WCW Thunder 11/5/98


The show opens with Tony congratulating Jesse Ventura on his gubernatorial victory. 9-11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB! Tony then spoils that Hogan is going to announce his candidacy for president on Nitro. 

Kanyon vs Barry Horowitz

This is exactly what you’d expect out of a Thunder opening match featuring Barry Horowitz. 

Scott Steiner and Buff come to the ring. How is Steiner not immediately suspended for attacking JoJo one week and then attempting to do it again the next all while spouting obscenities? Scott talks about all the rednecks and trash. Buff tries to solicit blowjobs. Scott is taking out the Wolfpac tonight by facing Lex Luger. Gross. 

Alex Wright vs Raven

Alex says some hateful things in German. Raven is a prime example of the American people. Dirty, filthy, and a slob. He starts to talk about depression, which makes Raven hit a low blow. Alex bails and Raven goes back to sitting in the corner. Alex comes back and attacks. In theory, this angle would be building for Raven overcoming his depression and being a face. Instead, it just leads to people making fun of him. Lodi comes out to motivate Raven. Disco comes out and hits Lodi. Kanyon comes out and hits Disco. Kanyon and Alex get into it before Raven finally gets involved. Then he gives up and walks away. 

TO THE SCHIAVONE. Jericho and Ralphus. Jericho says that he is the champion of anyone who watches TV and Goldberg now has to beat his streak.

Fit Finlay vs Booker T 

Finlay takes it to Book early on with uppercuts and using the apron as a weapon. Book comes back with a flying forearm only to get hit with a lariatoo. Finlay roll. Book wins with a roll up out of the corner in a short match. 

Fuck me, Konnan’s music video. Oil of Olay all day everyday!

The Cat vs Glacier

Cat does his shit talking until Kaz hits the ring to run off Sonny Onoo. Then his real opponent, GLACIER, comes out. Glacier turned on Ernest Miller towards the beginning of the year. He’s wearing new gear now. When the lights come up, Kaz is down. I hope Onoo kicked his ass. Glacier gets the mic and says he isn’t there to fight, but he is alerting  Cat to the fact that WCW will never give them a chance. He’s going to watch Cat’s back. Cat doesn’t want the help. And Glacier already turned on him once tonight, so why would Cat trust him? Lol that Glacier got his full entrance with snow and everything just for that.

Norman Smiley vs Horace

The rest of the B-Team, plus Hall, is out with Whoreass. It’s Whoreass’ official nWo debut match. Horace wins with…a vertical suplex.

Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio Jr.

This could be great, but probably will be ended in 5 minutes due to run in. Eddie says that because Rey has turned down the LWO twice, that means that Rey has to join if he loses. Not sure how that works, but whatever. Rey wants to do it the hard way. Standard lucha stuff to start. Eddie gets thrown to the floor. He tries a handshake. Rey fell for it. Really? Come on. Eddie goes to work on the perpetually injured knee. Rey’s knee is like DDP’s ribs/kidneys. Eddie hits a pumphandle backbreaker. Tree of Joey Lawrence. Rey pulls up and Eddie goes cajones first into the ring post. Rey then hits a seated senton to the floor. Rey does a diving rana back in the ring, but injures his knee. Eddie takes the knee brace off and does some weird lucha submission. The LWO come out and beg for Rey to quit. The bell rings. Time limit draw. Therefore, Rey does not have to join the LWO. 

Highlights of previous World War 3s. 

Chris Jericho vs TAFKATAFKAPI WCW TV Championship

This was the worst feud Jericho had this year. A great idea to revisit it. 

Disco Inferno vs Scott Hall 

Disco decides to bail on this match, only to turn into The Giant. Giant tosses him back in the ring. Hall squashes him.

TO THE SCHIAVONE. He welcomes the Four Horsemen back to Virginia. Virginia is a lot like vagina. I wonder if anyone else has made that connection. Arn will throw a fish for it taking 6 men to beat Disco. Way to bury Disco. Flair again says he’s going to take Bischoff’s job. 

Scott Steiner vs Lex Luger

Scott attacks Nick Patrick before the match. He puts Nick in the tree of woe and twists the other leg around the ropes. Lex comes out to stop it. Scott takes time off from the match to pound Nick’s leg while on a stretcher. Buff has the blade of a hockey stick. Or maybe a boomerang. This ends up just being a fight since no ref will come out. Once Lex has Scott up in the Rack, Mickie Jay runs in. Buff hits him with the hockey stick blade. Mickie Jay is then put in the tree of woe. Rick Steiner hits the ring and Scott runs away.