WCW Thunder 11/19/98


The go home show for World War 3. I believe 3 matches have been announced, including the battle royal. Maybe 4. I'll figure it out by the end of the show.

Recap of Bret beating up the Horsemen and DDP making his return to challenge Bret. 

Norman Smiley vs Booker T.

Is black on black crime a thing when one of the black guys is English? Norman unloads a series of uppercuts, taking Booker of guard. Smiley slam! Booker can't get into it. Flying forearm. I guess I was wrong. Ax kick. Actually it was more of a bicycle kick. Hilariously weak looking Harlem side kick. Book wins with the 110th street slam.

Recap of Buff beating up fake Mama Steiner. 

Scott Hall vs Disco Inferno

Disco got a quick start, but Hall easily won. 

TO THE SKEEOVONE. WCW has booked a rematch between Jericho and Duncum Jr. for WW3. Jericho talks about hating cowboys since that wizard Stu Hart made him be a cowboy in his first match. Bobby Duncum Jr. comes out and hog ties Jericho. 

EARLIER TODAY. Kaz Hayashi was looking for a partner. He came across Scott Hall and accidentally offered Hall a drink. Hall said after the matches, otherwise you get in big trouble.

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Kidman

Rey’s first match as an LWO member. Kidman wants the real Rey, not the LWO Rey. Eddie comes out and says Rey is in the LWO by choice. Rey says since he beat Juvi, and Juvi beat Kidman, if he beats Kidman tonight, he should get the title shot at the PPV. He should get it anyway since he is the official number one contender. Kidman can get a rematch whenever. Eddie decides he’s going to take this match for Rey.

Eddie Guerrero vs Kidman

I guess the winner will face Juvi at the PPV. Rey should still have the title shot at the PPV, and Kidman should get a rematch against the winner of that. Or Kidman gets his rematch at the PPV, and Rey gets his title match the next night. Kidman out quicks Eddie in the opening moments. Eddie comes back with a uranage and goes for the frog splash. Kidman pops up and does a superplex. YOU CAN'T POWERBOMB KIDMAN. Kidman was up for the SSP. He saw Rey and one other guy arguing, so he decides to jump on them for no reason that I could see. Other guy gets up on the apron. Rey holds his leg. Eddie bumps Kidman into this guy who’s name I don’t know, then rolls up Kidman with his feet on the ropes for the win. So, does Eddie get the title shot, or does that just mean that Rey won’t get the title shot? After the match, the announcers explain it as the later, so Kidman vs Juvi at the PPV. Even though Kidman just lost. But Juvi lost a contender match at the show prior to winning the title in the first place, so who gives a fuck. JUVI VS KIDMAN XII! GET HYPED! 

Outsiders video airs.

Scott Norton vs Scott Putski

VIRGIL GETS TO CARRY THE IWGP CHAMPIONSHIP. Inoki-san is sad. The ref watches 3 men on the floor beat up Putski and doesn't call for the bell. Domination for the win. The announcers tried to build up Norton doing the powerbomb repeatedly as a message to Nash. It never leads to anything. 

Recap of President Hogan, Bischoff, and Hall getting into a scrap on Nitro. 

EARLIER TODAY. Kaz was still trying to find a partner for tonight. Looks like Disco agreed, since he believed Kaz meant a dancing partner.

The Cat vs Super Sensai 

It’s a white guy with eye liner to try to make him look Asian. Kaz runs in while the lights are off and Cat STILL knocks him on his ass. Saturn runs out for the save and says he’s Kaz’s partner for WW3. I didn't realize this was going to be a PPV match. Kaz looks like a total bitch since Cat AND Sonny have kicked his ass multiple times now with no effort.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Alex Wright 

Alex pretty easily wins with a jackknife hold. 


Kanyon tries to attack in the aisle that didn't work out for him very well. But in the ring, a sit out Dominator did work. Second rope outside in superplex. Prince makes a quick comeback that was cut off with a Flatliner. BANG! 

Saturn vs Wrath

This is pretty back and forth for a few minutes until Cat and Onoo come out to distract the ref and kick Saturn in the head. Meltdown for the win. Kaz came out to check on Saturn. 

Konnan vs Bret Hart 

Another waste of Bret Hart. Bret has stitches in his lip. Konnan starts as a house on fire. It’s a pier six brawl. It’s a donnybrook. Katie bar the door. Crimson mask. Suplay. The ref somehow misses Stevie Ray running in and hitting Konnan with a slapjack despite this happening right next to the ref. He’s knocked out and Bret wins with the Sharpshooter. Bret attempts to Pillmanize Konnan after the match. DDP made the save. WE'RE OUTTA TIME. TUNE IN TO WORLD WAR 3!

Announced card for WW3:

World War 3 3 ring battle royal. Winner faces Goldberg at Starrcade.

Bret Hart vs DDP WCW US Championship

Kevin Nash vs Scott Hall

Kidman vs Juventud Guerrera WCW Cruiserweight Championship 

Chris Jericho vs Bobby Duncum Jr. WCW TV Championship

The Cat/Sonny Onoo vs Kaz Hayashi/Saturn

Rick Steiner/Judy Bagwell vs Scott Steiner/Buff Bagwell for the tag titles was scheduled, but was removed from the card due to Scott “injuring” Judy.