WCW Thunder 3/19/98


Sting repelled from a helicopter on Nitro. Raven became the number one contender to the US Championship. 

Chris Jericho vs Super Calo WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Jericho gets more ridiculous looking each week. Be it his facial hair or tights. This week, they are peach with purple and blue. Calo gets the edge in the opening minutes, but Jericho then starts being a dick and putting his boot all over Calo’s head. Stalling suplex. Seeing Mark Curtis/Brian Hildebrand reffing matches is a bummer. He gets smaller and smaller each week or has thinner hair. Jericho goes to the floor and gets hit with a big tope. Calo tries for a victory roll and gets caught in the Liontamer. 

El Dandy vs Kendell Windham

I don’t know if this is actually JIP or this tape was cut up. Raven was in the crowd with the US Championship that he stole from DDP on MTV Live, which was the precursor to TRL. Kendell wins with a bulldog. 

TO THE SCHIAVONE. Tony brings out Rude and Perfect. Bret is now the Zitman. Shitman would be better, Rick. Bret is a 240 pound boil on the booty of life. What the fuck are you talking about, Rude? Lancing and prancing? Curt pulls his hair down like Scott Hall. Rude offers him a Halls, but Curt declines because they are just…tooo…sweeeet. WUT DA HALE? 

La Parka vs Saturn

La Parka has pyro! Saturn hits an outside in superplex. T-bone. I hope this isn’t a squash. La Parka comes back with a lariato. They then botch a leap frog. Saturn gets sent to the floor and Parka hits a big plancha on Saturn and Lodi. Parka gets his chair, but gets dropkicked into it in the corner. Rings of Saturn for the win. 

Fuck, Total Recall came on after Thunder. What a combo.

TO THE MTV. DDP was live in studio. Raven was on a TV bitching. Lol, the Foo Fighters are there, too. I like Dave Ghrol and all, but I’d lol if he got DDT’d. Raven OUTTA NOWHERE is behind DDP and hits him with a stop sign. Then hits the Evenflow through a coffee table. I wish he would have done that to Carson.

Barry Darsow vs Ray Traylor

Boss Man vs Repo Man. In 1998. On a prime time wrestling show. Smash moves like an old man. I’ve said it many times here on Wrasslegaf, but heel Boss Man in the Attitude Era with the workrate of Boss Man in 1989-1992 would have been the greatest heel of all time. All time. Boss Man Slam for the win.


Fuck. Yuji is awesome. Prince is the shits. And he brings Yuji down. Prince won with a Northern Lights Throw OUTTA NOWHERE after being dominated the whole match. Get that shit out of here.

Recap of Nash running away from Giant two nights in a row.

Brian Adams vs Marty Jannetty

I honestly didn’t remember this many early 90s WWF dudes all over these shows. It’s like half the roster at this point. I think there are more 1992 WWF guys than cruiserweights. Crush is on the Anvil/Bulldog/Konnan level. Crush wins with the tiltawhirl slam. I don’t know why he started wrestling in jeans an a tank top. He had nWo gear that he wore once. 

Recap of the Nitro main event. 

Hypnosis vs Eddie Guerrero 

Opening lucha spots ends in tiltawhirl back breaker. Spins = impact. They’re weirdly off from each other. Hypno hits the leg drop while Eddie is hanging in the ropes. Huge spinning tope from the top to the floor. Eddie got his foot in the ropes. Eddie tries a powerbomb, but drops Hypno. Hypno then hits a back breaker and misses a top rope flippy dippy. Eddie wins with the frog splash to the back.

Raven vs Brad Armstrong

A rematch from last week. Hammer and Reese attack before the match even starts. Raven gave Brad a chance to join the Flock, but he ruined it. DDP doesn’t get another chance. Sick Boy is wearing a suit for some reason. He goes pretty heavy on the exposition to explain exactly what he did on proto TRL. Evenflow to Armstrong. 

A commercial for WCW/NWO World Tour. $69.95! Jesus. Worth it, though. I got that with my 64 and it blew my fucking mind. Blew it away. Right in to the sky.

Hype video for Bret Hart.

Scott Norton vs Chris Benoit

I predict a lot of hard chops. Norton hits a great flying shoulder block that came from off screen. Then lots of hard chops. Big powerslam. Big Samoan drop. German suplex to Scott Norton! Diving headbutt! Crippler Crossface. Norton won’t tap out. Virgil gets on the ropes. Benoit goes after him and gets hit with the shoulder breaker. Poor guy.

Wayne Bloom vs Goldberg

Poor Blake. Or was he Bo? Bo Dallas can suck my dick. Whatever. Fuck all three of them. Spear and jackhammer for the win. Saturn hopped the rail and had a stand off with Bill. 

Curt Hennig vs Rick Steiner

Not interested in Rick Steiner solo matches. At any point in his career. Scott was always the better brother. All of his matches are exactly the same, no matter the opponent. Thankfully, Rick Rude gets the match thrown out in about 2 minutes. Rick Rude in a suit looks like a DCAU character. The rest of the B-Team came out to help the beat down. Boss Man came out and got dumped out right away. Ted and Virgil brawled on the floor. It’s really hard to ever see Ted as the face when it comes to Virgil. Rude is choking everyone out with his tie. Goldberg finally comes out and fucks everyone up. 

Here is a list of dudes that were WWF guys in the late 80s/early 90s:

Hogan, Savage, Duggan, Crush, Smash, Boss Man, Mr. Perfect, Rick Rude, Ted DiBiase, Virgil, Steiners (even though they were always WCW/NWA guys), Beverly Brothers, Berzerker, Haku, Barbarian, Marty Jannetty, Hall, Nash, Rick Martel, Brutus Beefcake.

I think they had more ex-WWF guys in 1998 than they did when Hogan brought in all of his buddies.