WCW Thunder 10/8/98


From Indy! I was at this show as a youngster. It was one of only two WCW shows I ever went to. The other one was a house show at Ball State. What I remember most about it were Booker and Stevie being fucking hilarious. Tenay is at a bar about 40 minutes away and will talk with Scott Hall. Stevie Ray vs Lex Luger is the main event. Jericho has challenged Goldberg. More manacle laughing. MSA wouldn't last a whole lot longer. The Pacers moved to Conseco in the next season. I miss that place, even though it was a shithole. Conseco is so much better.

TO THE TENAY. Hall is in a bar outside of Indy. It’s on South and Meridian, which definitely isn’t 30 minutes away from Market Square Arena. He drunkenly calls for Nash to meet him there. 

TO THE BACK. Nash’s limo flies out of the parking lot. BUT WHO WAS LIMO?!!?


Man. I don’t remember being a huge Kanyon mark as a kid, but I know I did hate Prince even back then. I hope Kanyon reinjures him. Hanging neckbreaker. The tape quality is really rough, but since it is Thunder, there probably won’t be many gifs anyway. Skullfuck. Spinning fisherman suplex. Fireman Carry Flapjack Norton. This is basically just a showcase for Kanyon moves. Prince hits a dragon screw. Flatliner for the mostly easy win.

TO THE BACK. Jericho pounds away on a dressing room door, yelling for Goldberg. When he opens the door, he finds it isn’t even Goldberg’s dressing room. 

Replay of Scott Steiner’s promo from Nitro. 

Buff and Steiner come to the ring. Each guy has a mic. Buff says the Steiner rematch isn’t happening at Halloween Havoc because Scott is out of shape. Scott says he has a problem with Buff’s mom. They get into it over Buff’s mom. “You touch me again, and I’ll slap you like I shoulda done your mother!” Lol. Buff walks away from Scott. Scott says Buff needs the nWo more than they need him.

Meng vs Jerry Flynn

Meng no sells everything. Now that I think about it, Meng wasn’t actually a good wrestler at all. His entire career from 1994 on was “No sell everything, apply Tongan Death Grip directly to the forehead”. Which is exactly what he does here. 

TO THE BACK. Jericho and Ralphus are waiting in the parking lot for Goldberg.

Chris Adams vs Wrath

Meng is still in the ring when Adams comes out. Death Grip on Adams. I assume the match was supposed to be with Wrath since he came out as well. He and Meng start brawling. 

TO THE BACK. The Horsemen arrive. Security and police won’t let them in the building due to a restraining order. This is actually what I remember most about this show. I was pissed about the Horsemen not being allowed to come in. Dean was actually the only one not given a restraining order, but he left with the group.

El Dandy vs Tokyo Magnum

I thought Magnum was back to Japan, but I guess not. As a kid, I doubted El Dandy. Who was I to do such a thing? Tony basically calls Dandy a fat fuck. Nice belly to belly from Magnum. More maniacal laughing. Lol, Tony is getting so pissed with these. Scott Norton comes out and lays both guys out. He had the IWGP Championship with him. After the break, Eddie comes out and is saying that Bischoff Sent Norton out. He wants El Dandy to join the LWO. Magnum wants in. Eddie won’t let him. El Dandy has joined the LWO! 

Scott Putski vs Saturn

Mark Curtis would be undergoing surgery this week. They didn’t actually say what it was for, leaving it just at “ailments”. Hopefully Saturn does something cool. He hits a superkick early on. Putski recovers and sends Saturn to the floor. “Snap” suplex that had zero snap. I feel like Scott Putski belongs in the same group as Ted DiBiase Jr. as second generation stars who sucked and went nowhere. Explodaah. Putski kicks out of the Superfly Splash. Falcon Arrow and DVD for the win. I guess I’ll gif the splash just because the show is 2/3rd over with nothing to show for it.

Disciple vs Whoreass

Beefcake says he made a name for himself a long time ago and didn’t need Hogan’s help. I don’t think he ever would have been hired by the WWF if he wasn’t BFFs with Hogan in the first place. He says a lot of people have jobs in WCW because of Hogan, including his mutant headed nephew, Horace Boulder. He calls Horace out and we’ve got a match. Horace is now in a singlet. I’m sure this was and probably still is a dream match somewhere in Japan. Beefcake wins with the Apocalypse. His version that he’s doing now looks like the McMahon Stunner from the Smackdown games. Whoreass attacked after the match. I’m pretty sure Beefcake now comes out to a generic NIN rip off.

TO THE SKEEAVONE. Chris Jericho comes out with Ralphus. Tony says that Goldberg isn’t in the building and Jericho isn’t fooling anyone. GREENBERG! Jericho makes Tony introduce Goldberg. Goldberg’s music hits. Jericho makes Nick Patrick count to 10. Jericho is now 3-0 against Goldberg! 

Recap of the Sting/Bret brawl from Nitro. 

TO THE SCHIAVONE. Bret Hart is the guest. Sting is such a dummy. Bret told Sting for months not to listen to the fans. If he had listened to the fans, he wouldn’t have trusted Bret. Wait. So by not listening to the fans, he ended up getting himself into this situation by listening to them? Bret challenges Sting to a match at Halloween Havoc. 

Dean Malenko comes to the ring in his wrestling gear. He grabs a chair, sits in the ring, and he isn’t leaving until he gets a match. Bischoff comes out. He brings Barbarian and Jimmy Hart out to face Dean. He’ll double Barb’s salary to hurt Dean.

Dean Malenko vs The Barbarian

Bischoff joins commentary. This was all a set up. Barb goes to town in the opening minutes. Things turn around when he tried to put Dean on the ropes for a superplex. Dean shoves him off and hits a missile dropkick. A dropkick to the knee. Texas Cloverleaf. Barb taps out! Bischoff throws a fit at the booth.

Raven vs DDP

More laughing as Raven came out. Raven talks about being 8 and his parents telling him he’s just a cinder in the ashes of the damned. He goes on to bitch about DDP getting the big fancy house, the centerfold wife, wrestling with Malone/Leno/Rodman. This was unscheduled. I’m okay with it. DDP’s arms are basically taped all the way to his shoulders. Kanyon Cutter is spun around into a dick kick. Raven hits a suplex and settles into a chin lock. It goes to the floor. Drop toe hold on the chair. Lodi hops up on the apron. Raven gets bumped into him. Lariatooo. Terrible belly to belly. Raven comes back with a drop toe hold into the corner. Kanyon Cutter. BANG! DDP wins. 

Lex Luger vs Stevie Ray

This got a Buffer intro. Why? We get a note that says one of Hollywood’s biggest stars will be at Nitro. Minus 8 stars. Hall ran out and prevented Lex for getting Stevie up in the torture rack. Konnan ran in after Lex was hit with the slapjack, but got stopped. 

The months worth of Raw tapings I went to at Ball State were way better. I got to see Owen at least 6 times that night.