WCW Thunder 11/12/98


No idea why we needed 4 hours of Nitro this week. I think that extra hour of Nitro was really an extra hour of Thunder.

Glacier vs Chris Adams

Oh good, Glacier gets promo time. He can’t stop fidgeting with his singlet. He talks about being the originator of the Cryonic Kick. We’re still doing that angle? I thought it ended when Saturn beat him 3 times with a super kick. This is terrible. They’re doing MMA kind of stuff, but like two pudgy white guys who don’t know what they’re doing. Adams hits the superkick. Sonny Ono runs out to distract the ref so Cat can jump kick Adams in the head. Glacier then wins with the Asiatic Spike. Wait, so he wanted this match to prove he had the better super kick, and then won with a completely different move?

Recap of President Hogan from Nitro.

Kendall Windham vs Kenny Kaos

How does Kenny feel about being replaced by Judy Bagwell? I mean, fuck, that’s how you bury a guy. HHH should take notes. Who the fuck would take this guy seriously after he just stood around while Steiner ran after JoJo, then was dumb enough to actually get in the ring while Buff and Scott said they just wanted to talk, and then had his new tag partner drop him for a middle aged woman. He won with a springboard lariat. 

Stevie Ray vs Jerry Flynn

Flynn gets the jobber entrance. The rest of the B-Team are out. Flynn fights them off until Norton stops that shit. The ref is looking right at Norton beating up Flynn and doesn’t even call for the bell. Terrible reffing. Stevie Ray wins with the Slapjack. SUCKA. 

Juventud Guerrera vs Rey Mysterio Jr.

Winner of this will face Kidman at WW3. Some arm drags. In a lucha match?! Juvi hits a sidebusterspinewalk and works a headlock. they get into a strike battle. Juvi does a reverse suplex that lays Rey out on the ropes. Rey comes right back with a spinning headscissors. We come back from break to see Juvi in control. They both attempted a tilt a whirl back breaker at the same time. Rey eventually did the move. This is followed with a split legged moonsault. Weird botch of a powerbomb/rana thing. Rey rocks a head figure four. 619 feint attack. Brainbustaaah from Juvi. Time limit draw. Man, they’ve been doing that too many times lately. Due to the importance of the match, there must be a winner. Juvi finally gets to hit a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Rey misses a top rope senton. Shitty cross body to the floor. Sunset flip bomb only gets 2. Juvi Driver. Rey wins with a super rana. You know it’s Thunder when Rey and Juvi can have a 15 minute match with nothing to gif.

Chavo Guerrero vs Kidman WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Kidman shows he is as fast as a Mexican. Chavo does a spinning head scissors and locks on a head lock. RAINMAKER! Thunder will continue. After the break, Kidman is making his come back. Corner lariatoo, slingshot leg drop. Chavo stops it with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. There should be a limit to how many of those can be used per show. German suplex from Chavo. He works a series of submissions. They trade victory rolls. Suplex is reversed into a BK Bomb. Chavo nails a springboard bulldog. YOU CAN’T POWERBOMB KIDMAN. Kidman is about to hit the SSP when the LWO run in. He and Chavo fight them off until the numbers overwhelm them. Eddie stops the beat down of Chavo. Rey comes out and accidentally dropkicks Kidman. 

Kanyon vs Dean Malenko 

Kanyon out wrasslin Stinko Malenko with hair pulls. Who betta? Kanyon is in control. Second rope fameasser. Dean makes a quick come back, but is cut off with a stalling suplex and slingshot elbow. Kanyon goes for a Superfly Splash. Dean moved. No water in the pool, as some would say. Leg lariatooo. Million dollar knee lift sends Dean to the floor. Raven walks over to him and just stands there. Now he leaves. Stun gun. Kanyon calls for the Flatliner. Dean counters it into the Cloverleaf. Kanyon is able to get to the ropes. Electric Chair Drop. Kanyon again tries the second rope fameasser. This is countered into the Cloverleaf. Lodi runs out and the match is called off. Benoit runs in and slaps the shit out of people. Another long match with two good guys, yet nothing giffable. 

Konnan vs The Giant

Yep. A one gif show. Giant won by DQ. I think. Who gives a fuck. How can a show with Juvi/Rey and Kanyon/Dean be so blah?

5 hours of WCW this week.  And they all sucked.