’re brawling in the aisle. They fight to the back when Benoit steps through the curtain, fighting both men. They brawl all the way to the ring where Reese makes his debut. DDP is Evenflowed while Benoit is in the Rings of Saturn. Hammer brings a guard rail to the ring. Both DDP and Benoit get DDT’d on it.

Brian Adams vs Randy Savage

Hogan comes out with Crush. Crush is in street gear. Savage says what Hogan said about Liz was right. She was his wife. She was and is his manager. But Liz says that Savage is the only real man between those two. ELIZABIT! “If you wanna know who the real man is, ask your wife!” Lol. What if the Hogans got divorced because Linda snapped into Macho’s Slim Jim? Savage beats both men up, fairly easily. He’s got Hogan’s weight belt and is using it. I guess this is actually a handicap match. Liz gets involved and Hulk almost hits her. The Disciple comes out and hits a stunner. The rest of the nWo comes out to beat down Savage. Sting comes out to protect Savage.